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  1. It's amazing how incompetent these big companies can be. I bet the executives at Netflix don't realise the show was based on someone else's novels. Netflix will get what it deserves.
  2. 9/10 The season finales are always fascinating.
  3. I wish that were true. Virtually every scene for the past two seasons has contained something that doesn't make sense. This episode contained nonsense right from the start: while fiery boulders were being thrown at them and their city, Dany and Tyrion were just standing there, chatting about the Mad King. That kind of thing has ruined the show for me.
  4. That's one of the reasons why the show is still popular, despite it's decline in quality. People like to watch what their friends are watching, so they have something to talk about.
  5. If the first season had no good dialogue, had a series of unsatisfying pay-offs, and had only one exciting episode near the end, there wouldn't have been a second season.
  6. The ratings are high because of hype, and the viewers amassed while the show was good. Few would have watched this rubbish from the outset.
  7. I'm looking for a show that's both gripping and makes sense, like GoT in the early series. If GoT had started like it is now, it would have been cancelled long ago.
  8. It would be interesting to know the average age of those who gave this a high rating, and the average age of those who gave it a low rating. The simplistic plots do seem to be aimed at younger people this season.
  9. 5/10 The Battle of Winterfell had many cheesy and predictable moments, but was fairly entertaining. Meereen was pathetic.
  10. Eddy1

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    It would make sense if his son wasn't a Frey. There's no way Jamie would be permitted to kill one of his allies biggest assets.
  11. Eddy1

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    4/10 Oh dear, that was embarrassingly bad. An amazing amount of nonsense in one episode.
  12. 8/10 This was the first episode since season 4 that I really enjoyed. Black Fish, Lady Mormont and the Hound were all great, and the episode had quite a few humourous moments. However, it was far from perfect: - The Brotherhood Without Banners killing innocent people made no sense. - The dialogue explaining how the septon found the Hound was clumsy. - The Lyanna scene was too similar to the Bank of Braavos scene, with Davos's speeches coming to the rescue again. - The meeting between the Blackfish and Jamie seemed pointless, as the Blackfish was never going to accept such a weak offer. - I don't know how Cersei resisted the urge to let the Mountain crush Olenna's head, after what Olenna said to her. - The Yara scene the endorsed the sexist stereotype that tough women are likely to be lesbians. - Arya surviving the knife attack was ridiculous. Talisa didn't get up and walk around when the same thing happened to her.
  13. 7/10 Bran: Cheesy and unrealistic, like his scene in the last episode. It took far too long for the White Walkers to catch up with them, and it was convenient how they decided to attack Benjen one at a time. Sam: Boring, pointless, badly written and very long. Why is Sam still in the show when so many great characters have been killed off? This wasted so much time, while many other scenes in the series have been unnecessarily rushed. Arya: At long last, we finally get to see the point of this faceless man storyline. Sparrows: I liked the unexpected twist with Tommen. Freys: Fine. Benjen: Fine. Glad they kept the same actor. Dany: I don't quite get why the Dothraki would want to help Dany invade Westeros. This hasn't been explained well enough.
  14. In my opinion, there are valid reasons why someone would rate this episode 1/10, and valid reasons why someone would rate this episode 10/10. Doing so doesn't make that person a troll or an unintelligent fanboy. If someone's enjoyment of the show has been ruined by the decline in the show's writing, giving 1/10 is understandable. If someone really enjoys the show, and doesn't care about the show's plot holes and inconsistencies, giving 10/10 is also understandable.