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  1. Sydney Mae

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    The father-son dynamic between Quentyn and Doran. Quentyn desperately wanted to please his father.
  2. Sydney Mae

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    There are a lot of problems with this. First, the elephant in the room. Jon is dead. Then there is the question of proof. Dragon riding is not proof. Ben Plumm is not in the line of succession even though he has a drop of dragon blood. The best Jon can say is he has a drop of dragon blood. The chance of Jon being legitimate is very low. Rhaegar was thinking passion not succession when he slept with Lyanna. Jon is also not a good choice for the job. He can't manage the wall. The last thing you want is to give him the kingdom. Daenerys is not going to claim the throne through some legal technicality. This is not going to be decided in a modern court of law. It will be decided on the battlefield. Why should she step aside for her nephew just because he has a cock? Aerys cast aside Rhaegar's line and gave the throne to Viserys. She is the heir and it will be Aegon who will have to prove his identity.
  3. Sydney Mae

    Name the Parents

  4. He didn't want to. See the rest of my answers. They were looking for a female Blackfyre. She's the best choice for enhancing the dragon-riding genetics. Steffon Baratheon knows his history and worried about bringing a Blackfyre back to the kingdom. Very much so. The females carry the dragon-riding traits and pass it on to their children. The Dragonlords wanted to keep a monopoly on dragons. Dragonseeds might qualify genetically but her social status is not going to be fit for a prince of the kingdom.
  5. I see this as a possible allusion to the 23rd psalm. Daenerys Targaryen's cup will overflow with the blessings of the Gods. Bountiful. All of the main characters are blessed in their own way: the Starks with their wargs skills, born into a noble family; Tyrion, son of the wealthiest man with an unlimited allowance; Daenerys is blessed with beauty, brains, superpowers, nobility. Daenerys has been blessed by fire and given the gift of dragons. The prophecy seems to say she will also receive blessings from ice and given something precious, maybe the gift of warging. Knowledge is a blessing. The cups of fire and ice represent blessings.
  6. Sydney Mae

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Here are the point of chapters that I hated. Book 1 (A Game of Thrones) - Jon Snow Book 2 (A Clash of Kings) - Jon Snow Book 3 (A Storm of Swords) - Jon Snow Book 4(A Feast for Crows) - Sansa Stark Book 5 (A Dance with Dragons) - Jon Snow I guess it's obvious that I can't stand Jon. If there is one good thing about Feast, it spared me from having to read through a Jon point of view chapter. Sansa's chapters are not as bad. I don't hate Sansa but I find her extremely annoying.
  7. Sydney Mae

    What do you think would happen if the following changes occurred?

    What you get is a completely different story. For an example of how too many changes can drastically affect the story you need to look no further than the show. It's not even the same story anymore. Same names and same places but that's all.
  8. Sydney Mae

    “For the watch”

    Jon was sooo obsessed with getting Arya. He would have killed anyone who tried to stop him from leaving to start his war with Ramsay. Killing him was the only way to stop him. I read through most of the earlier comments here and you should already know what Jon is guilty of. Sending Mance Rayder to take your sister away from her husband is illegal. It's an attack on House Bolton basically. The icing on that cake of treason is his intent to lead an attack on the Boltons. Jon is guilty of treason and Bowen had a duty to stop him from making it worse. I hope you can see that. I am not attacking you but it puzzles me that after all of the thoughtful posts from Jon's "critics" that you don't see it.
  9. Sydney Mae

    “For the watch”

    If it is treason it is not as bad as the treason that Jon is guilty of. Bowen's treason would be minor compared to what Jon did and what Jon was about to do. Bowen didn't kill Jon to punish him for his crimes though. Bowen did it to stop Jon from doing something awful. Bowen M would have put Jon under arrest and hanged him for treason if the situation had allowed it but Jon got the wildlings fired up and on his side before the Night Watch could do anything to stop him. Bowen M did the only thing he could to stop his fool of a commander from starting a war that will do great harm to the Night Watch and their mission to stop the white walkers. Jon didn't have his priorities right. He lost his mind over Arya and he was no longer fit to command.
  10. Sydney Mae

    Wolfs Blood Traits?

    Bad tempers, stupidity, careless, dumb, violent, prickly, hypocrite, impulsive.
  11. Sydney Mae

    “For the watch”

    Not when you consider the lord commander just owned up to treason during his public speech and then goes on to announce his intentions to do something so blatantly illegal like leading a wildling attack on the Warden of the North.
  12. Sydney Mae

    Why is Arya so boring?

    THIS! Arya's plot line is ridiculous. She's just not interesting to me. I know we are meant to be disturbed by what she does. People focus more on sex than violence and maybe that is Arya's role. I just don't care for her and her story line. Her story line is just there to shock the reader with ever escalating gratuitous violence. Honestly, Arya just needs to die and her plot line to end.
  13. Sydney Mae

    Daenerys's Fate and the Fire She Must Light to Love

    I don't have any respect for that theory.
  14. Sydney Mae

    Daenerys's Fate and the Fire She Must Light to Love

    That was merely a nasty taunt from Mirri Maz Duur. A way of saying "no." Dany's fate is to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms as its true monarch and rebuild as soon as the ice recedes and marry Aegon to heal the rift with the Blackfyres.
  15. The sample Arya chapter from TWOW revealed that Arya is a sociopathic loose cannon.  While the House of Black and White value sociopaths, they won't tolerate a loose cannon in their organization.  I think they will kill her soon after that sample chapter.  She will never make it back to the north as Arya Stark.  She comes back as Nymeria, the Direwolf.  Her soul will live on in Nymeria.   Sansa takes down Littlefinger.