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  1. They were homeless in between cities and hosts. They did live under hardship but never to the same predicament as a street boy in Flea Bottom. Varys and his operatives kept tabs on them and help arrives just in time.
  2. Son of Man

    An Evil Name

    It is the Reeds who share blood with the children of the forest. The Starks are the descendants of the FM. The wildlings are also FM. What make the Starks special is their ability to skin change. They killed a warg family during their own war of conquest for the north and brought their blood to the family. The 13th commander mated with the corpse queen and if their children survived and reproduced with a Stark. The Starks have Other blood too. The bloodletting sacrifice to the heart trees fed the blood of the FM to the trees and it is the children of the forest who carry Stark blood. Of course, I cannot rule out the Starks mating with children to produce generations of off-springs.
  3. Son of Man


    Wait and see how Brexit turns out before you make that leap. Boris Johnson is a Trump ally.
  4. Son of Man

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    Speaking of villains. Jacob Nighthorse.
  5. Son of Man

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    *suggested That word is indeed the key. It's been suggested but not proven. Perhaps it happened the way it's been told. Whent called a tourney. Aerys, Rhaegar, Robert, Lyanna showed up. Rhaegar either got pissed at his wife about something and insults her in public or he does something stupid.
  6. Son of Man

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    Mance Rayder is George's kurgan.
  7. Son of Man

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    Winterfell doesn't have the coin to support large patrol operations.
  8. Son of Man

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    The comet led Dany and her khalasar to Slaver's Bay. There, she found a calling to help the slaves. It guided her to where she needed to go. SB is the equivalent of Sodom, Rome, and Gomorrah. It needed cleansing. The slaves needed help. The Masters needed punishment.
  9. Son of Man

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn? An execution for the crime of treason and aiding the enemy.
  10. Son of Man

    Dany and child murder

    I find it so silly that people over value children. The life of a child is no more valuable nor any less than that of an elderly person. War should be an equal opportunity killer. The young people who died were casualties and are paying for the millenia of abuse their culture have heaped on the weak. It's not murder. It's war. It's being a hypocrite to feel offended over the deaths of the young Ghiscari slavers while simultaneously turning a blind eye to what Robert's Rebellion did to the people overseas. And Robert's reason was less valid. We should be thinking of the millions of slave children who suffered at the hands of the Ghiscari (and will continue to suffer unless the Ghiscari are stopped) instead of feeling sorry for the Little Masters. The Little Masters and the countless generations before them have benefited from slavery. They are now reaping the fruits of their way of life. Its payment for the luxury they have enjoyed for years at the expense of their slaves. The amount of lives ended and destroyed by slavery far overshadow the deaths of these Little Masters. Stannis was contemplating the burning of his nephew for personal gain. Theon murdered two innocent farm boys. It would not have been so bad if it had been Bran and Rickon who are enemies of his family. But no, he picked two boys who had nothing to do with this fight. The watch put young boys in harm's way in service to the kingdom. Knights put their squires in danger all the time. The expressed concern for the deaths of the Little Masters is just propaganda and hot air to me.
  11. Son of Man

    Timett will steal Alayne

    Timett is a small player. The person of interest in Sansa's line is Shadrich.
  12. Son of Man

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    Surely those two brutes talked during the fight on the trident. Rhaegar says "She went willingly. (if you believed she did) Robert "She wouldn't go with the likes of you" Don't you think it's crazy if they didn't talk. They fought for hours. Insults were thrown as well as blows. Words are sure to have been exchanged. Witnesses heard. Maybe Rhaegar did kidnap Lyanna. He did it on his own or he was ordered by his father. Rhaegar didn't give his side of the story. He would not if he kidnapped Lyanna.
  13. Son of Man

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    Careful use of PR. Rigged tournaments. He was good enough to compete with Robert.
  14. Son of Man

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    This looks like an inconsistency to me. Take the example of the matter between Lord Walder and Robb Stark. Notice, Walder did not push Robb to annul his marriage with Jeyne. Look, Varys, if there was ever a time of desperation to annul a marriage, let's say it was that. Both men knew this is not done. It is just not done. Because the marriage was consummated just as surely as Robert's with Cersei. To say Robert could have ended it is not consistent with the evidence provided by Robb's consummated marriage to Jeyne. Marriage are not easily ended because they are sometimes used to seal pacts and deals. The sex is the point of no return. No turning back after the man has checked her oil. It's too late after the muffin has been buttered.
  15. Son of Man

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    High toll on everything and everyone coming from the north over the bridge. 25% of all Stark lands to the Freys. 25% of all Tully lands to the Freys. Edmure will marry a daughter before receiving help from the Freys. Catelyn will marry a son of Walder's before he sends help to the Starks.