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    Why do some people have a problem with Sansa?

    I never liked Sansa; she’s the kind of girl that makes me die of boredom or do exactly what Arya did – throw cake in their face. I’ve read on this forum pages and pages of justifications regarding Sansa’s choice between her father and Joffrey friggin’ Prince the Handsome, and I wasn’t convinced. She was just a girl, yes, but Arya was too. Book Margery was, too. They looked and they saw. But Sansa didn’t, because she wanted to marry The Prince. But I actually came to respect her compassion and politeness, and i liked her "Politeness is lady’s shield" credo and behaviour. In the show after she was saved from Ramsay, she’s just rude, insensitive, bratty, snarky, and not feminine at all. As it was also being pointed again and again on this forum, we shouldn’t be forced to stop be feminine and become killers or emotionless brutes to prove we are strong. Feminine strenght is something that Cat Stark had, that Margery had, and Sansa in her best compassionate moments had. Now, that black letter domina dress suits her just right.
  2. Thank you to all of you that made me laugh so hard throughout this thread. You are good men. And women, obviously, especially if you are strong and snarky. Please don’t hate me to say this in rant thread: there was one thing that I absolutely loved – both sons of Tywin Lannister fighting for Ned Stark’s home and children. That was stuff of my dreams.
  3. WeCameFromNorth

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I really like this part of your post. But I don’t think many people look at it that way. We live in our great concrete cities and believe we mastered it all. Might be in for surprise. Anyway, it looks like show loves, loves, loves its Lannisters. Queen Cersei above all others and Others. Shall we be able to stomach that?
  4. WeCameFromNorth

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    How about: "Don’t bow down to White Saviours"? That still might be good moral to our human story, even after all these centuries after Cortez and Aztecs. But I really do agree with you. That was such a waste. They just dispensed of them, like of used paper handkerchiefs. If I was Dany, I would be howling mad and coming with both my dragons, and both still living direwolves, right after showrunners.
  5. WeCameFromNorth

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    Opening scene was very good. There was real dread in everything, movements, faces, sounds, waiting. And Melisandre lightning Dothraki swords looked beautiful. But such big beautiful scenes should have at least some meaning. To all of them just dissolve in darkness just erase any sense. And it all escalated from there. Those tsunami of ultraspeedy dead people rolling over Unsullied and somehow Grey Worm stayed alive? (I love Grey Worm and I’m glad he’s alive, but really...) And to quote some guys that made a review of the episode: why is Ghost even there? Why would he be in vanguard, by Jorah’s side? And how the hell are Jaime, Brienne and Pod stayed alive pressed against that wall? And of course, you all already talked about Arya falling from the stormy sky and stab Night King – that was unbelievable, and not in good way at all. I can understand that people love action and speed and lots of wow moments, but would a little bit of logic and probability hurt so much? And I’m with those of you, guys, that said hey, at least Sansa doesn’t have to worry any more about how to feed all those people. Problem solved. We can relax.
  6. WeCameFromNorth

    Game of Thrones character poll

    48 female Jon Snow Ramsay Bolton Wish you luck with your research.
  7. WeCameFromNorth

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I’m not sure we need fAegon in the books either? Theoretically, it’s possible to introduce as many new characters as author wishes, but I don’t think many of us would wish to wade again through all thirteen books of Wheel of time, for example. Personally, I don’t yearn for more characters in the show, but for more reason and logic. Let’s hope that in season 8 we can better understand why people do some of the things they do, and that we don’t have to watch people emerging from subzero waters and go happily on their way like they just had not so hot bath?
  8. WeCameFromNorth

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    But it’s not even about did we notice or not that they’re on the wrong side of the Wall (and we did, and we sure as hell should), that’s about that scene being devoid of any kind of life. Wildlings just shuffle liflessly, they’ve might as well be wighted already. And when they are through, that’s all wrong, too. No life, no emotions, no relief, no despair, no grief for slaughtered, nothing. Black brothers are pissed, and Jon is sad. That’s all. I mean, really...
  9. WeCameFromNorth

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    Can we talk a little bit more about that scene where bunch of Wildlings shuffle, mutely, to the northern gates of Castle Black? They have nothing, no food, no tents, no blankets. Did they just hop off from ships in some cauzy little harbour few dozen yards from gates? Cause if they didn’t, they should’ve burned more then a few little Shireens to make it to the Wall. Also, my fellow Trekkies, do you remember that moment when that alien being starts to recite poetry through Mr. Spock’s mouth and Dr. McCoy is all like: ’This is not Spock!’ Well, ’This is not Jon!’ I’m well aware that lot of readers define Jon by ’Jon is emo’. And that’s it. Did we forget that young man with cold grey eyes and unreadable face who said to Janos Slynt: ’I don’t know with what your head is stuffed, my Lord’? That young man who negotiates with our own beloved Tormund who shouts, and threatens him and throws at him emptied mead hornes? Who send Alliser Thorne to ranging? Who put Cregan Karstark in ice cells? That’s Jon Snow. (Thank you, Dr. McCoy.) And that Jon Snow wouldn’t be all sad and puppyfaced if Ser Alliser would dare to call him, Lord Commander of Night’s Watch, ’Jon Snow’ (with poisonous voice full of contempt). Nor he would place command in Ser Alliser’s hands, putting his life and lives of people who is responsible for, at Ser Alliser’s mercy. Because I don’t believe that Ser Alliser would have any, and I think that Jon wouldn’t believe it either. But nowadays all are stupid in The Game of Thrones. Except of Ramsay, of course. And Tyrion, I suppose.