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  1. I'll take an explanation and, if wrong, admit I'm wrong. (I know, this is the internet, but I'm serious.) Let me say:

    I have always looked at the purpose of Stannis as an exhibition of the failure inherent in rigidity. As D&D even mentioned in the "inside the episode' segment, Stannis makes a choice and does not deviate.

    That is wrong. He may have a legitimate claim to the throne, or he may not. We can also discuss the "realism" of the portrayal, since the setting is a period rife with awful deeds and people. None of that changes that inflexibility is an trait possessed by the "bad guy."

    Stannis isn't an inflexible character in the books though. Far from it, he's the most progressive and willing to change leader in the books.

    People read Donal Noye's quote about Stannis being pure iron and assume it's true. It's not.

  2. You internet warriors read the books and think you can write a better story then D&D is laughable. Your sense of entitlement is a reminder of how bullheaded you book readers are.

    Benioff probably not seeing as he actually is a credentialled and successful writer, but Weiss consistently failed and never did anything. So yeah, we probably could write better than him.

    BTW, it's not really that one needs to write a better story. There's a perfectly good story already written by a man named George R.R Martin that they could use instead of making up their own story.

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