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  1. I think these daily swims probably are so far the most revealing clues about Lemore's past. Neither highborn ladies nor septas are usually trained in swimming. Most of the westerosi women would be afraid to dive in to the current of the river as mighty as mother Rhoyne. Septa Lemore probably learned to swim in her childhood. Maybe she lived by some big river, or maybe she played in Water Gardens. And yes, her freedom and confidence also point to Dorne. But she doesn't necessary be princess Elia, she could be one of her childhood friends, maybe daughter of servant. The one who could even become real septa eventually. I don't think Ashara is Lemore, but Ashara could spent her childhood in water pools as well.
  2. This. I is hard to believe that Gregor helped Elia and Aegon to escape. If he didn't, recognition of dead bodies was left to a chance. On the other hand, the possibility that body doubles were just left to die, depicts Elia and her supporters in most awful way. Maybe we can look at the situation considering that all players acted on their own motives each and didn't just follow scenario of one person. Elia's and Aegon's doubles were not supposed to die, they were left only with intention to delay pursuers. Lannister soldiers probably didn't know how exactly Elia looked. Elia's supporters expected soldiers to bring fake Elia and Aegon to Tywin or his generals, thus giving Elia time to escape. But they underestimated Tywin, who was cat of different coat. Tywin just simply ordered to kill Rhaegar's children. When he was talking to Tyrion he admitted that with ease, but he didn't admit he ordered to kill Elia too. Gregor went on his task. Elia's double in face of death revealed the truth to him. What Gregor did? Gregor was a simple person. He just crushed her head that nobody would know about the swap, Tywin in the first place. Thus he completed Tywin's task. Tywin and Robert Baratheon were content. Maybe, only maybe, it was Gregor's some strange and tiny tiny expression of loyalty to Rhaegar, who knighted him. By killing doubles he gave Elia chance to escape. Of course, he didn't cared about some baseborn woman and child. Remember how his more scrupulous brother killed Mycah. I see this as possibility to explain why Elia and Aegon were unrecognizable, but it doesn't explain why Elia left Rhaenys. And why she never contacted Doran and especially Oberyn, who was told to be very close to her.
  3. Why did you put them in Reach? There are more connections to sea folk in eastern coast of Westeros. Sorceress Ursulla Upcliff was titled as Bride of the Merling King. Velaryons claimed they made a pact with Merling King and were given driftwood throne as a gift from him. Sistermen are rumored to have webbed hands and feet.
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