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  1. I got flamed all week for sticking up for Sansa because she was the only one to see through Dany off the rip. She's been around power hungry rulers who care about power more than their people before. I fear for her next week. She is the one who noticed Dany calling it Jons war... Umm if they are YOUR people and YOUR kingdom it's YOUR war. I hope Sansa makes it and is in some place of power she cares about the people. She was the one who was worried about how to feed them. She was also the one who wanted to let them heal and rest before taking them into battle again. Speaking of I hope Jon is as mad at himself as I was when I was screaming this is your fault too into the magic portal to Westeros. He didn't listen to Varys or anyone. He was so concerned with not leading and being pushed into power again (Aegon Targaryen 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, King in the North) that he really didn't stop to think if Dany would be a great ruler or not. He was blinded by love very similarly to how a lot of us were blinded by a cool chick with dragons to hatch them magically so she must be a great Queen. What really bothers me is that I felt like he was noticing things in her that troubled him and never did anything about it. I never thought he would let it get to this point. He didn't want the job so let someone else do it regardless of the repercussions on the people of Westeros. (and their horses) he followed her blindly and even went against his sister's very good advice putting his own people in more Danger just to follow "his" queen.
  2. I completely agree. I don't remember what it was but I noticed something in the books that made me think huh she's on the bad side of the coin. I rewatched the show and it was pretty clear she was going mad. People saying she snapped after Jorah and Missendei died missed all of the clues and foreshadowing. I get it I rooted for her for a long time. I think in the coming days there will be hundreds of articles and videos made about each and every hint she was gonna burninate King's Landing and innocent people. Queen of the ashes indeed. On another note and part of the reason I understand their frustration about this character that they loved so much and wanted to be the good Queen who was a Breaker of Chains etc. because somewhere along Jaime's Redemption Arc I started to root for him. Watching him go back to Cersei to die with her really upset me because I felt lied to. I think Brienne may have been part of the reason he grew on me especially after he knighted her I was fully in Jamie's corner. I thought he could have had one of the greatest Redemption arcs of all time if not the greatest in fiction ever. I thought he was going to redeem himself again and kept waiting for his hand to go around her throat. I never would have guessed that that was how they would go out.
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