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  1. Top innings from De Kock. He really needed that score after a rather lean run in the longest form.
  2. I get playing four quicks if Stokes is in the team to share the load. But four quicks and no all rounder is borderline masochistic.
  3. I wouldn't give up yet. Could easily see NZ's batters struggling too. Taylor looks out of form; no Williamson. A lot will rest on Conway, Latham and Nicholls. ETA: Also feel sad for Bracey. Never got in. ETA2: England went with four quicks again....do they want Wood to get injured(!) ETA3: Oh dear West Indies. SA rampant in the first session. The visitors' attack (Kagiso, Nortje, Nghidi, Maharaj) is fantastic.
  4. Boult strikes. Was always going to be hard to keep him out of the match with cloudy skies in play; he has a fantastic record in English conditions.
  5. I think Stokes is fitter and unlikely to be as reluctant...but take the point. I guess in the meantime we are stuck with trialing young guns (Crawley) or experienced County journeymen (Denly).
  6. Kallis did it for years in a similar position...is there much difference between batting at 4/5 and 3?
  7. TBH I'd probably give Stokes a run at 3, given that Root doesn't want it. Moot point given the current squad though. Burns filling his boots, which is nice to see. He was in great County form and is really getting under the NZers' skin now.
  8. England need to start playing proper, experienced test batsmen at 3. A young and out-of-form Crawley should be blooded at 5 or 6. Jon Trott feels like a lifetime ago.
  9. Longest first innings opening stand for England at home for 13 years! I guess the Denly era is over after all.
  10. My Australian friends are always bemused by Tims when they visit. Is it coffee? Fast food? Desserts? Generic North American takeout crap? All of the above?
  11. Williamson’s overall record in England is very poor, so perhaps he isn’t as great a loss as usual from a batting standpoint. But I think his captaincy/leadership is irreplaceable.
  12. Plenty of upheaval for both teams on the eve of the second test, particularly with more historical tweets being dredged up on the England side. For the hosts, we'll likely see Overton and Leach come in for Robinson and Broad. For the visitors, Williamson's elbow is playing up again and Latham will captain. Santner is also injured, while one or two of the seamers (prob Southee/Wagner) might be rotated out for Boult and Henry. Young and Ajaz will be the batting and spinning replacements. Intriguing deciding test ahead!
  13. Looks like US-Canada travel will soon be permitted (almost) quarantine-free for vacced travellers. I'm fine with that, provided the various Governments ramp up testing capacity at the land borders and airports. The current testing infrastructure won't be able to keep up if they let people travel in larger numbers. When I arrived at Pearson in April there were maybe a dozen testing booths. That's not going to work when multiple crowded flights land... ETA: Should have said all int'l travel; not just US.
  14. Haha. A few others for you: Burger King = Hungry Jack's Rice Krispies = Rice Bubbles Walkers Crisps = Lay's
  15. Some commentators I was listening to recently were reminiscing about the 94-95 summer, when Australia felt that England and Zimbabwe were too weak, so chose to field an Australia A team in the main one-day tournament. How long before India needs to do something similar? ETA: If we assume that, in the long-term, population = cricket success, then the rankings will one day look like: India Pakistan Bangladesh South Africa England Afghanistan Aus Sri Lanka Zim NZ/Ireland (couldn't find a definitive answer on population - they are close!)
  16. Is Weir accessible to science-hopeless types? I finished a few things in the last month or so: The Mirror and the Light: A strong conclusion overall to a beloved series. With the Boleyns out of the picture, I didn't find this final instalment as engrossing as its predecessors. But the prose was easier to read and it's still a masterpiece. Mantel's Cromwell is one amazing character. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Finally got around to reading this sci-fi classic. There were a couple of plot developments that weirded me out, but the world-building is incredible and I liked the philosophical elements. Mansfield Park: My second-to last book to read in Austen's main canon. I didn't enjoy the pacing of this one compared to her more well-known works, but it was still incredible. Amazing characters (both good and evil) and many memorable lines as always (“We do not look in great cities for our best morality.”) I think going to read Call Me By Your Name next. And perhaps Obama's autobio.
  17. NZ will have a bit of a selection dilemma when Boult is back for the WTC final. It’s hard to drop any of the quicks as they all look dangerous, while CDG and Santner add depth to the batting. Perhaps no point playing a spinner against India?
  18. And we have our next thread title! Match is sadly petering out here, with the Vicar of Sibley doing his best job of impersonating Rahul Dravid.
  19. Yeah this is what I'm most happy about. We should be able to kill our curve much quicker than the US given that lockdowns have helped us get back on track, even with a small number of people fully vacced. Bring on the second doses now.
  20. Bit of a shame to have this one rain affected. I was pleased to see that the WTC final has a reserve day - a prudent move.
  21. As usual, Root to the rescue. This test is about even stevens? Maybe just a slight advantage to NZ but they will want to get these batsmen in the first session tomorrow.
  22. Lol there is Davies on the men's side! Our one and only. Let's not go down the Stoinis/Zampa shipping path...
  23. I don't think he was overly late in being recognized - it's just the way things are for some migrant players. He only became eligible to play for NZ in August 2020. And let's not forget that Wagner, Watling and de Grandhomme were all born in SA or Zim, but I think they all migrated to NZ much earlier than Conway.
  24. Back to the Denly days for England...two down for not many. Root will need to fill his boots to dig England out of this. ETA: Enjoyed watching Southee operate in that mini-session. He is good enough to cancel out Anderson in this series if he is at his best.
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