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  1. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Purpose can change. He can't rescue a dead father. He needed a new mission. The removal of Joffrey. The geography was bad for a future king in the north and the riverlands. How can they go back home and protect the Riverlands from the Lannisters?
  2. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Sansa does not have to take the full blame. That's unfair. She is partly to blame.
  3. Sire de Maletroit

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Robb was technically right. Edmure interpreted it to mean he had room to make decisions. The best laid plans can fall apart as the result of the most minor stuff. The time to clarify things was at the last meeting. Orders must be absolutely obeyed and no captain has the right to deviate. That was not done so Edmure got it wrong.
  4. Thank the forum for the edit feature.
  5. Anything you post can be quoted. Anybody can respond to a post on a public forum. Don't post if you don't like it. Frankly, I don't care what you like or don't like. Have yourself a nice day.
  6. The Targaryen line is the most celebrated family in the whole story. Their glory cannot be matched by any other family. Let us get to the core of the matter. The Stark family do not even come close to the glory of the Targaryens.
  7. The houses will side with the most powerful contender. The Tyrells will support the larger army because they don't want to lose. Viserys will need a force larger than the Golden Company. He will have the sellsword companies currently working in the Battle of Fire because that war would not happen if Viserys could choose to take them westwards. So the short answer is yes. Viserys is not going to cross the waters with a force of 5000. He knows better. He will equal or exceed the forces that can be put on the ground by his enemies. Viserys, 50 thousands sellswords, Highgarden and its allies, Dorne, and the Greyjoys versus the Baratheons, Tullys, Lannisters, and Starks. I would cheer for a Viserys victory.
  8. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    The consequences are not overestimated because of the far reaching effects it had on the family. I am not sure if it will have any further consequences beyond the Starks though.
  9. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I think not. The average teenager would know the importance of keeping this matter a secret. Sansa had seen all the warning signs of trouble with the Baratheons. The killing of her wolf, which was her fault. The death of the butcher's son. The banishment of Nymeria. Sansa was all partly to blame for all of that. I am not a hater but it is fair to lay blame where it belongs.
  10. Sire de Maletroit

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    We don't know if they betrayed people in the past but Robb surely betrayed the Freys. Jon Stark Snow betrayed the night's watch. If the theory is true that Lyanna ran off on her own it makes for a betrayal of Robert.
  11. Sire de Maletroit

    What was the biggest mistake/butterfly effect in ASOIAF history?

    The mission to take Arya away from Ramsay was wrong in so many ways. It brought nothing but trouble at the wall. And at a time when a united defense of the wall is needed. Bad choices by Jon.
  12. Sire de Maletroit

    An Evil Name

    It is all in the story. The 13th commander, night's king, was not intending to harm the watch nor the south. He just happened to see a woman that got him horny and he was too brave for his own good. His hormones got the better of him and next he was sleeping with her. I have to ask the question: why did the sworn brothers tolerate this? Why not rebel? The part ice, part Stark babies were buying the peace. It is one possible reason. Mormont tolerated Craster. It's the payment to keep the others away. Why did it take so long for the Winterfell Starks to respond? Because the commander was their kin. They looked away because it bought them peace. It's a sweetheart of a deal. The others promised them lordship over the north in exchange for blood sacrifice. We know it works. The man who was murdered at Winterfell thousands of years ago was not an isolated case. The Starks were savages and were sacrificing to the trees. It kept the others away. Rickard passed the duty to Brandon but he died for his crimes before they could pass the legacy to a son. Ned and Benjen never knew of the pact.
  13. How big of a sellsword army? Ten thousand, no. Fifty thousand, everybody would have jumped to his cause.
  14. Sire de Maletroit

    Gregor vs. Ghost

    Nice to find another instance of guest rights being broken.
  15. Sire de Maletroit

    Gregor vs. Ghost