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  1. I actually may be in the minority but I was quite pleased they omitted Arya and Jon's warging. Bran is one of my favourite characters in both the book and show and I have always found him and his story fascinating. This in itself is rare because I generally prefer the political/scheming aspect of asoiaf/GoT than the fantasy element. I felt omitting their warging abilities made Bran seem that much more special and powerful. Saying that I did not like the general exclusion of direwolves though but I can understand the financial motives behind this.
  2. I love the books but there is plenty from the show that I preferred. The Hound vs Brienne Oberyn Martell (barely cared about him in the book) Margaery Tyrell 100%. In the books she is just a little girl. In the show she is one of my favourite characters. Having her older, smart, sexy and manipulative was a great decision. As said aging up the characters in general. Replacing Roose Bolton in Harrenhall with Tywin Tywin in general actually. I think that is more to do with Charles Dance's portrayal than anything else though Keeping the Hound and Arya together longer. A lot of people may disagree but I preferred having Talisa at the wedding and getting stabbed as well. Sending Jon to Hardhome and properly seeing what happened there. Cutting out Penny and getting Tyrion to Daenerys quicker in general. I do think the show does not get enough credit for some of its positive changes. Saying that there is many changes/omissions I completely disagree on and they make me angry thinking about them.
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    Rank the 6 seasons

    I actually find this quite tough and probably regularly change my mind. 3 - Loved everything about it, bar torture porn. So much drama and intensity and character development. Everything from the Hound's trial by combat to the RW. 1 - As people have already said the storytelling, the scripts, the acting was all fantastic. Loved everything and 'The Wolf and the Lion' is one of my favourite episodes of the entire series. 4 - As much as I love storytelling and character development I also love the big shocking moments and this season delivered them in abundance. The Purple Wedding was glorious; Mountain vs Viper; the 'Battle for the Chicken' and Tywin's death were incredible. 6 - Gets a lot of unfair criticism imo. The story was not as tight and a few inconsistencies but I largely loved it. The first five episodes I thoroughly enjoyed and despite a little lull in the middle the ending was incredible also. Some incredibly emotional scenes as well as real drama. I also loved getting some actual answers of the book/show's mysteries - Hodor, R+L= J actually being confirmed, the origins of the WW, Benjen etc. Plus the Sand Snakes getting bitch slapped by Olenna made the season even better. 2 - There was stuff I absolutely loved about this season, particularly Tyrion being the hand. The scene where he played Varys, LF and Pycelle was beautifully done. Obviously I also loved Blackwater but there was a lot of stuff I was not a massive fan of, particularly Dany in Qarth. 5 - Sand Snakes.....
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    [Spoilers] EP602

    Hmmmm good question. I cannot think of any time the Manderlys have been name dropped in the show so far. There was definitely their sigil on a Northerner at the Red Wedding though. I am also pretty sure the White Habour has been mentioned a few times. I think you could be right though about it being the first name drop though.