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  1. And there is the answer. GRRM said himself that Bran has been skinchanging Hodor and practising with the sword because Bran is trained at swordplay. Absolutely nowhere is it ever stated that Bran or any of Ned’s bunch trained at jousting; even when the royal brigade arrive in AGOT, Winterfell doesn’t provide training of that sort. Winterfell doesn’t do that training anymore. So, Bran nor Howland possess the skill so it wasn’t them. Simple really.
  2. So if it’s Howland, skinchanged by Bran, why waste time writing the search order into the story? What’s the point of having Rhaegar search for the knight if (in-story) it has NOTHING to do with Rhaegar? Nothing. Why have Rhaegar search for her, (sorry, Howland)? Because Aerys thinks it’s Jaime? Why? Another KG could’ve searched. Rhaegar searches because, for goodness sake… it’s Lyanna and he finds that out after said search.
  3. I don’t suppose anyone, after 14 pages, has A REASON, why Howland (skinchanged by Bran all afternoon) does this at Harrenhal in regards to the story? What does it serve? Seriously…? On the other hand, Lyanna as the knight has lots of story-related stuff attached. Bran skinchanging someone, and especially the effect it has when it ripples through time, only proves to be disastrous. We know this as fact. Yet, Howland helps win the war and fathers two children after this supposed magical feat. The facts we have contradict every angle of this theory.
  4. Nope. GRRM won’t have gods coming in as characters deus ex machina to control the story. HE said that. And the quote you kindly provided proves Bran, nor Howland possess the skill to do what you propose. By the way, LynnS, I’m well aware this is your own theory now and not Crona’s and you will defend your own ideal with oathkeeper or dark sister had you both swords near at hand. Honestly though, give up the ghost. It’s over my friend.
  5. Respectfully, I do believe you are reaching now, simply because GRRM basically spells it out... In the book, Hodor has stolen one of the old swords from the crypt. Bran has been warging into Hodor and practicing with his body, because Bran had been trained in swordplay. The old gods can lend all the strength to Howland's arm in the world, it just won't allow him to beat three knights who have already won tilts that day. He, nor Bran possess the skill having never practiced jousting. Theory debunked I'm afraid.
  6. Sorry LynnS, that means nothing if Bran or the vessel (in this case Howland) was not already a confident/skilled jouster, and that is as per GRRM's own words. It just won't work, I'm afraid. GRRM says that he skinchanges Hodor and practices swordplay because Bran is already trained at swordplay. The man himself says it.
  7. Yes, but the GRRM comment does say that he was skinchanging Hodor and training with the sword because Bran was already trained at swordplay. I think it may only work if Bran, or the vessel (in this case Howland) was already a confident/skilled jouster. At least, that's what I'm taking from GRRM's words on that.
  8. I’m talking more about how the complete lack of jousting training for Bran and Howland goes quite a long way to debunking the idea that Bran skinchanged Harrenhal Howland to be the KotLT.
  9. Bear in mind, after the tourney, Howland went on to play his part in the war and also father two children with no apparent issues.
  10. Isn’t it a thumbs down for him skinchanging Howland in the “past” so effortlessly and without consequence, as it’s basically confirmed here how Bran will break Hodor’s mind and be the cause of his condition in “present” time like the adaptation showed. This shows that it’s a bad idea with grave consequences. And also ladies, GRRM clearly says in that passage that Bran has been skinchanging Hodor and practising swordplay because he has been trained in swordplay. Is there any mention EVER, that Bran was trained in jousting…? Or any of Ned’s lot? We know Howland wasn’t. So……….? How could Bran skinchange Howland in the past and do those actions at Harrenhal. Geez, this thread just got hot again!!!!
