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  1. Yes, so the lords and leaders of Westeros can at best only manage their regions. The Baratheons got their chance and failed completely. They took a thriving Westeros and could not keep it from breaking apart. It is mostly the fault of the Lannisters and the Starks but the Baratheons lacked competence in ruling. It was that weakness of the Baratheons that made the war of the five kings happen. Only a Targaryen can unite the seven kingdoms. The people see them as their betters. Those who would rule nobility must themselves need to be exceptional. They are seen as the family having the proper authority to rule. I am not saying the kingdoms won't become independent again. The kingdom of Westeros will indeed break. It has already started with the war of the five kings. Separatists like the Greyjoys and the Starks are not the good guys in this. They will contribute to the break up and it is not in the best interest of the people. The north for the present is still part of the kingdom but that changes if Roose should loose. The kingdom will break apart but it won't be separate kingdoms for long. What's left will be rabble. The people will live like tribes. There won't be any kings but tribal chiefs instead. This is the desperate conditions in which Queen Daenerys Targaryen will find Westeros when she makes her arrival. She will be bringing her own people of course. Her first task is to clean up the wights and push the Others back to the north. Moat Cailin will be the boundary between south and north while the land is still covered by darkness. The Starks and the wildlings will agree to a deal with the Others to continue living in the north. It's not hard. Just sacrifice human boys to the Others regularly. In return, the Starks will again dominate the north until summer comes and their reign over the north will end for good. Asha is the future of the ironborn people.
  2. Even Steven indeed. Robert's life was the equivalent of a wild boar's. That would make Robert's value equivalent to that of a pulled pork barbecue sandwich and a side of greasy chips in today's money.
  3. That is an interesting scenario. I myself believe in Jon becoming a walking Snowman. An ice semi-wight. The difference he has over the run of the mill wights is his warg ability. His mind will stay alive inside Ghost while his body is animated by the white walkers. I do not believe R'hllor will have any hand in Jon's resurrection. His worry over Arya will lead him to use his skinchanging to control the wights and use them as he tried to use the wildlings. To attack the Boltons to rescue his sister. He will lose control and the army of ice will start destroying everything in their path as they walk south. Because Jon is willing to let the world freeze for his sister.
  4. Most people would consider Loras immoral if he had killed the insurance man.
  5. She's not lame at all. Nothing wrong with the concept of her character. We have no idea how much of what was 'said' about her is true. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. Personally, mismatched eyes are not attractive to me. It may be for George and Brynden. And she may not be a sorceress at all. Silver-gold hair is lovely. Blonde hair is gorgeous.
  6. I am sure the story will not happen that way. I think it will go like this: Aegon and his allies push the Lannisters out of King's Landing. He receives a report that an army of wights are moving south after destroying all resistance on their path. The army of ice. The letter will come from the few survivors at the Night's Watch. He will learn of the last lord commander who betrayed the men in black. He will send army after army to head them off. All will fail. Finally, King Aegon VI in a desperate move, he will send a message to Queen Daenerys of Meereen, and ask for assistance. The Queen and her dragons will arrive. Aegon VI will demand his own dragon. The Queen will agree to give him a chance. King Aegon VI will fail to bond with the dragon and die in the attempt. The population will have been reduced to a fraction of a fraction. Queen Daenerys will ride the now enormous Drogon and destroy the wights at The Trident. Meanwhile, the Starks will have all turned to direwolves by this time.
  7. A sincere and deep desire to change must be felt by the penitent. Feeling the guilt is not enough on its own. The penitent must pay back his victims. I don't think even George knows whether the sinner has earned redemption. He is just playing around with the subject. The crime is so great in some that even the execution of the penitent cannot possibly measure up.
  8. The White Walkers required it. Craster was doing the same thing. The North belongs to the Others and you have to pay to stay.
  9. She was ruthless but she saved the Targaryens from the Faith. She used brutality to fight the brutes. The woman was in her 7th decade when she rode her dragon to bring Maegor back. That's a tough old bird for you.
  10. An assassination is not always paid with money. Some other barter works as well. The job is taken if the customer is a person of limited means but pays with everything he has in the purse. The customer does not have to have wealth.
  11. Friend who made bad choices. He should have first tried with an intermediary. Aemon was near and should have been his first contact. Prolonged stress combined with lack of sleep. Yeah. It's not good for Aerys. The dreams invaded his thoughts and they were unwelcome. The visions must have been disturbing. He was forced to see his kingdom fall apart and the White Walkers turning his subjects into ice zombies. It's enough to break the mind.
  12. Jon Snow is the stone beast. He will present himself as Azor Ahai. Which is a lie. Daenerys is Azor Ahai. Jon and all those guilty of supporting this lie will be executed by fire.
  13. A writ of attainder takes away their lands but not their noble status. They have to be given time to grow up by their standards before sending them to the wall. The Tyrells seem like fair people and the Greyjoys were not that involved in the war. They can behave with objectivity towards the boys and give them a chance to have good memories before sending them off to a lifetime of responsibility. They are too young to hold responsible for what their families did.
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