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  1. lol, alrighty folks. Guess I'll call it a night. Try not to stab too many of each other :box:
  2. To be fair; It wasn't the balcony at the top of the pyramid. Watch the scene again. It was the public area where Dany had the freeman who killed her prisoner executed. We've seen the balcony at the top of the pyramid three times ( IIRC ). Once when Danny looks out over the city after conquering it, once when she sees Drogon after that execution and the city turning on her, and once when Ser Barristan talks to her about Rhaegar's singing.
  3. I never mentioned Ramsay. I said Roose. You know, the total opportunist. Where was all the heraldry you're spouting off about in that scene??? The few pennets? Because it totally wouldn't make sense for his own men to be there too, right? I mean, those 3000 deserters vs Stannis's 3000 troops. It wasn't totally obvious from the shot that the Bolton's suddenly had twice the men on the field. Humm...the 3000 Roose told us they had + the 3000 mercs vs Stannis's 3000. Seems about right for what we all saw, doesn't it??? As for paying them, lmao. He didn't have to pay them. No food. No supplies. And stuck in the north. Mercs; " Please feed us my Lord. And give us the supplies we need to get out of this God's forsaken country. In return, we'll help you smash what's left of that f&^king nutjob"s army for you. Roose: Can do. /shrugs Pretty fucking simple.
  4. I've seen a couple of people making comments about all the calvary that the Boltons seem to have magically acquired. I'll just say this; Stannis's army was supposedly 6000 men to the Bolton's 3000. And half of them were mounted. So, 3000 horsemen. Now, those men were staving, had no food to make it back to the wall, and apparently half of them ( around 3000 men ) just deserted with their horses. So....Where the F$%K do you think they went??? Remember, these men are starving, have just watched what most of them would now consider a total f^&king nutjob burn his daughter alive, have no supplies to make a trip anywhere, have no real loyalty to Stannis ( they are payed foreign mercs ), and the closest place to seek refuge is Winterfell. Humm.....what could Roose possibly demand in return for saving these men??? Suddenly the Boltons have an army twice the size of Stannis's ( and all of them mounted ), and several of you wonder where the men came from??? Seriously??? I thought it was basic commen sense.
  5. Jon Targaryen aka Azor Ahai ( or at least an aspect of ) is coming back. Anyone who can't see that at this point is, and I'm sorry here, a complete and utter moron. As to how he'll come back, and if it'll be in season six or later, is pretty much up in the air at this point. Could be that the books and the show will differ on this point as well. But he's still coming back.
  6. The problem isn't her magic, it never has been. Mel does have powers. The problem is she's been betting on the wrong horse the whole time. Everyone knows that Stannis is NOT the chosen. And please understand I'm NOT defending this episode, or the general writing that we've seen since like season two, lol.
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