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  1. is furious at the lack of posting in the Aussies thread!

    1. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      Don't be - people have a real life, too.

  2. Haha. You joined the board! Nice :thumbsup:

  3. Prue, check your e-mail to confirm for tomorrow!

  4. Paxter

    Hey mal you douchebag - you added the wrong Pax as your friend! I'm Paxter.

    BTW bought tix for the Everton game in two day's time :)

  5. You n00b! You're supposed to post the comment on my profile page not yours! Otherwise I don't receive an e-mail alert.

  6. Clicking on my profile hey? Only a matter of time before you finally post...

  7. Oi Mark, get into chat. Me and Ski are having a yarn. Go to this website, sign up for an account and click "Chat":


  8. Much better av. At least the nationality is right. Forza Italia!

  9. No excuses mate. This thread awaits:

  10. Oi, start posting more you lazy cad.

  11. is adamantly refusing to accept Prearts as a nickname on this board

    1. hazza87


      why not PJ.. or just capitol J

  12. is eating churros and basking in World Cup glory

  13. is eating churros and anticipating World Cup glory

  14. Bring it on Holland!

    Ignore the first goal, that was an aberration ;). It's the second two goals that mattered.

    Looking forward to a repeat tomorrow. Be there or be square Exa...

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