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  1. Son of Man

    Reznak mo Reznak

    I believe Skahaz Mo Kandaq is loyal but Reznak is not. The Shavepate and his clan are all in with Dany. Reznak, otoh, is still tied to the slavers.
  2. Son of Man

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    It's on the very edge of civilization where the Dothraki might not trouble to find them. It's also a place where somebody will pay top gold for the dragon eggs. Magic users who are into dragon lore will surely want those eggs and Asshai has plenty of riches.
  3. Son of Man

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    Bloodraven dedicated his life to serving the realm. He did the things that he needed to do in order to preserve the Targaryen Dynasty for as long as he could. The Blackfyres were the bad guys in that war. Bloodraven did what Aegon V was too weak to do.
  4. Son of Man

    Bloodraven- mystery?

    A crippled body is a poor choice but I suppose the greenseer ability is tied to the physical body itself. That is why a person who wargs into an animal and then dies is permanently stuck in that animal.
  5. Son of Man

    Could Joffrey be Controlled?

    Not with any degree of reliability. Which make him even more dangerous.
  6. Son of Man

    Theories on Magic in Westeros

    We're not supposed to be able to figure it out else it would no longer be magic. It's not based in the science that we know.
  7. Son of Man

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    Ned's honor costed him his head. He let himself get maneuvered by Cersei and LF. That was being naive. Robb's lack of honor is what costed him his life. He married the girl that he loved instead of the one he was supposed to marry. He broke his oath and that is not honorable. Robb died because he had no honor. Jon got killed because he endangered the lives of the men of the Nightwatch for his sister. No leader worth his salt would trade the lives of the many to get his sister away from a bad marriage. It doesn't matter how bad the marriage or how unhappy she is with the marriage. The lives of the defenders of the wall are more important. Jon died because he is a lot like Robb, an oath breaker. The shah was a bad man who lived to excess but he was a supporter of the US. Carter should have used military force to keep him in power.
  8. Son of Man

    Predictions for Rickon?

    Rickon will be the king of winter.
  9. Son of Man

    Predictions for Rickon?

    Rickon is the return of Theon the Hungry Wolf. This guy is gonna be a nasty piece of work. He'll make Ramsay look like a choirboy. King Rickon will reign for a time while winter ice blanket the land.
  10. Son of Man

    Poll: The Southron Ambitions

    In A Dance With Dragons, we are told by Lady Barbrey Dustin of a conspiracy between Rickard Stark and the other lords. I want to know what my fellow book fans believe. Do you believe Rickard Stark was plotting to take down the Targaryen Dynasty?
  11. Son of Man

    What if House Gardener Survived The Field of Fire?

    Correct. Bend the knee or be destroyed. The Tyrells have proven their loyalty. I'm not so sure the Gardeners would have been so accepting of the fact that they are no longer kings.
  12. Son of Man

    Is Littlefinger Getting Bankrolled?

    He's the money bags. He has no need of a financial sponsor.
  13. Son of Man

    Will Daenerys turn to any religion?

    Benerro is convinced. Daenerys will use him to create some kind of structure to help the freed men and women adjust to their new lives as free people. Religion provides structure and helps create a value system. It takes time though.
  14. The ones most likely to bring Snow Flake back to life are the white walkers. There is no precedent for Melisandre having done this. A wighted Jon could make him somewhat interesting.
  15. Lessened because she didn't die? I don't know. It seems like a fate worse than death. Catelyn did foolish things but she didn't deserve to turn out like an instrument of revenge It was Jaime who started the war and Tywin who took what should have been a judicial matter and turned into full blown war. Raiding the river lands and Tully's innocent vassals for what Catelyn did was an extremely brutal act and and over reaction.