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  1. Problem with E6 spoilers is they filmed multiple fakes scenes so we don't know which one is real and which one isn't.
  2. PlayerUp.com

    Ghost & Tormund - A Spin-Off/Successor

    The season hasn't even ended yet. How do we even know Tormund and Ghost will end up together?
  3. PlayerUp.com

    Why did the project fail?

    It didn't. Last episode had the highest ratings ever. GOT is peaking now.
  4. PlayerUp.com

    The real character assassination is that of Tyrion

    Part of the issue is Tyrion just doesn't work with Dany. Dany is too controlling and made her hand look like a fool. Only secondary characters who won't challenge her fit with Dany. The best moments of Tyrion will always be with Tywin.
  5. PlayerUp.com

    What happened to Ellaria??

    Good. She was a terrible character so why bring her back? If she didn't die before Dany burned Kings Landing, she died when everything collapsed on her. Her story had ending in Season 7.
  6. PlayerUp.com

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    If it's good, people will. Anyone saying otherwise is just emotionally upset right now.
  7. PlayerUp.com

    Could HBO consider another extra season?

    and if the prequels do well, they will continue onwards with more prequels, potential sequels or reboots. You have to hope for the success of this show and hopefully this is a learning lesson for future showrunners and HBO on what not to do. If they learn from their mistakes, the future is endless for Game of Thrones.
  8. PlayerUp.com

    Could HBO consider another extra season?

    Animated series for Season 8 is definitely possible but only a small % will watch it.
  9. PlayerUp.com

    Could HBO consider another extra season?

    Prequels will be fine. The budget for them is much lower. You may lose a % of the audience but if the showrunners in the prequels do a good job the bulk of the audience will return. Luckily the showrunner for "The Long Night" has a better track record of success than Dan & Dave. They can undo some of the damage done in Episode 3 and properly explain the original story of the whitewalkers as it should have been.
  10. PlayerUp.com

    Casterly Rock Why?

    To be honest, Tyrion has been terrible at leading: - Season 2 he lost the war it was only Tywin that came through and saved them - Season 3 he lost his place and was deranked - Season 6 he triggered a war with the masters - Season 7 he started and advised Jon to go beyond the wall to capture a wight and then lead Dorne, Tyrells, the Unsullied and others into traps. He has been a horrible hand of the queen.
  11. PlayerUp.com

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Same reason Penny and Fake Targaryen story was left out. Her story wasn't really needed on the show to be honest. It's more of a spin off. I'm perfectly fine with the show leaving them all out.
  12. PlayerUp.com

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Doesn't appear they were being serious.
  13. PlayerUp.com

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    In a way, Game of Thrones did a fantastic job at ruining the show over the last 2 episodes. Hardhome was setting them in the right direction. Then they basically destroy Stannis character, and kill the only other male dominating character that really was left in Jon Snow. Now who do we cheer for on the male side? Theon - Is he even considered a male anymore? Varys - How many characters are missing their d's? Jamie - He didn't lose it but he did lose his hand Davos - He didn't lose his hand but he lost his fingers Jorah - He'll be a stone soon Daario - Even the first Daario had enough of him Benjin - RIP