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  1. Pukisbaisals

    What ASOIAF theory blew your mind?

    Quentyn Martell survived and became dragonrider.
  2. Pukisbaisals

    Snake‘s name

    What I mean - Tyene and Sarella as all other Sand snakes are named after real persons, who are somehow important to Oberyn. If they are not Tyanna of Tower and Serala of Myr, then - who? If they are Tyanna and Serala - then why?
  3. Pukisbaisals

    The Sphinx is the Riddle

    What sort of magic Swanns are connected to?
  4. Pukisbaisals

    Predictions for the Sand Snakes

    I think Obara may yet surprise us. She is described as lowborn brute, but her language is inconsistent with that image: To me this choice of words doesn't fit her image. Obara probably is smarter and more educated (self-educated?) than she looks. I also think Doran sends her to High hermitage because he wants to get rid of her, but she may survive, maybe by joining Darkstar. Doran underestimates her.
  5. Pukisbaisals

    Snake‘s name

    As far as I have noticed, Oberyn chose his daughters’ names with great care. Elia was named after Oberyn‘s sister, Dorea and Obella probably after Doran and Oberyn himself. There is speculation that Loreza was named after their mother, the Princess of Dorne. Obara is also named after Oberyn, though in this case Oberyn probably wasn‘t the one who chose the name – he met Obara several years later. So Obara probably is the only Sand Snake named by her mother. Lady Nym was named after legendary princess Nymeria. Lady Nym is a daughter of Volantene noblewoman, descendant of old Valyria. I doubt it was her mother’s choice to name daughter after Rhoynish princess who fought against dragonlords. So I am sure it was Oberyn who gave Nymeria’s name to his daughter. Sarella‘s mother was Summer Islander, Tyene‘s – septa from Reach. But both of the Sand Snakes have Essosi names. I think Oberyn is behind that as well. Question is, why did he choose those names? As far as I have noticed, Oberyn didn’t give random names to his children. Another version of Sarella‘s name is Serala. Serala, The Laced Serpent was the one who participated in defiance of Duskendale and later was accused as a main culprit. Defiance of Duskendale took place about 3 years prior birth of Sarella, so memory of this event was still fresh enough. I wonder, why Oberyn gave his daughter this name – maybe name of Laced serpent fitted Sand Snake, but Serala was infamous, she rebelled against the king, kidnapped him and finally lost. Her death was cruel: This alone could discourage any father to give similar name to his daughter, even if he planned to name her after different Sarella. Besides, when Sarella was born, Rhaegar was wed or betrothed to princess Elia, Martells and Targs were on good terms. King Aerys of course didn’t know names of Oberyn’s bastards, but if he had learned per chance about Sarella his reaction would have been nasty. Why did Oberyn showed such respect to Lace serpent? Could that mean that he knew and admired her? Could Martells be behind Defiance of Duskendale (at that moment Rhaegar wasn’t betrothed to Elia yet)? As for Tyenne, her namesake Tyanna rose to the power during the reign of Maegor I. She was his mistress, his wife and his mistress of whisperers. Tyanna ended almost as badly as Serala. I think I can see a pattern here: After Oberyn had lost his sister Elia, he named his children after family members, Before that he named his daughters after powerful and strong-willed women – Nymeria, Tyanna of the Tower, Serala of Myr. Sill I can’t understand why did he respected Tyanna of the Tower and and Serala of Myr so much?
  6. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    Kinship between Petyr and Tully's wife Minissa could explain why Hoster Tully took Petyr as a ward. I think it is probably best explanation so far why lord paramount of Riverlands took charge over child of some poor landed knight from the Vale. I always thought that number of bats is connected to number of children or bastard children. Rose is Tyrell sigil, personal arms of second son Garlan bear two roses, personal arms of third son Loras - three roses. Personal arms of Maekar - fourth son - bear four dragons. Maybe nine bats in Whent arms mean ninth child or ninth son of house Lothston (probably including bastards)?
  7. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    Petyr's eye color must be very important because it was mentioned many times. I found only two other cases when grey-green color was mentioned - when sea color was described and eyes of bastard of Driftmark. Eyes of Aurane Waters could be also indirect reference to the sea - he is master of ships, pirate and his name is Waters. But maybe in this case relation is more direct - some kinship between Baelish and Aurane perhaps? There are more similarities between them. Titan sigil could also refer to the sea or/and ships indirectly. Titan of Braavos matches Greyiron (ancient kings of iron islands) sigil with the head of sea king and Littlefinger also has a ship named Merling King.
  8. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    It is easy explain fiery eyes of Titan. From Arya's POV in AFfC: and: Maybe green hair of Titan, greenish bronze and trees on stony ridge can explain green color in Baelish arms. Have no idea why Braavosi put effort to adore Titan with hempen hair and even dyed it green. Maybe they tried depict some sea god? Even more interesting that head with green hair is a sigil of house Greyiron. Seems like image of Titan of Braavos and Greyiron sigil have the same origin. And maybe legendary Garth Greenhand also has something to do with it, because he is sometimes called Garth Greenhair. Petyr Baelish changed his sigil, but kept green background (at least this is how his new sigil is depicted in wikki), so maybe green color is meaningful to him, though I don't remember if he ever wears green.
  9. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    yes, that's a possibility. Is it supported by some textual evidence? I doubt it. Lothston bastard's shield would be white or yellow bat on black field. If he was Aegon's bastard he would probably used some dragon symbol, o maybe a combination of bat and dragon (like in Bittersteel's arms - fire-spitting winged horse). According to your theory, he hadn't Lothston blood at all, but maybe he believed his mother was Lothston. And if he wanted to use sigil of Stokeworth (his grandma's), he probably would have used lamb or chalice, not background color. plus one generation - Sellsword was great grandfather to Petyr. I like the idea of Varys descent from Blackfyres and Webbers. But Rohanne is not necessarily involved. There were other Webbers, for example, Rohanne's uncle who was married to Rowan. Rohanne's father was Targ loyalist, but her uncle might have joined Blackfyres with hope to take Cold Moat from Rohanne. Webber descendant could marry Blackfyre woman, o Blackfyre descendant could marry Webber's daughter. to me it is to stretched. Ghost of High Heart was albino. The only thing she and Rohanne have in common - low height. I would rather agree Ghost and Jenny are related to cranongmen, particularly Reeds (dragonfly in reeds theory). I tlike this idea. Maesters are hostile to dragons and magic, they wage a sort of secret war against serpent. There is also a maester who challenges them ("the sheep") - Marwyn. So there are "acolytes" in Oldtown who oppose serpent - dragons - Targs and those who favor them. I never noticed any textual relation between maesters and spiders. Maybe all network of maesters in service of noble houses and their ravens can be viewed as sort of gigantic web, used to control information. There is a house Lyberr in Reach. I wonder where is their seat located - maybe close to Coldmoat and Webbers, maybe close to Oldtown and acolytes?
  10. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    Appearance doesn't mean much n this case, because Petyr is separated from his Bravosi (presumable Targ or Blackfyre ) ancestor by 3-4 generations. Besides, even firstborn of Targaryen husband and non-Targaryen wife couple usually inherits non-Targaryen traits. But if Littlefinger can prove his trueborn descent from Targs, he would still have a claim, regardless to an extent his dragon blood was diluted.
  11. Pukisbaisals

