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  1. Artos Cold

    Who is who?

    George did base much of his story and the characters on actual history, but to say that this event or that character is synonomous with that historical event or this real person is inaccurate. There are similarities and parallels, but they are not the same thing.
  2. Artos Cold

    Has there ever been any bi Targaryens?

    Not really. While she has had sex with her handmaidens on more than one occasion Dany never shown any actual attraction or desire towards women. It has more to do with them simply being willing and able to fullfill her sexual desires than her actually being attracted to them.
  3. Artos Cold

    Bael & Queen Alyssane (Updating)

    Barristan was referring to Jaehaerys II in those parts, not the Conciliator.
  4. Artos Cold

    What if Renly was born a girl?

    Renly was born in 277 AC, Rhaegar was born in 259. Unless Aerys was willing to wait for almost two decades this wouldn’t pan out.
  5. Artos Cold

    Can You Forgive Lord Walder Frey?

    Hmm........No, fuck 'em.
  6. Artos Cold

    What's your favourite crack! Ship

    Arya Stark/Jojen Reed: Don't know why. Bran Stark/Wylla Manderly: I read one fanfic and i was hooked.
  7. Artos Cold

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb: Wynafryd or Alys Karstark Jon: Mya Stone, perhaps. Sansa: Willas Tyrell or Andar Royce. Arya: Jojen Reed, Cley Cerwyn, Benfred Tallhart. Bran: Wylla Manderly. Rickon: Erena Glover (or the Night's Watch).
  8. Artos Cold

    Who would you bed?

    Please dont make me choose. There all so lovely.
  9. Artos Cold

    The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    Thats a good one.
  10. Artos Cold

    The Dornishman's Wife Foreshadows Abel's Fate

    Aw, now im sad. I shall endever to find new gifs.