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  1. Another washout, which brings us up to four for the tournament so far. In some ways it’s not a bad thing with a high number of games in this competition likely to lead to some fatigue. But it could skew the final ladder.
  2. Back to Australia-centric for a moment...congrats to the Matildas! Brazil is always tough opposition.
  3. Pakistan’s batting falls into a predictable heap. *sigh*
  4. Actually I was thinking the other day we should maybe consider calling this the Aussie and NZ thread going forward? Might be more inclusive *shrugs*
  5. That underarm ball still hurts eh?
  6. Side track: Should we start taking bets on who of @Jeor and @Stubby will get to 10k posts first?! You guys are neck and neck :P.
  7. Ha yes the wheel has turned. I think it's taken the Australian cricketing public a long time to accept Lyon just because he's a more unfashionable right-arm orthodox finger spinner. Before him they were favouring left-arm spin (Beer, Doherty, Agar, O'Keefe, Holland) or wrist spinners (McGain, Casson, White, Hogg). The only exceptions that come to mind are Krejza (an attacking offie who lacked control) and Hauritz (who probably should have played less first-class cricket than he did). Australia were quite unlucky though in having two 'once-in-a-generation' leg spinners playing at the same time. MacGill was an amazing talent and probably would have played 100 tests in another era.
  8. Pretty epic by Barty to win her first grand slam. I'm not a big tennis fan but it's good to see an Aussie player that we can be proud of playing so well on the international stage.
  9. I think a lot of the obsession with Zampa comes down to him being a leg spinner. Just another team trying to find their version of Rashid Khan.
  10. I think Coulter-Nile played too well in the previous game to be dropped. And they won't drop Starc or Cummins.
  11. Easy win for India. Australia didn’t play badly but they need much more from the top order. I wonder whether the current top four of NZ, India, England and Australia will change much in the dozens of group games remaining!
  12. Well they decided to drop Darren Bravo, which I think is a mistake. Yes his form is poor but he’s a proven performer and would add a lot of spine and class to the team.
  13. *vomits* Will you still like them when they give Smith back the captaincy?
  14. Haha well I did have some money on the Aussies so maybe I was mentally pocketing my winnings. I agree that West Indies will be disappointed. They should have won that game - I still can’t understand how they let Australia get nearly 300 after the start that they had.
  15. All over for West Indies now I’d say. That was epic from Coulter-Nile - great to see him playing like this as he’s been underrated and unlucky with injury for many years.
  16. Inept stuff really on Australia’s continual nightmare pitch at Nottingham. Finch got a beauty but what on earth were Usman and The Big Show doing? It’s like watching Pakistan all over again. While Smith is still there, there is still some hope for them but really the Windies should be able to restrict Australia here.
  17. Haha yes that was bound to happen. Great stuff from West Indies.
  18. What an abject performance from South Africa. They desperately need AB back in that batting lineup. Difficult game to forecast coming up between Australia and WI. On paper it’s Australia comfortably but you never know.
  19. I think Langer’s influence on the Australian team is starting to tell. They’ve won 11 or so ODIs in a row, including an impressive series win against India. It will take longer in the test arena, but in ODIs Australia is starting to flourish. (West Indies will probably thrash them now that I’ve written the above).
  20. Sri Lanka may be about to pull this match out of the fire...Afghanistan has made a mess of what should have been a straightforward chase. Podcasts-wise, I would second The Switch Hit if interested primarily in English cricket. Mark Butcher is a regular on there and he offers a good balance of punditry/game scholarship as well as real test match experience. Cricket Unfiltered is the podcast I listen to for Australian cricket news but, beware, it’s very partisan (and Murdoch funded!) The Final Word is a more neutral, fun podcast doing a World Cup diary.
  21. I've just moved to Canada so I'm a little worried about suffering the same fate!
  22. It's a little odd that three teams have already played twice and India is still yet to play at all. Do we know if there was any particular reason for that?
  23. What a performance from Pakistan. I was on an overnight flight and thought there must be some mistake when I saw they had scored nearly 350 against England! There are some real concerns for England in the bowling department. That's two consecutive games now where they've conceded large totals against mediocre batting sides. I don't think the batsmen can be blamed too much - 334 and 311 are pretty good scores to kick-off a World Cup. RE: South Africa, I agree that the top order is a big problem. With Amla's star fading and no AB, Smith or Kallis in the side they are too reliant on Faf and de Kock. There are some similarities with Australia who have really struggled to replace their ODI batting stars of yesteryear.
  24. Yeah true. I do think though now that having poorer-than-usual sides from South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan is going to make the qualifying stages a little dull. Happy to be proven wrong!
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