  11. So if we agree the GOHH Arya meets was Jenny of Oldstone’s woods witch friend, although I’m quite sure it’s now universally accepted as canon, then you know she was at Summerhall and gorged on grief there, as per her own words. Tell me, have you anything against her and Rhaegar meeting at Summerhall? Doesn’t it seem glaringly obvious, as she’s a huge, HUGE part of TPTWP prophecy narrative in the story, that her and Rhaegar would cross paths there. I mean, surely Rhaegar going there with his harp was what produced the song “Jenny of Oldstones, with Flowers in her hair” and it was because of the GOHH telling him the story of Summerhall, and therefore also telling him that he was believed to be the PTWP. This is massive, clearly. Why wouldn’t we speculate on it to be honest? We know she gives extremely vivid, yet accurate dream visions. Hard to decipher, but accurate. She always freely gives her visions for Jenny’s song. If Rhaegar wrote it, he has free vision tokens for life. Possible visions of Wolf-maids and Laughing tree shields? No? I probably won’t get you on-side with it to be honest, but you should really open your mind to it all, without viewing Howland as the KotLT, even if just for a time. Think how it all adds up and what it means when you think of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Side note: Rhaegar ends up back in the Riverlands. We know the GOHH moved there. I think they met again; one last vision before he sees Lyanna to be certain he’s making the right choice. And also, there is parallel with Rhaegar and Prince Duncan Targaryen who found Jenny in the Riverlands and chose her, plunging his house into chaos. Wild Jenny, with the blood of the first men in her veins, like Lyanna. Jenny was the GOHH close friend. This all ties together… I can’t be the only one on this thread that sees it surely. I’ll stop rambling now. It’s a habit, sorry.
  12. I know, I'm just teasing. I'm also aware we have strayed a few times. Apologies @Crona
  13. We took all that into account on the exercise, but hey-ho. A closed book on the topic it seems. You keep you secrets close to your heart LynnS.
  14. I don't mean we need it spelled out definitively he isn't Ned's; that's as obvious as the nose on my face. I meant RL=J. Some need it spelled out definitively, so incidentally, we all do. It's fairly spelled out for us in the text any way that the GoHH was the woods witch from the Targaryen history. Rhaegar went to Summerhall with his harp, alone, and came back with songs. It's not a big leap to believe the GoHH lingered there with her grief at Jenny and the tragedy itself. There, her and Rhaegar meet... blah, blah, blah... you get it. We still may get some words from the GoHH herself; I was always fond of reading about her on page. Yes, we are indeed. This is where GRRM will have to produce some of the best writing he has ever pulled off, since the cat has been out of the bag for over 20 years on RL=J and he needs to bring some fresh awesomeness to it that the adaptation didn't show. And also, sadly... because some people just point blank don't believe it because so much time has passed that they think it just can't be true. Not anyone in particular btw, but there are a good few out there I believe.
  15. Can't be helped, I suppose. Sticking with that politically-motivated card 'til the end eh. Romance and prophecy on the back-burner. Fair enough. Now you're opening up. Very juicy statement. I did a Tourney-War timeline exercise ages ago with the magnificent poster Rhaenys_Targaryen, although I'm sure she is on hiatus from the general board for the time being. We had Jon born, Sept - Oct 283AC. Unless something's drastically changed since my own hiatus, we believed that fairly accurate at the time. We researched every angle extensively to do this; it was quite a task. Took 9 pages on my thread I believe. (note, we use our own month names for clarity and go by our own calendar of 12 moon turns, naturally) I suppose (if accurate) that puts the date of Jon being conceived around the end of 282 AC. So Rhaegar encounters Lyanna in 282 AC; the exact point could be hazy of course. He set out with companions at the turn of the year it's said. He ends up in the Riverlands, ultimately... A lot happens in 282 obviously, but I'm curious as to when in 282 you think is Lyanna impregnated? You won't discuss who by due to reluctance, but I'm curious of the when?
  16. Do you have any front-runners as potential father? I like the Ice Dragon stuff. Dark indeed. You believe Rhaegar and Lyanna encountered each other in the Riverlands, but you're unsure if the given narrative after that is true? What do you think happened after that for another man to impregnate her?
  17. Can I ask you to confirm. You believe Lyanna is Jon's mother, but not that Rhaegar is his father. No animosity or difficulty intended. We know each other from old discussions so I assume you understand my blunt, straight to the point attitude is meant positively.
