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  1. Archmaester Marwyn is George Martin written in. He will be the wise adviser to Daenerys. He's Martin and Merlin combined to serve and advise the heroine who resurrected dragons from stone eggs. He has to be there in person.
  2. Quaithe is the hand which guides the young protagonist towards her great destiny. She is to Empress Daenerys what Merlin was to King Arthur. Marwyn will play a similar role as well.
  3. The "north remembers" is a sinister saying. It means the north never forget a wrong. They do what it takes to get back at the enemies. This is the culture, the milieu, which produced the Starks. Bran will fight to avenge his family regardless of the collateral damage. I just hope he doesn't get very far and he and his tree are burned down to the roots.
  4. The crones thought Rhaego was the promised Dothraki stallion. They were wrong. It will be Dany who will unite and bind the khalasars. Likewise, Rhaegar thought his son is the Prince who was promised and he was wrong. Dany is the Targaryen prince who was promised. The language of old Valyria is neutral when it comes to gender.
  5. The Starks do not have the authority in Braavos. Arya knew it and she still killed him. It was very personal. She did it because Dareon was disrespecting Jon Snow, whom she has deep affection and love for. (Jon is her future mate). Dareon pissed her off and she killed him. It was wrong, but she could and she did. Arya is a foreigner who committed the crime of murder in a foreign land. The authorities in Braavos would have her executed if she was caught.
  6. They followed the chain of command. Their commanders support Baelish and they follow. The bribery trickles down and some money come their way. In Westeros, it's usually better for survival to follow your commander. The lords usually followed their lords paramount for this same reason. The average foot soldier is not going to let his political beliefs get in the way of survival.
  7. Sure those "great" houses were in power for a long time. And wars were constant during that time. Those houses were small time compared to the Targaryens. They were petty. While there were conflicts during the Targaryen years, peace was the dominant status. You can't say that for the preconquest period. The post Targaryen period is nothing but conflict. The Targaryens were good rulers overall. That's a fair criticism. Although Craster, who is a Stark, tossing his babies to the white walkers is worse. Stannis killing his brother with a shadow baby is awful too. He might just send his own daughter to the flames but we will see.
  8. Ummm, well Black Harren enslaved the people of the Riverlands. The Starks were butchering people to pamper their trees. The Targaryens were a definite improvement over Harren and the Starks. At least they tried to put the brakes on the north's horrific practice of the lord's right to the first night.
  9. Three hundred years is not a short amount of time. The Targaryens brought order to an unruly Westeros. They even tried to end the horrific northern practice of the lord's right to the first night. The Baratheons were in power for about fifteen years and two wars broke out. The Greyjoy Rebellion happened on their watch. The worst conflict in Westeros to have ever happened, the War of the Five Kings, started during their watch. Stannis and Renly were part of that war. So the Targaryens have the clear advantage over the Baratheons when it comes to ruling over a peaceful kingdom.
  10. Sam is a coward. It's not hating on him to say so. He is also a nice guy with a good mind. It was satisfactory. He handled Leo fine on that first meeting.
  11. Divine retribution would mean gods exists. They don't. What happened to the rebels is due to cause and effect. Robert and his friends lacked the competence to properly run Westeros. Take the Starks. They were capable local powers in their corner of the world. Put them in a bigger pond and their competence is taxed. What the Targaryens held for hundreds of years fell apart within fifteen years of Baratheon rule. The Anti Targaryens can make all of the excuses they want but that is fact. The Baratheons could not hold Westeros together for even twenty years. The killing and exiling of children is not rare in Westeros. The popular youtube commentator, Preston Jacobs, has a good theory on what the north was doing with their bastard babies. I hate what happened to Rhaegar's family. I hate even more what happened to Queen Rhaella and her children. But cruelty like that happens in Westeros. Tywin murdered families in his day. War killed children by the thousands. The gods would not frown even if they existed. Southron Ambitions is a nice theory. We may get proof in the Winds of Winter. The houses who rebelled would deserve condemnation if the conspiracy existed. But we need to take a deep breath and remember a line from Ellaria Sand. All of the people involved in the SA conspiracy as well as Aerys are all dead. Revenge is not needed. We can discuss and debate. As always we will root for our favorite houses and wish hell and damnation on those we don't for the sake of talking.
  12. I don't like it. Bran has not taken enough risk to serve the people. He made the journey to the north for his own benefit. It's like saying Sansa should rule. She doesn't deserve it. It doesn't sound good to me. I don't like Jon but at least he has done some good for others besides himself. He has some basis to earn the right to lead. I don't think it will happen because he is the lone wolf. His brothers at the Wall 86ed him. The people of the north will be pissed with him for arranging the marriage of lady Karstark to Sigorn. They will see this as an example of Jon attacking the Karstarks for leaving Robb. Jon will be persona non grata in the north. However, Jon could end up leading the Wildlings. He can become the king in the North in a roundabout way. For example, the Boltons and Stannis could cancel each other out. The power vacuum in the north will be filled by the Wildlings. Jon could lord over Winterfell and the north if this should occur.
  13. I don't have a problem with it; as long as it's only Stark boys being sacrificed. They can keep the north. It's not a valuable expanse of land.
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