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  1. @LiveFirstDieLater I am running out of time as it's time to begin my weekend and family time calls. We can discuss the Crypts another time perhaps. Great topic indeed. As to it being a dream of the past. All those different visions? Neds exact words concerning Cat accepting Jon etc? The pregnant woman? Ben and Lyanna fighting? The sacrifice? Sorry I'm not buying it personally. These are things that happened in front of that Heart tree throughout history and Bran is seeing them, I'd personally stake my full wage on it but that's just me. In Neds instance GRRM goes as far as to tell us that it's Brans voice that is the whisper in the wind and the rustling of the leaves in Neds present. Then if we remember the first time Bran whispers Winterfell and Ned turns, Bloodravens distinctly tells Bran Ned heard a whisper on the wind and a rustle in the leaves. The exact same thing. GRRM simply confirms for us that Brans voice was that. It caused it. Its as clear as day for us in my opinion, GRRM is telling us that Brans attempt at communicating with who he sees manifests as a whisper on the wind and a rustle in the leaves, regardless of it being a time we would class as the past. Anyway gotta go. My first topic back after god knows how long and it's been a hot topic for hours. Brilliant. Been good talking to you all again.
  2. I have debated this and I see your angle but when Bran sees his father the second time and speaks, GRRM clearly inserts the words: "Father." Bran's voice was a whisper in the wind, a rustle in the leaves. "Father, it's me. It's Bran. Brandon." That is Bran interacting with the time wouldn't you agree? It can't be Brans inner thoughts, or the thoughts of anyone else as Bran is alone. This is words of the author explaining what's happening to us and he is saying that in Neds present time, a time when Bran was not even born, that Brans voice had an effect on that time.
  3. The Crypts certainly go deep. Older and lower levels with the lowest partly collapsed to hear Theon tell it. I hope we read of the lower levels on page one day. I don't doubt the Winterfell Heart trees roots extend all over the area under the castle and around the levels of the Crypts. There may even be a cave network, Infact i think there is and it leads beyond the Wall. Is there a throne like Bloodravens. With a Greenseer on it?. I would be quite surprised I suppose. If there was a Greenseer it may be like the Cotf we see in the other area of Bloodravens cave network when Bran/Hodor explores. We know roots are strong and can push through and damage stone so yes there is a chance that the Weirwood roots are entangled with ancient Starks bones.
  4. Same. There are few things I am absolutely certain of on what's to come. What I am 100% certain of though is that Bran can effect a time that we would refer to as the past and we will witness it in a more fleshed out fashion on future pages.
  5. I'd say GRRM is more like the trees. To him the past present and future of the story are all one. He can access it all like he is literally wed to the trees. We however are stuck in the eternal present of what material we have access too (which is needing revised!) and can merely theorise on what's to come.
  6. I definitely get where your coming from, it's like when Bran thinks how he knows every stone of Winterfell so well, like he has some sort of older knowledge that comes naturally to him somehow rather than him having just learned it from his regular climbing sessions. Like "he always knew" as you say. On the Crypts, it is the darkness of the Crypts that seem to awaken his gifts and begin to open his third eye at first. Theres interesting stuff on the darkness and third eyes opening in the books and also the WOIAF book. "Here in the chill damp darkness of the tomb his third eye had finally opened. He could reach Summer whenever he wanted, and once he had even touched Ghost and talked to Jon. Though maybe he had only dreamed that." AWOIAF: "These new Lorathi were worshippers of Boash, the Blind God. Rejecting all other deities, the followers of Boash ate no flesh, drank no wine, and walked barefoot through the world, clad only in hair shirts and hides. Their eunuch priests wore eyeless hoods in honor of their god; only in darkness, they believed, would their third eye open, allowing them to see the "higher truths" of creation that lay concealed behind the world's illusions."
  7. True, that is in the books but also visions that are misinterpreted are also littered through the books too. It may well be that Jojen actually saw Bran and Rickon getting flayed and with this info they changed their fates, I'm just not entirely sold on it 100% mate. I agree though not all visions are of fixed futures, that would be a little too simple and wouldn't be as fun really.
  8. @LynnS I see where you're coming from with the whole Bran always knew sort of thing but he never always knew in regards to Howland as the KOTLT situation and it can't really be compared to how he always knew he would lie in the Crypts. Its very very clear Bran has never ever heard of the KOTLT at that point in his present where he wasn't wed to the trees and has never ever known a single detail about it. He assumes the Crannogman was the Knight simply by the details in the story, or that's my take anyway. It makes it so much more of an awesome theory that later when his body is wed to the trees and he is present in all time and sees Lyanna praying that he realises that it was not the Crannogman after all but his own aunt and his happy reaction projects on to the tree and Lyanna sees it. Thats just my preferred theory though and I still like your idea.
  9. An interesting notion for sure but I have always leaned toward the idea of a misinterpretation of vision as this seems to be heavily touched on in the books when it comes to future visions.
  10. What other explanation could you possibly offer? Who else could possibly be inserting those words for us to read if not GRRM himself from his own mind? Its like the Prologue. GRRM writes that the Other slid forward on silent feet carrying the sharpest sword Will had ever seen. Thats not Wills thoughts, or Gareds, Waymars or the Others, its GRRM guiding our understanding of whats happening on page. Genuinely mate, i need to know what separate explanation you have for the declaration on page that Brans voice actually was the whisper in the wind and the rustling in the leaves other than GRRM actually point blank telling us. Cool , i seem picky above but if im honest its 100% clear cut that the author is telling us clear as day whats going down. No question.
  11. @LynnS I love the KOTLT speculation so ill jump in. You seem determined its Howland but i am completely and utterly sold on it being Lyanna. I think she prays to the old gods at Harrenhal describing her encounter with the squires and how she must enter the tourney to teach them honour and all that jazz. Bran is amused by this as he has already been told the story by Meera and his face briefly appears smiling/laughing on the tree in front of Lyanna as it did with Theon and Lyanna is then inspired to have her shield painted in this fashion. The rest is history. But Theon is in present time you say, and Lyanna is in the "past". Not to the trees. Past present and future are all one and the same to the trees so there is no differentiation. Plus i have already proven with this post that Bran can have effect on a time we class as the "past". I like your Howland ideas too though.
  12. We are simply the reader and not part of the story. It was Neds present when he was cleaning Ice and when he was praying for Cat to accept Jon. In the second instance Bran isnt even born so its technically a future influence. Its wonderfully messed up but i understand it in my own strange way. Bran is always wed to the trees and always present in "time" as far as the Weirwood tree network understands the world because to them the past, present and future are all one and the same. Bran has always been around through the magic weirwood network. Its just his own physical self that had to catch up to that and when he learns of his involvement in or attendance at certain historic events it is not the event itself that will change as it will have always happened the way it happened but it is Brans perception of the event that will change.
  13. This stems from the fact that past present and future are all one to the tree. That has to mean something doesnt it or why would GRRM insert the notion?. I see where you are coming from but if we look at Ned reacting to Bran in the tree in Neds present, twice, then technically he is reacting to something happening in a future "that hasnt happened yet" as you say.
  14. Im at work and this thread is livening up so i cant touch on all replies in depth right now but on next break ill apply more thought and get back. Quickly though @Tucu Im quite sure there is no branch where Bran is actually killed. Jojen saw two boys in Winterfell Garb being flayed by Reek and just assumes one of those is Bran but infact it is one of the millers sons. In instances where you may think there are other alternate reality branches i think they could possibly just be explained by misunderstanding the actual vision.