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  1. PlayerUp.com

    Casterly Rock Why?

    To be honest, Tyrion has been terrible at leading: - Season 2 he lost the war it was only Tywin that came through and saved them - Season 3 he lost his place and was deranked - Season 6 he triggered a war with the masters - Season 7 he started and advised Jon to go beyond the wall to capture a wight and then lead Dorne, Tyrells, the Unsullied and others into traps. He has been a horrible hand of the queen.
  2. PlayerUp.com

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    Pretty well known by now Jon was burnt in Season 1 so even if he somehow can get burnt now he was indeed burnt at some point during the show.
  3. PlayerUp.com

    What was the point of the Dothraki Battle?

    This. She was losing. Lannisters started to think they would easily win this. This battle ultimately forced Jamie to switch sides to the winning team as well as others so it serves a significant purpose more than the show has displayed.
  4. Please. I think it's written in stone they are at least going to have a baby together.
  5. PlayerUp.com

    Someone to make Sansa happy in the end?...

    My prediction is she is killed off in Episode 2. Whitewalkers attack winterfell and they lose. Sansa is the Stark who dies. Also think Ghost will be another one who dies this episode along with possibly others. Arya/Bran/Jon retreat.
  6. PlayerUp.com

    Stephen King's IT

    Solid movie. Looks like this will end up being a series.
  7. PlayerUp.com

    Is Cersei a better ruler than Robert?

    This. The people liked Robert. Cersei they fear.
  8. PlayerUp.com

    Was Robert's Rebellion indeed based on a lie?

    Maybe will hear more about this in Episode 1 next season. How Dany/Jon both share similar situations. Talk about what Ned actually did to protect Jon.
  9. PlayerUp.com

    The Bittersweet Ending That Must Be

    Would prefer an ending with many deaths we will never forget but showrunners may please the fanbase instead.
  10. PlayerUp.com

    Benioff & Weiss Create CONFEDERATE

    Feels like they have already moved on and preparing this show and stepping back on Game of Thrones. Writing showed this season.
  11. PlayerUp.com

    HBO Exec on Prequels, Final Season

    As long as they do it right and don't rush season 8, then I am fine with waiting until 2019.
  12. PlayerUp.com

    Golden Company arrives so what?

    One of the storylines really looking forward to in Season 8
  13. PlayerUp.com

    Jon and Daeneris

    Have had no issues with their scenes this season. Good chemistry on screen.
  14. PlayerUp.com

    About Edmure

    They will never conclude his story either. Such a shame how quickly this show is rushing the final seasons.