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  1. I posted the same either upthread, or in another thread, I forget. I feel sure that we were shown the scene in jail with Bronn and Tyene specifically to illustrate that the poison used was not instant (like Joffrey's death took seconds), because Tyene and Bronn had time to talk before she gave him the antidote, and it had already been some time since he was cut with the poisoned blade. So as long as someone (Bronn, Trystane, or both) on the boat has a vial of the antidote, Myrcella will survive when Jaime calls for help (and he will shout out, I was surprised they didn't show him calling out before fading, which is what normally would be done... but they wanted people to actually believe she's dead I guess). I'm of the mind that Tyene gave Bronn the antidote though, because she knew her mother was about to go against Doran and poison Myrcella, and she doesn't want her mother to die for such a trivial version of revenge.
  2. Davos doesn't know how Shireen died, and unless one or more of the sellswords who fled tells him, he may never know. I sincerely doubt Melisandre is going to explain how it all went down. A lot of plot (most?) in ASOIAF is completely dependent upon characters being uninformed and/or misinformed.
  3. I'm pretty sure Bran fell onto hard-packed snow, which is basically like falling on concrete. Very hard. However, the last few episodes have been full of freshly falling snow, so they're probably jumping into a pretty soft snow bank. (See this article for an example of the fact that it's possible to do this without getting hurt badly - the mayor of Boston was begging people to stop jumping off their roofs into the snow last winter, rofl.)
  4. Yeah. There is an Entertainment Weekly article up claiming he has cut his hair, but there's no photographic evidence. Not that a haircut is proof of anything at all, wigs and hair extensions are everywhere these days so if they wanted Jon's hair long again it could be so in an hour. If Jon's alive, I don't think there's any way they can keep it secret for 9 months, and for 6 months of filming season 6, although it seems clear they are going to try. Not unless Jon Snow spends the entire season in the woods with no extras and a handful of NDA'ed crew members who won't tip it, but even then, once footage seeps into HBO's offices and beyond, there are too many people who will leak stuff (like the stills last week of Jon and Selyse, for example)
  5.   I don't think Myrcella is really dead. Bronn formed quite the little relationship with Tyene. I was wondering why we got to see that whole scene in the jail play out with the poison and the antidote; how I believe it was shown so that we would understand that 1) the poison is not totally instant drop-dead, Tyene had time to talk with Bronn before finally tossing him the antidote, and Jaime will yell for help on that small boat; and 2) that additional Bronn/Tyene flirtation when they were on the way out of the jail was a reminder of their "friendship"; and 3) Bronn has experienced the symptoms himself and knows how to recognize this poison so he will know the instant he sees Myrcella. I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that Bronn is carrying one or more vials of the antidote to that poison on his person and Myrcella will be saved. As for why, *if* Tyene gave him the antidote on purpose, she may have known about Ellaria's "plan", and decided she wanted to protect Ellaria from being killed by Doran. Makes an excellent season end cliffhanger though.