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  1. Ghost deserved better. Bronn story was awful. Dany... it's like they're checking the items of the list - OK, NK dead, time for Daenerys go mad like yesterday. I swear, if the screw up (more than now) Jaime story I'm definitely done.
  2. I have one question regarding Tyrion knowledge - hadn't he already known before who Jon is? During the feast the said to Bran that he is "only son of Bed Stark", so it sounded like he knew about rlj. Maybe he only told Varys because Sansa started plotting on her own?
  3. Corika

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    So, the Night King had this one weakness, right in the open, that no one knew about, that Arya just knew how to utilize? That's "Aim for the horn" level of bull! Someone tell showrunners that the saying goes "learn from the best", not "learn from the memes".
  4. Sorry, made quite a bit of reach here. What I meant is that in the show they use just the easiest and most straightforward options available, like Arya killing because "that's what she does".
  5. This warging was so pointless. Bran was so useless this episode, second only to Varys (barely remembered he was even here), and to think many people expected this episode to be Bran's time to shine. Also, I wonder why Arya was chosen to kill the NK. Just imagine the discussion: "- We have to change Night King killer, because we're different from the book! Who will do it? - Idk? Arya is good at killing? - Genius!"
  6. It's baseball season so he has other things to worry about (just a little /s)
  7. Objectively, it was bad. Book - wise , it was abysmal. Show - wise? It was pretty decent, actually. I keep the two media separated completely, so I try to judge show by its standards, not in accordance with the books. And after the trainwreck that was show!Dorne, the final battle wasn't so bad. Yeah, the callbacks and "setups" were hasty and lackluster, but not as bad as they used to be. For me it was one of the more decent not book based events. Did I like it? Aside from Theon, no. I hate show!Dany, show!Jon is just wasted potential, and what the did with Tyrion is just awful. Sansa is stuck-up instead of savvy and Bran is just... nope. But I expected way worse. Way, way worse. As a rule, show changes are just really bad (the only good change was pairing up Arya and Tywin instead of Roose). So all in all, it was bad. But as a culmination of the mutilation that D&D did with source material? It wasn't worse than previous work.
  8. Corika

    Death scene: Melisandre

    I really like Mel character, she is one of the more complex non-main character. But D&D obviously didn't know how to deal with her, so they used her in the easiest and most obnoxious way possible. So, Mel is vital to the Long Night plot. Her goals deal with making the PTWP and Lightbringer, killing the NK and stopping the Long Night - at all cost. But other than that? Without Others, she is directionless. So rather than expanding the plot into some other story, most probably emotional growth - based, D&D decided to bring her only in her dedicated setting, no background needed (duh). So when the NK plot is done, Mel is useless. I'd rather see her die with the sense of fulfillment than have her stashed into some corner of Essos because show writers can't use her properly.
  9. Corika

    Best lines of E03

    "Theon, you're a good man." A perfect ending to the Theon arc. He was forgiven and maybe even he has finally forgiven himself, sacrificing his life for his family. Also, Bran looked sad when he was watching Theon attack the Night King. Seeing him break his emotionless "Imma 3eyed raven bro, not your average Bran" face was very moving.
  10. Corika

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    The Youtuber "In Deep Geek" explained some cute theory why Arya killed Night King but dragonfire could not. It wasn't about "killing" NK, but rather "uncreating" him. So he was created in front of a weirwood tree using weirwood knife (by a CoTF). And he was "uncreated" in front of a weirwood tree using valyrian knife (by a FM). So not only the method was important, but also the place (and possibly the person) // The "uncreating" bit was supposedly said by D&D, but I can't find the source//
  11. I sincerely hope he's writing all story at once. Winds and Spring, all of it, no pauses, to be split by the publisher. Why? Because GRRM isn't going to finish ASOIAF any other way. I think he lost control of his characters and plots (hello there, gardener approach), so the best way to go would be writing every character arc till the end, smoothing numerous plot knots along the way. The Mereneese knot came to be because the couldn't connect plots from the previous book. If he could change the story along, it wouldn't happen. So I really, really hope he writes every character from start (well, WOW start) to finish. It'll take even longer, but at least it will end somewhere.
  12. I think Dany will go mad. To start with, show!Dany is way more... intense when it comes to the Iron Throne. She had these moments of unnatural fixation on her goal. It'll then come to the second Dance with Dragons Jon vs Dany drama.
  13. Corika

    [spoilers] So, in the end, the PTWP...

    So, lets say Jon is the PTWP... He was the one to give Arya the Needle and instruct her how to use it. Does it makes her his Lightbringer? It strangely fits, and there were theories about Lightbringer being the person, not the object. Yeah, it's not really satisfying, but can we really expect more from the show?