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  1. Well that's the thing, she doesn't need to burn anyone. She could've destroyed the gate and have her army inside the city killing everyone that stood on their way to the Red Keep and capture Cersei and her allies. Execute them, crown Dany Queen and order everyone to go north to fight the NK. All of this could've been done in 1 day as seen on this episode.
  2. Am I the only one that was sooooo bored watching this episode? Isn't this the climax of the show? This proves the whole fight for the throne was not supposed to be the focus of the story. So much stupid nonsense but let's start with: - Dany's decision to burn them all. This is so poorly written and so sudden. Why can't we have scenes between her and Jon, Tyrion or whoever, where she tells them how she feels. Maybe have her tell them that she doesn't care for the people of King's Landing. That these people have stayed in the city minding their business while Cersei blew up the High Septon and crowned herself Queen. The people did nothing, no rebellion, no leaving King's Landing, nada. I don't know, I just came up with this but it would be something… Add that the fact that Jorah died and Missandei was killed by Cersei (FOR NO REASON), then maybe we would have some decent motivation for Dany's actions. Everything was rushed by D&D so we can have SHOCK, TWIST. - So the scorpions are useless now… ok and now the dragon can destroy stone walls and everything…Oh and the gate to the city…. Battle won in 30 minutes…. So can anyone explain me why didn't Dany attack the moment she arrived in Westeros? Like the dragons just have to clear the men on the walls, open the gate, get your army inside, and kill all the soldier’s and the whole throne plot would have ended before the NK. Am I missing something? I genuinely forgot about most stuff from the last 2 seasons. - Euron is such a cartoon villain, it’s so bad. His dialogue is atrocious! How did this guy survive until this point and other characters got killed off??? - Jaime…. Oh Jaime…. He is DISGUSTING. Slept with Brienne and left her for this??? This??? 8 seasons and he returns where he started!! His character is nothing! To add that, D&D pull up another terrible fight sequence where he gets stabbed TWICE and somehow gets to Cersei. - Cersei… That’s it? That’s her end? Wow how unsatisfying. - Why have the cleganes fight on the stairwell?? It was such a stupid place to fight. Overall did not like the fight. At least Qyburn’s death was a good laugh. - So Arya goes all the way to King's Landing to do nothing???? Because Sandor says some BS, she gives up??? And then we have so much of her just running around while everyone around her dies. Like what was the point of these scenes?? Did D&D expect us to believe she would die there?? So much time wasted on this!!! Precious screen time on Arya running around!! - Great battle strategies… again… Let's have the golden company in front of the gates, yea that makes sense, not behind our walls while our scorpions do the work. - Jon…. I mean, I don't even know… like… he is just there… I hope Dany next episode goes around Westeros burning every big city, starting with WF, just for the laughs.
  3. I have been mostly indifferent towards the show (after season 4) but these last 2 episodes have really bothered me and now I feel the need to rant. -I can't stand Arya's character, I don't believe in any of her skills and her face is so annoying to look at. At least her scene with Gendry was in character. - Sansa's mistrust for Dany is not believable and everything related to this Jon/Dany conflict feels so forced. - The feast came of as a highschool prom night and I disliked the Jaime/Brienne/Tyrion scene and what happened after. I don't see Jaime and Brienne like that and it was made even worse after Jaime's decision to leave. They destroyed jaime's character yet again. -Ghost.... So much lost potential... Like D&D don't even try or care. The budget excuse doesn't stick anymore. Not long ago I read another fantasy series that have this special bond between wolf and man and looking at what they have done here it's just heartbreaking. - All the forces down by half? Half?? What??? How?? BS. - I'm not sure if I missed something but why did they divide their forces like that? They should all go on foot, stay together, avoid ambushes, take their time to make plans, get more allies, etc. But no, we get yet another forced plot contrivance where our characters know Euron controls the sea yet they think it's a good idea to sail to dragon stone (of all places). Yea I know Dany has dragons but she was ambushed before(?) if I remember correctly? - You know what's worse? Cersei not winning this war this episode, multiple times! So they prepare this sea ambush that kills a dragon and I imagine alot of men. Considering all this preparation she must know the dragons were coming by sea with half(?) their forces, then why didn't she prepare an ambush on Jon and his men? You know where he is going, his people are tired, NO DRAGONS, they have inferior numbers, she doesn't even have to commit all of her army just get them by surprise and weaken Jon's army. Since you mounted those ballistas on boats, surely you can mount them somewhere for an ambush on Jon. Can you even imagine that? War won. - The dragon kill... Stupid, forced and I will leave at that. - The parley ugh... Everything forced and out of place so Dany can see Missandei die. Why didn't Cersei order those ballistas to fire? Why is Dany and her men so close to the walls? Why is Tyrion forgetting who Cersei is? Why is Cersei forgetting her hate for Tyrion? (she just sent Bronn to murder him!). Why did Cersei think it's a good idea to kill Missandei? So let me get this, she doesn't want the dragon to attack, (that's the strongest tool your enemy has to win this war) so let's kill someone close to Dany to piss her off and force her to use the dragon, instead of keeping Missandei as a hostage (adding to the people of King's Landing) so Dany doesn't use the dragon. There's alot more stuff to rant about but this is good for now.
  4. Grumpywolf

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    Yes, I was about to address this. Ive been reading people claiming the last 2 books were boring, slow and overall bad and the changes done in the show were great and improved the story. Really? Are we watching the same show? We had a full season of zero progression in some storylines and others just forced so we see more dead characters and rape. Characters should make their decisions based on their characterisation and not forced by the writers, making them act illogical so certain events can happen. This happened troughout the season. Its not about being different from the books and change or cut storylines/characters. Its about good writing and imo D&D showed this season they cant write.