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  1. Congrats Scafloc. More than anyone you should get some credit for seeing it from near start to present. You're the only one I've seen other than Ran and maybe Werthead who stuck through it. Too bad they won't give you a title on the boards because I would nominate The Great Shepherd as your new one.
  2. I agree with you KBF. Technically, it does not say it is Bloodraven. It is the description that tells you it is Bloodraven. However, we had this discussion about Sarella/Alleras and we decided to make a theories page tying the two, but Alleras got her own character page in the end. That's what I suggest.
  3. I apologize KBF. There used to be a big banner saying spoilers but I don't see it anymore. Therefore with that gone you and mrrandy are correct and they should do more to hide spoilers.
  4. Maybe then a portal to the TV Wiki? Like a big button that says click here for Game of Thrones info and poof - you`re there.
  5. That will have to wait until at least September. That's when the board goes to a new server. Then I think, they will attempt to fix the bridge. Until then we'll just have to make that Spoilers sign in bright neon I think.
  6. I have to respectfully disagree with KBF. The majority of readers have read the books. If people don`t want spoilers they shouldn`t read the wiki. It says on the front page, contains spoilers. I`m all for hiding the different books, but dates of deaths and changes in titles, those should stay where they are. If you change the deaths you have to take everything out of that infobox that might be spoilerific, like the fact that Tyrion marries Sansa or the 3 marriages of Margaery, or knighthoods (like Lothor Brune) or title changes (Cersei, Tommen). At that point the only thing left in the infobox is birthday, name, alias and association. What would be the point of the infobox? It`s there to give you the info at a glance, including if the character died. Even then that would have to change for some characters like Tyrion, who does stuff in ADwD that would change his associations. Even Dany`s title Mother of Dragons could be considered a spoiler to the completely uninitiated. At some point you just have to stop and say, enough is enough. Those who do not want spoilers should just not read until they are finished the books. Especially in a place where it says on the front page, `Spoilers`. Like any encyclopedia, it should be as up to date as possible with as complete information as possible. Furthermore, I would also strongly advise a portal to an area about the tv show. It is not the books and seems to be making changes all over the place. It`s going to be hard for people to understand if we start saying Character X is a mix of Character Y and Z from the books. Elements of this character and the story of that one. Instead of trying to tie the show into the books, it should have its own area and do its own thing.
  7. Legacies? Are we really doing that. The story is not complete yet, and therefore the fallout from certain events is not quite over with. I think we should hold off on the legacies for characters in story such as Tywin Lannister until the story is done with.
  8. I think that has something to do with the limited clip art one can find for free on the internet. That or someone, when they read "striding", read it as "riding". It will probably be fixed down the road. Scafloc is doing great things with the heraldry.
  9. Cersei claims that Jeyne Farman married one of Lord Farman's bannermen, that being Ser Gareth Clifton. Should I make Ser Gareth the head of House Clifton? Should I make House Clifton a house of the Westerlands?
  10. Concerning Lew Piper <quote> "I'm Lewys Piper, if it please my lord." "I beat your brother bloody in a melee once. The runty little fool took offense when I asked him if that was his sister dancing naked on his shield." "She's the sigil of our House. We don't have a sister." </quote> Is he Marq's little brother? Would he not have said it was the daughter of Lord Clement or some such thing if he was not the son of Lord Clement. Also in his corner is I doubt that Ser Jaime would take a cousin of Lord Clement and Ser Marq as his squire. So I put the question out there, is he a younger son of Lord Clement?
  11. As to the dragon with the monkey, what about Aenys I. He made Maegor the Cruel his Hand and much like Tywin and Aerys II, the Hand could have ruled while the mad king played with his monkey. He`s really the only one I can think of. Aerys was too bookish to even attend court according to Dunk & Egg because it was Bloodraven who ruled. The only other one I could think of was Aenys II.
  12. Just throwing this out there, but is all the Young Griff stuff the set up for the Mummer`s Dragon that was prophesied? this being a mummer`s dragon and not a true dragon meaning all his back story is made up by those who want to give him legitimacy.
  13. Is it possible to move those things around a bit. The bookmark and share button, is it possible to move below the categories? Or is it stuck where it is?
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