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  1. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    It would not have come to that if Jon Snow had not helped fArya escape from the Boltons. "Arya" and Theon would still be with Ramsay if Jon had not ordered Mance Rayder to get her.
  2. Sire de Maletroit

    Was Jaime molesting Cersei?

    The concept of sexual molestation did not exist over there. They were having sex. That is how the denizens of westeros would see it.
  3. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    The latter is more correct. The author even said something similar. He would have fought the Nazis in WWII. Killing to avenge a loved one, such as what some of the Starks, Martells, and Freys are doing, is wrong.
  4. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Yes, she will be found with her puny sword in her dead hands. As much as we would like for Arya to get recycled into dragon feces. It's not her fate. Arya will die a cold death and her soul will live on. Either in the trees or the wolf.
  5. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Revenge and its consequences is a recurring theme in this series. The futility of revenge and the disaster it brings. Warped characters like jon, Cat and Arya can no longer differentiate between justice and revenge.
  6. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    I have little regard for the show. I suspect they warped the story to please the Stark fans out there. Which I am not.
  7. Sire de Maletroit

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Stannis is one of the villains in the story. He didn't set out to be but he is becoming one. Knowing what he knows, he should cut a deal with the Boltons to give up his questionable claims to the throne in exchange for their help in defending the Wall against the white walkers. That is actually what Jon Snow should do too. Forget about Arya and think of the bigger goal here. Give up trying to get Arya away from the Boltons in exchange for their help at the Wall.
  8. Sire de Maletroit

    On Janos Slynt

    What people want is not important. Mance Rayder is still part of the order. Jon should have executed the man but he chose not to. That did not give Mance a discharge from the order. He is a member of the order as long he has not permanently stopped breathing.
  9. Sire de Maletroit

    What if Daenerys invaded Westeros when Robert was alive ?

    Scatter their ashes over Flea Bottom. Give Storm's End, Winterfell, Riverrun, and Casterly Rock to those who supported the return of the dragon. Lysa and Sweetrobin can inherit the Vale. Bennerro and his Fiery Hand against the High Sparrow and the Faith. Should be interesting but I would rather see the Fiery Hand beat the Old Gods.
  10. Sire de Maletroit

    Best incredibly minor character

    I can think of no better minor, very minor, character but nonetheless interesting than Symon Stripeback. The slave who is now free and the leader of the Free Men. Those lashes, Ouch.
  11. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Purpose can change. He can't rescue a dead father. He needed a new mission. The removal of Joffrey. The geography was bad for a future king in the north and the riverlands. How can they go back home and protect the Riverlands from the Lannisters?
  12. Sire de Maletroit

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Sansa does not have to take the full blame. That's unfair. She is partly to blame.
  13. Sire de Maletroit

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Robb was technically right. Edmure interpreted it to mean he had room to make decisions. The best laid plans can fall apart as the result of the most minor stuff. The time to clarify things was at the last meeting. Orders must be absolutely obeyed and no captain has the right to deviate. That was not done so Edmure got it wrong.
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