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  1. @BalerionTheCat Robert and Ned could have gone into exile. War was very avoidable. The worst kind of war is where the two sides are evenly matched. It will last longer and consume more resources. A war in which one side can quickly win saves a lot of lives and resources. So Dany coming over with her dragons will mean less bloodshed because only a few families will be willing to fight. She has the right attitude and aptitude for leadership. Those lords who meet her will be impressed. I do not expect every lord will accept her but most of them will after that first meeting. The Starks have put all of their eggs on the Baratheon basket. They will be one of the trouble makers but they can be dealt with.
  2. Aegon will help to fight the Others. Any king or queen would. He just won his kingdom and now these ice walkers want to take it away. He will fight. Those same reasons also tell me this. He is not going to allow the north to leave his kingdom. Aegon will be very suspicious of anybody, half-brother or not, raised by the Starks.
  3. Her great-grandfather tried to do the same and failed. Aegon V gave more lives and got nothing back. He almost killed the entire family. The Red Comet was not near. He did not have magic blood like Mirri to offer. And he is not Daenerys Targaryen. All those elements are required. The maesters hate magic because you have to come from a special bloodline in order to learn it. Mirri and Daenerys are from the same bloodlines of the ruling dynasty of the Great Empire of the Dawn. Remember who Daenerys is. The Mother giver of life, the personification of the Mother Made Of Light. One half of the celestial pair which started the dynasty. It may be she even called the Red Comet. The Red Comet answered her call. Mirri was a descendant of the same family who worshiped the black stone. She was in Asshai after all. It will make it easier if we were to open our minds and accept this story as a science fiction. The first ruling dynasty came from another world and are genetically super advanced.
  4. I agree. I might also add Darkstar Dayne.
  5. The ice dragon is a star pattern in the sky. As seen from the north. It is not out of the question to have had a large creature made of ice. Any large creature that flies could be referred to as a dragon. Whether it shares the same species as the fire dragons or not, to the average people, a sufficiently large creature that flies is a dragon. So a flying creature that was either the color of ice or was made of ice. Which will mean the creature was magical.
  6. The North is savage. Killing people and spilling their blood to fertilize those cursed trees was part of the Stark tradition.
  7. I like Samwell a lot but we need a coward in the story to keep it real.
  8. Beware of accepting a hard timeline. The timeline has flexibility.
  9. Horror stories to keep the tax collectors away? Something the North made up to scare children. Rickon will be a brute savage if even half of those are true.
  10. Probably not. It could why he chose to write a medieval fantasy instead of science fiction. But you can't take the science out of a writer who has been doing it for the better part of 30 years. The weather pattern is surely affected by science.
  11. I think so. All of the lies are related to a poser pretending to be Azor Ahai and the heir to the throne of Westeros. The first deception has already been slain when Dany walked out of that fire and hatched her dragon eggs. Thus, she proved herself to be Azor Ahai and not Stannis. Griff is not the real Aegon and has no claim to the throne. Jon is not a Targaryen and has no claim. All of those lies will be exposed. Stannis, Griff, and Jon are the lies.
  12. George Martin has promised us that the Dothraki will come back to the story in a big way. I am encouraged. I hope to have a lot of chapters devoted to them. George will use as many chapters as he needs to properly tell the story of Dany's adventures with the horse people. We are in for a great adventure. Dany will pull off another great miracle here as she did at the end of book one.
  13. This could be the case b/c the world of ice and fire is low magic. The comet arrives on its own schedule determined by the orbit. It is on a long orbit around the planet. The gravitational pull of the object wreaks havoc with the climate. Belief drives prophecy b/c they lack an understanding of astronomy.
  14. Protagonists and sadly soon to be martyr.
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