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  1. They are first men with purple eyes. That's why I don't subscribe to E/B+A=J because Jon would just be Ice, and not Ice and Fire.
  2. No, he had a Blackwood paramour. Bloodraven's mommy. There is very little, if any, first men blood in the Targaryen family tree.
  3. He's the ice? That's a new one. Most speculate that he is going to be a dragon rider.
  4. Why is this conversation still going? Just agree to disagree, I will never allow a stranger on the internet to dictate my beliefs, and I think most of you feel the same way. The topic is pointless to discuss, much less get irritated about.
  5. Does it really matter how much it makes? If I had never read the books, I would love this show. I would say; "This season is only an aberration, it can only get better." In terms of adult fantasy, you can't get anything better than this, and fantasy as a genre is generally underappreciated by adults, as they seem to think about happy prince and princess fairy tales. GoT is great, because it is opening up the world for another genre that now has a large audience, this is something I am very pleased with. Accepting that, ratings and total viewership does not matter. The Hobbit trilogy made millions of dollars, I disliked it, not because of book deviations (which in this case do not apply) but because of ludicrous action sequences and plot. I was half afraid Michael Bay was involved. I'm not saying that GoT appeals to the lowest common denominator or anything like that, but some shows and film do, and people with poor taste abound. Please note that I am not bashing GoT here in the least, rather applauding it. I'm just saying that both sides need to put down their flags and statistics (many of which are obviously invented) as they do not effect the quality of the show. As we know, quality =/= popularity.
  6. I'm glad we're finding some common ground here. :cheers: The build up in the North was definitely my favorite part of the books.
  7. I completely agree that sending Sansa away from the Vale was a good move, there is enough sitting around elsewhere. But the way it was handled, both traveling and actions when there, was atrocious. A Stark in Winterfell has great potential, but her presence there was out of place, and they didn't make enough changes elsewhere to compensate. It's comparable to Brienne and Jaime in KL before the purple wedding, a nice move, but I don't think they considered the complete picture. There are a host of alterations that must be made in order to bring in new material and keep some of the original things. This is the primary reason why I think they should just write their own work, instead of using book scenes in illogical situations. Using the Shae-Tyrion-Tywin arc as an example, they could have done so many things with the ending, but they decided to stick more or less with book material. I think it would have been a better arc for each of them if they had just written it originally.
  8. And then genius LF tells Cersei that he has Sansa and has married her off to Ramsay. LF has brilliant schemes in motion and then... Fuck it. I guess I'll ditch my wards and run to KL. Oh, and the Boltons are overtly giving you the finger Cersei. They seem to be marrying a criminal wanted by the crown. This is so much better than the books could ever have been.
  9. She had no agency whatsoever. It's not like anyone (Varys maybe?) would be willing to send her across the narrow sea. She was Tyrion's prisoner and victim. For sure.
  10. I don't think the writers care to give them logical motives. We saw that this year with LF.
  11. I interpreted his facial expression as more along the lines of shock. And he showed no anger when fighting her off or strangling her. Book!Shae had to deal with a very angry Tyrion, and she was totally calm about it. She tried to seduce him.
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