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  1. Sire de Maletroit

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    It looks to me like this kingmonkey is trying very hard to connect imaginary dots between the events at the tower of joy and the birth of the dragons on the Dothraki Sea. And using liberal amounts of imagination to do so. I don't agree him. The two are separate events, unless you're one of those who believe Daenerys was born on the tower of joy. Daenerys hatched her dragon eggs because she is that very special Targaryen that everyone has been waiting for. The one who will bring back the dragons. The Mother of Dragons. The Unburnt. Azor Ahai. She was able to do this because she knew how to do it. She had enough confidence to walk into the fire.
  2. Sire de Maletroit

    Westeros may sound as mythical to the East as the other way around?

    World building. Fascination of the unknown. Superstitious nature. Lack of science. Obscure prophecies. Sounds exotic to me.
  3. Sire de Maletroit

    The Mance Plan and how the Pink Letter killed it.

    Jon is now a known traitor. He will be shunned by the people of the north. His only fan club will come from the free folk.
  4. Queen Daenerys has already decided to stay in Meereen and rule. The dream of taking back her land from the usurpers and their mangy dogs is still alive but it is a rather low priority item at this point. Westeros will have to manage on their own for a while.
  5. Sire de Maletroit

    R+L=J&M [Part VI] - ADOS Endgame Prediction: The Dark Meera Saga

    Bound to the body. Sixskins believed the skinchanger is stuck when he enters a non-warg and loses his own body. Therefore, the Starks will be limited to two lives. I am also almost convinced this is the reason why Bloodraven wants Bran. He wants to get a second life and he wants a body with the skin change ability.
  6. Sire de Maletroit

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    They're still a folly. Penny is a one-act performer. Slap stick type comedy and what not.
  7. Sire de Maletroit

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    If only he were also timely. -sigh-
  8. Sire de Maletroit

    There must Always be a Stark at Winterfell

    The Stark dies when he leaves the north. Ice cannot long survive in warmth. It's like an allegory. The Stark should remain in Winterfell means he should not leave the north. The mother direwolf drove home the meaning in the first volume. The south is a sea of politics and the Stark should not involve himself with. The Stark has to deny his identity in order to survive outside the north. Sansa and Arya are doing just that. Nymeria is losing her mind because she can't deny what she is. They won't survive for long because the north is calling them. The iron swords protected the dead Stark lords in the after life. The First Men only had bronze when they fought the Others. But what if they had iron? The results might be different. Victory over the Others. Technology moves forward though. The arrival of the Andals brought iron. The Starks adopted the technology. They now had a weapon with which they could fight the Others. Iron is stronger than bronze. Maybe this is what kept the Others away for so long. And the weather They know about the iron. They waited until they can develop a weapon that could shatter iron. All they need to do now is wait for the weather to get colder so they can attack with their superior crystal blades.
  9. Sire de Maletroit

    forshadowing in first Bran chapter in aGoT

    The greater meaning of that scene was a message to the Starks. Leave the north and die.
  10. Sire de Maletroit

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    Makes you admire George even more. All this effort in writing a two chapter character. Awesome.
  11. Sire de Maletroit

    Kraznys mo Naklos - Charming Villain

    Dany's chapters are always written well. This one doesn't have much action but it is awesome all the same. Kraznys is an offensive man. George is very good at making up these characters. I think he has fun doing these. I admire Dany for maintaining her composure. This chapter is a showcase for the keen intelligence of Dany and Missandei. Both of them were superb in that exchange. This moment was a turning point for Dany. She had to rescue the Unsullied from Kraznys after witnessing how they are treated. This is one of the best setup chapters in all of the five books.
  12. Sire de Maletroit

    Predicting the Future of Characters

  13. Sire de Maletroit

    What Needs to Be Accomplished

    What needs to happen: The Dothraki khalasars bowing down to Daenerys. The Battle of Fire begins. Barristan's forces + Victarion's ironborn vs. The Masters' armies + the sellswords. Sweetrobin has LF and Sansa executed. Jon Snow's death and funeral fire. Bowen Marsh has Jon's body burned and his ashes scattered at the foot of the wall. The Battle of ice between Roose Bolton and Stannis Baratheon, with a victory for Roose. Stannis is executed. Dance of the Direwolves, a fight to the death between Ghost and Shaggy Dog. Cersei's 7 champions vs. the Faith's 7 champions. Aegon's forces attack King's Landing. Mance Rayder and his wildlings get flayed by Ramsay. Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserys increase in size substantially. Euron attacks Oldtown and the citadel. The House of Black and White send an assassin after Arya Stark. The slaves in Volantis revolt against their masters. Led by the widow. Marwyn reaches Meereen. Tyrion and Penny sail for Westeros with the mercenaries to claim Casterly Rock. Jorah goes to Vaes Dothrak to find Daenerys. Daenerys returns to Meereen with a united khalasar. Bran betrays Bloodraven and leaves the cave with Meera. Bowen Marsh and Ser Aliser unite the remaining members of the NW. The wildlings under Tormund leave the wall and ride for Winterfell to rescue Mance. Only a handful survive.
  14. Sire de Maletroit

    Sweet Robin and Sansa will be LF doom!!

    He will first have to survive the poison that Sansa is giving him. Sweetrobin will be the death of LF and Sansa. He will eventually learn their intentions and have both of them escorted to the moon door.
  15. Sire de Maletroit

    Is Marwyn the Mage an Ibbenese, at least partly?

    Marwyn comes from a family that was historically opposed to the Citadel. That's why they can't trust him. I would think he's either a Celtigar or a Velaryon. One of the traditional Targaryen allies.