  18. Yup, the very same prophecy as Azor Ahai. It drove his life's research and goal. He was certain at one time it was Aegon, for sure. He could've been guided by other information that Lyanna (or a wolf-maid/she-wolf) played a part too; maybe he had fancied a third head as per his ancestor, or maybe he had heard that it was crucial to the said prophecy at this stage. Possible? . At the time of the tourney, I believe he knows that he and Elia won't have more children after the second, due to how unwell she was after the first. Is it possible Rhaegar had info on the prophecy that he thought needed Lyanna's involvement? Maybe? Yup. I speculate that this vision is literal and Rhaegar and Elia actually had this conversation on Dragonstone before he left. He may even simply be relaying something he always knew; for example, Rhaegar may have even known this need from before the tourney. He was heavily in contact with Maester Aemon and they talked of many things including the prophecy. I know, but just imagine those visits to Summerhall where he meets the Ghost of High Heart and writes Jenny's song for her to help with her grief. And in turn, she supplies him with -- I mean, it's almost enough to blow your head off, the imagery there isn't it. Admit it. Not enough on its own, no. But throw it in the mix and I'm sure it's in there as an ingredient. Lyanna was noted to be beautiful. This is where we certainly disagree. I believe this respect is for her performance in the tourney as the KotLT and her reasons; for the knights to chastise the bully squires. I'd respect the hell outta someone for pulling that off. Speculation, of course. Oh, me too... We can't agree on everything, but we're making sound progress with discussions. It is maybe not solely enough to crown her, but I believe it could play a decent-sized part in the overall motivation to do so; especially if he has been given guidance by the GoHH through visions of a she-wolf or laughing weirwood tree symbolism, which would cement Lyanna as important in his mind. Speculation of course. I think Ned's thoughts only serve to show that Jon is half Stark, and he is not Ned's. We need it spelled out definitively, and Bran may be the only one who will do it in-story. GRRM is the only one who can do it in our world.
  19. The why: Prophecy; need; possible guidance by a woods witches' dream/vision; mutual attraction; respect; love...? The how: First viewing of each other at the tourney. Crowning of the she-wolf at tourney by said dragon prince. Soon after, the need for a third head and other duties sees Rhaegar leave his wife and two children; he encounters Lyanna again. They produce Jon. Ultimately, though. Because GRRM said so. This will prove to have never changed. The million and one other plot threads though, they are a big part of why we still tune in, isn't it? There's so much more other stuff going on, but they don't need to effect the core narrative in place since 1991.
  20. That dark alley will be this very forum in the future. It's set in stone already; can't fight it. Great debate!
  21. You wrote that with utmost certainty it seems. You didn't shoot anything down though, except in your own mind. And by the same logic, my own theory (or the one I support) is in my own mind much more plausible than Howland being skinchanged by Bran at Harrenhal all afternoon to talk, interact and to perform heroic feats against three knights that neither he nor Bran have any training for at all. Until these things are proven/disproven, they exist in our minds only as possibilities. All we do round here is parry and joust to try to make the others see our vision; as you have witnessed already, it's a tiresome task that we are nearing the end of attempting to achieve.
  22. Agreed. I've seen it all before and it's ugly. There is absolutely no animosity on this thread, you're correct. A very healthy stalemate, but all the same, no ill wills intended.
  23. The only place that happened was in your own mind, my friend. Not when all books are done, just when the knight and Jon's parents are confirmed. You will check back; it's set in stone in our only timeline we will ever live through, you just haven't caught up to it yet. Much like the story we are discussing. The ink is dry, we just haven't caught up to the reveals yet as we are slaves to time, heading in one direction. I'll catch you then though, mate, be sure of it
  24. @Crona @AlaskanSandman I would love nothing more than to parry and joust all day with you both, but the clutching at straws that's going on here on both your parts is something I've saw a million times and I know all too well that once a forum poster is set in their ways, they won't budge until it is written in plain text in the book, sadly. Let's make a deal. This will be my second actually ; I have already had countless back and forths with a poster back in the day who swears blind that Bran is not the cause of certain events in what we class as "the past". They even disagree Bran caused Ned's reaction at the Heart Tree, twice. Swore it blind. Alas, we resolved to meet back up when the book proves Bran's capabilities. And it will, mark my words, when it's revealed how Hodor came to be the way he is. That poster knows who they are and I have the patience of a saint and their time will come. So, would you like to do the same? How about we all meet back up when it is confirmed who the KotLT was, or @AlaskanSandman, who indeed Jon's parents are? How about we all face the truth when it is revealed, and I hope and pray that when that time comes, you hold your hands up if you're wrong, as I will if I am. How 'bout it, cos seriously, I have work and I can't afford to spend so much time doing this at my work station lol , as much as I'd love to. I'm sure you'll remember my name; just tag me when the proof is there.
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