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  1. Heavy D

    Jon will never be king.

    I would advice Dany to destroy any proof of Jon's parentage. Jon is an idiot who doesn't need to sit on any throne except a rusted chamber pot that hasn't been emptied in a week. I don't like Jon.
  2. Brandon the fool stormed into the Red Keep threatening to kill his son. I'd say Aerys had a very good idea what his son was up to shortly thereafter. I would love to have been in the dungeons while Brandon Stark was being questioned. I'm sure it was entertaining, unless you were Brandon. Aerys and his jailers taught that idiot how to sing. Aerys would know what Brandon was thinking. He would make sure any child of Rhaegar's present and future are taken out of the line of succession for good.
  3. And Aerys believed the Stark family were conspiring against him. So he would go out of his way to make sure all future half-Starks could never inherit Westeros.
  4. Excellent point. Aerys meant for Viserys to inherit Westeros.
  5. Heavy D

    What does Daenerys say to Jon?

    What does Daenerys say to Jon? "Fetch, boy, fetch!" The Mother of Dragons commanding the big white wolf to fetch a stick she had thrown.
  6. Heavy D

    Describe your ideal Littlefinger death scene

    Locked in an embrace of death with Sansa. Sansa has her dagger stuck in Little Finger's gut. But before Sansa could celebrate, she feels something funny below her navel. She looks down and watches her dress darken around the hilt of Petyr's own dagger. They fall to the ground together, dead before they hit the dirt.
  7. Heavy D

    Daenerys Targaryen - The Most Skilled Orator in the Show

    Yes she is the best speaker. Second Best - Khal Drogo 1 - Daenerys 2 - Khal Drogo 3 - the High Sparrow 4 - Petyr B. 5 - Robb Stark
  8. Heavy D

    Jon will never be king.

  9. Heavy D

    Daenerys will Break the Wheel

    Cool user name selfie. Breaking the wheel is empowerment for the poor, the weak, and women. It's a theme of Dany's story arc. She has the vision and the greatness to make it happen. The great houses (Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Tully, Greyjoy, Martell, Arron, Tyrell) that play the game. Maybe it means getting rid of them to make the land truly one land. Each lord would answer directly to her, the rightful monarch, instead of an intermediary like the great families. It's not perfect but the country united will be stronger.
  10. Petyr's family came from Braavos. It is almost certain that Petyr has connections there. A man with connections would be familiar with the Faceless Men. I'm proposing: Petyr recognized Arya as FM trained. Petyr recodnized that comically silly water dancing style. Petyr knows how to neutralize/recognize/see through the disguise. He has a plan to kill Arya. Let's help Petyr. Please suggests some good ways to get rid of Arya. Petyr's resources are limited so confine your answers to what he has access to in winterfell. Arya is a dangerous murderer and Petyr would be smart to remove that creepy kid from the equation.
  11. Heavy D

    The Drogon appreciation thread

    Dany is his mother. He will always love his mother.
  12. She needs a hostage to get Yara and Ellaria back. I would have the unsullied beat the snot out of Jaime, leave him barely alive, feed him a slow-acting poison, and trade him for Yara.
  13. Heavy D

    Is Jamie dead

    I want those two men to get roasted. Maybe Bronn will die slowly from 3rd degree burns.
  14. With the river at their back the Lannisters are pinned down and can't retreat. The Dothraki won't have to charge. They can rain arrows with their greater range and kill many men that way. Charge occasionally and the Lannister men will wear down. The Dothraki are better riders and will win in an open field. The only chance the Lannisters have is take the fight to the forests.
  15. Heavy D

    Best lines of 704