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  1. Sire de Maletroit

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    This story is a soap opera set in a medieval time period. Each of the main characters have themes relevant to their arc. Tyrion - Cynicism, alcohol abuse, lost love, insecurity. Daenerys - Use of power, world building, destiny, and responsibility. Much is expected from those whom much was given. Jamie - Family, duty, redemption, honor. Greater good vs. family. Jon - Duty vs. Family, oaths vs. love. Arya - Justice, revenge, violence, trauma. Identity crisis. Theon - Finding his place in this world, suffering, redemption. How far can one go before they can no longer be redeemed? Remembering who he is. I'm not saying these people will find redemption. All I'm claiming is that carrot is dangled in front of their face and they can take it or not.
  2. Sire de Maletroit

    The Tower of Joy

    The war had been raging for a year. One has to ask what this prince was doing all of that time. And why all of a sudden he makes an appearance and agreed to go to battle. Aerys holding the woman he had the hots for and threatening to harm her is the best leverage he could use to force Rhaegar to do his part.
  3. Sire de Maletroit

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    Yes it's a yes. She's a wight wight now. You had the wight of it.
  4. Sire de Maletroit

    ASoIaF character poll

    I'm not the researcher. Merely somebody who commented on the survey. Cersei_Lannister is the survey's author.
  5. Sire de Maletroit

    ASoIaF character poll

    Lady Lioness. It would be better for all of us if you provided complete transparency to this survey. I must admit to being highly suspicious. You closed out 75% of the survey to make sure your favorite character ends up the favorite and the one you don't like ended up the least favorite. Giving us very little chance to affect the results.
  6. Sire de Maletroit

    Poll: Has Brienne Become a Wight?

    Point well taken, sir. Yes if we accept this in isolation. Yes. Allow one more explanation for her behavior. She decided to live at the last second and promised her captors anything to avoid death.
  7. Sire de Maletroit

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    The plot or plots doesn't have to involve Jon. His time should have ended with his stabbing. It was history repeating itself if you believe he was the son of Rhaegar. Rhaegar brought war and misery on the realm because he couldn't tame his desire for one woman. Jon brought ruin to the wall because he couldn't control his desire to help a woman, Arya. Rhaegar's story ended and so should Jon's. Jon will probably be back if George Martin caves in to the pressure from the character's supporters but it doesn't have to involve a plot convergence. He can stay in the north with Bran and lead the wildlings. Fire in the East and Ice in the West is a better story in my opinion. The challenge for ice is surviving the long night and they are equipped to do this with their warg powers. The human body may die but they get to survive as a pack of wild wolves. Ice is about family and the struggle between family and duty. Fire's challenge is to fight human evil and reform Essos. Dany's challenge has always been learning how best to use her power.
  8. Sire de Maletroit

    The Updated Exodus Theory and its Corollaries

    Exodus to Essos, agree. This is pretty much guaranteed to happen. Jon leading this exodus, disagree. Jon is more north than any other northman we've met. He's more ice than any of the Starks. He stays put in the north. He continues to live as the lone wolf inside Ghost or he leads the Stark pack. The Starks will stay put in the north and live as a pack of direwolves. They will have their very own Winter Kingdom and Jon, the Alpha Direwolf, will be the King of Winter. The man to lead the surviving people to the east is somebody who already has connections to Essos. Aegon Griffin or whatever the hell his real name is. Daenerys and the ex-slavers will have ended their military conflict but there will remain a hard core group of evil Ghiscari who will be socially active in trying to bring back the slave trade. Think of the KKK, ku klux klan and the other hate groups. The slave trade will have formally ended but the task to build a new society is first on Dany's task list. Daenerys will visit Westeros and realize it's hopeless to turn the weather. She will iron out her differences with Aegon Griffin and they can work together to open the way for the refugees to move to Essos to places like Vaes Tolorro. Cersei will be dead, but Tyrion and Jaime will probably still be living when the exodus happens. Martin likes Jaime and I can predict the author will keep him alive. Gendry will be the lone Baratheon remaining.
  9. If they did they kept their mouth closed for fear of getting ridiculed. This story of the Targaryens reminded me of Noah and his fam.
  10. Sire de Maletroit

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    Didn't Baelor have the same hair color pattern? He was part Dornish.
  11. Sire de Maletroit

    What is your theory on The Others?

    Maybe like the western perception of the spread of communism. That fear was partially to blame for Vietnam.
  12. Sire de Maletroit

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    Mr. Martin creates dilemmas but what are the solutions to those problems? Can we change the nature of the human heart.
  13. Sire de Maletroit

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    He is not worthy to have the sword. Jon is not a Dayne. He is Jon Rayder.
  14. Sire de Maletroit

    Another Look at Dany's HOTU visions

    I disagree with your interpretations. The visions were given in reverse chronological order. This came at the beginning of the series of visions. So this one is indeed Westeros getting raped by Joff, Stannis, Robb, Balon, and Renly. The five "kings" who were destroying the kingdom during the war of the five kings.