    Is Craster a Casterly? - Now with plot-relevance!

    This fog reminded me of another mysterious fog (ACoK, Catelyn): Then, when Tyrion sent Littlefinger to parley with Tyrells: Then, when Sansa escaped KL and was approaching Littlefinger's ship: I am not sure if a fog in Riverlands is related to the fog on the Rhoyne, or if the fog is related to Lannisters, or if Littlefinger is a son of Tytos. But it seems fog is surely related to Littlefinger.
  12. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    Petyr was in plum and yellow. The same color combination is on coats of arms of houses Plum and Payne. Payne sigil includes golden coins.
  13. Pukisbaisals

    Petyr Baelish, Blackfyre heir?

    Good catch. Broken sword could also refer to Second Sons - it's in the company banner. Commander of the Second sons Mero called himself Titan's bastard. Maybe it hints that Titan (sellsword Baelish) is bastard of some member of the Second sons. To me, Baelish connection to Second sons is more palpable, than one with Golden company, but one doesn't exclude the other. Bitersteel served with second sons before he had founded Golden Company. Brightflame also served with Second Sons. He was of appropriate age to be father of sellsword Baelish (Petyr's great grandfather).
  14. Pukisbaisals

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    Northern men and women even founded sellsword company - Company of Rose - after Torrhen Stark's submission to Aegon I.
  15. Pukisbaisals

    The Sleeping Lion

    Targaryens can be also referred as dreamers- some of them have prophetic dreams - Daeron the Drunken, Daenys the Dreamer, Daemon II Blackfyre. Jaime is also literal dreamer. His transformation started after his cave dream. As for Grandisons themselves, I wonder if they are cadet branch of some other house. Grandison can be understood as Grand Son - a son who had achieved some greatness, fame. Or son of someone who was referred as "the Great ". Or maybe even just grandson, descendant of some famous grandfather. Lion associates with Lannisters, Reynes or Osgreys, sleeping - with skinchanging or prophetic dreams.