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    [No Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Great post! Thank you for NOT putting book spoilers in it, as so many others on this site seem incapable of doing. This was really a great episode. Yes, Cersei's walk of shame burned a bit too much film time, but overall it was excellent. Pycelle seemed like a changed man when Cersei returned. He stood proud and confident, and was not at all the cowering toad we have seen in so many of the episodes. As much as I hate Cersei, I hope to see her crush the Sparrow and his friends. I expect the Mountain will lead a vanguard to attack them. Ellaria's 'playing nice' with Jaime always seemed on orders from the Prince, and her poisoning of Myrcella seems to confirm that. Too bad - I was beginning to like M. (I should know better). Varys' return was a high point for me. I love the banter between him and Tyrion - some of the best in the series. Melissandre's actions were very interesting. After the finale, I think she knew Jon was the One when she met him/tried to lay with him at the Wall. She seemed shocked when she saw the mutiny in Stannis' camp, but that might have just been normal shock and realization she needed to get out of Dodge. Predictions: Stannis is dead. The Hound is dead. Jon Snow will be brought back by Melissandre. Davos will commit suicide when he learns what Stannis did and the results. Varys and Tyrion will gain control of Mereen from the Harpies. They will release Dany's other two dragons, and the three will join up and burn the Dothraki holding Dany. Dany will return to Mereen, grab her people and armies and head for Westeros. Season 6 is going to be great.