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  1. The constant side-quests are the main problem for me at the moment. The world-building / lore bits of the show are great, but the mindless Storm Trooper shoot-em-ups and attempted comic relief from minor characters are becoming a drag. There is definitely a cool story to tell if they would just hurry up and tell it! They need to look at something like Avatar for a better balance. ETA: They killed all the best minor characters off in S1. I really liked The Client.
  2. Haha I usually partner MB in my mind with Minnesota more than North Dakota...this time they are channeling their red state neighbours!
  3. TBH I think Manitoba is even worse and more shocking. Nearly 300 in hospital and 50 in ICU. That's comparable to AB, despite MB having a much smaller population. On Quebec and Ontario, I think I said a few weeks ago that so far their second waves have been much more mild. That analysis stands, with ON reporting around 10-15 deaths / day now compared to 30-50 in the spring. Quebec is at 20-30 / day compared to 50-100 in the spring. Unfortunately, the Prairies and BC are having far more severe second waves, which is making Canada as a whole look similar to earlier in the year. Silver lining (you guys know I'm always looking for these): the current EU wave has been far larger and deadlier than Canada's.
  4. Yeah I don’t think Canada has as much to crow about with this response. Still looking a bit better than Europe but that’s not the best benchmark either.
  5. The ON lockdown is at least two months too late. Cases have been increasing at a good pace since September, which would have been a better time to do a circuit breaker. And notwithstanding the self-defeating NYT piece, the actual analysis is not far off the mark. Places like Western Australia (closed border for many months) have had no local transmission.
  6. I'm up for that. If I get the promotion I've been angling for by the end of this year then I will stay until at least 2022. I have flights booked to Australia in Jan for an extended visit but I'm going to put my chances on actually flying at about 20%.
  7. I only know about four people total in Toronto so the bubbling has been easy on my end...
  8. Urgh. We are now edging closer to 100 deaths / day Canada wide. And that's with ON and QC still well below their spring peaks in terms of fatalities. I am predicting around 200-250 / day by this time next month (likely much more if AB and BC really explode). Back home, the state of South Australia recorded an outbreak of 20 cases (lol) and is in a full week-long lockdown. Now that's a circuit breaker!
  9. "Circuit breakers" make a lot more sense to me at < 100 cases than thousands of cases (as in other countries). I think where SA has come up short is testing capacity.
  10. Not feeling that cheery this week. How is Manitoba at 7,000 active cases?! Quebec does seem to be bending the curve a little better this time. But other than that, the trends don't look good. I think we are looking on track at the national level to match spring peaks in terms of fatalities by early '21. ON will lock down properly soon too I think.
  11. Even without the pandemic, there does seem to be a theme of Australian voters sticking with the devil they know. We saw that play out federally and in NSW last year, and now in QLD. All of those elections resulted in fairly minor seat changes (I think < 7 in each election), with reasonably popular leaders enjoying the benefits of incumbency. This is in stark contrast to earlier in the 2010s, when we were seeing more governments changing at the state level and federally. At least Abbott lost his seat last year. I'll take that.
  12. Yeah not the best situation. If it's any consolation, the city I'm living in is up to 500 daily cases and rising. If I could choose...I'd gladly take SA!
  13. This has (sort of but not quite) happened in the anime world, with original Japanese voice actors returning for the dubbed version of the live action remake. Ghost In The Shell comes to mind. ETA: Another solid episode, though as pointed out the Imperial forces were depressingly insipid. I was relieved that the Child didn't eat any Frog babies!
  14. Yeah, I hadn't read anything quite like it. I can see why it would be classified "rural noir", but in my own head it defied easy classification.
  15. So the GTA is not re-opening after all. We are actually moving to a slightly stricter posture in Toronto. Correct decision, but crazy bad comms management by Ford and co.
  16. Nah I’m not blaming him or anything! It’s just that usually you would be able to go back to India and return soonish. With COVID that’s impossible.
  17. Sadly I missed that...so many layers of fan service going on!
  18. Russia and Turkey are fighting a lot of proxy wars right now...Syria, Libya, Caucuses. But then at the same time they are doing multi-billion arms deals with each other. Politics nerds help me understand this better? On the surface level, I don't see it as a wholly bad thing as it helps keep Turkey in the NATO orbit.
  19. It's not even 10 as I understand it! Eight episodes - the same as S1.
  20. Triple post...but I couldn't resist lamenting a poor IPL finals series. Didn't do justice to an otherwise absorbing tournament. Kohli is confirmed to miss the final three tests of the Australian summer. Pretty frustrating and significantly reduces my interest! Unless Pujara can repeat his heroics from a couple of years ago, I'm not sure India can win in Australia without their captain and best bat.
  21. So far I agree with those who think this is a bit of a deterioration from S1. The first season had a better balance between monster-of-the-week and an overarching storyline/villain, as well as more character development. I'm still enjoying the show a lot, but in a mildly embarrassing Western / Star Wars fanboy kind of way. I may or may not have squealed when Seth Bullock walked into the bar and I could recognize him from his gait alone... Random: did the Frog lady remind anyone of Chrono Trigger?
  22. ON and QC are still having far milder second waves (so far). They are both in the low double digits fatalities per day, versus combined totals of over 100 in the spring. Plenty of time for that to deteriorate over the winter though! AB I agree is having its most severe surge in cases and deaths to date; they will likely have to lock down before Christmas. MB is probably the most concerning one at the moment - 5,000 active cases is quite a lot for a province of just over a million people. ON with a population of 14m has 9,000 cases (not bad going by contrast!) ETA: Canada's fall wave compares extremely well to Europe's. As a point of contrast, the UK is up at 5 daily deaths / million people. Belgium's is a disastrous 16. Canada is way down at 1. (Seven-day rolling averages).
  23. So Kohli is going to head back to India after the first test of the Australian summer. Given Australia's current restrictions around quarantine, you'd think that rules him out of at least the next two tests. And, in turn, it's going to make for a significantly less interesting test series. Indians v Capitals tomorrow. Mumbai is eyeing off a fifth title in the last eight years.
  24. Unfortunately a good competition has produced two forgettable finals. Delhi were thrashed by Mumbai, while RCB were knocked out in reasonably comfortable fashion by Hyderabad. Looks like it will be Mumbai's year (again).
  25. Stated another way: the care home system in Quebec and Ontario should be completely dismantled and re-built.
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