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  1. I still don't think it was outright poor decision, as some commentators are suggesting. It's not like it swung around corners yesterday. Another failure for Harris, who is averaging 8 in four Ashes matches and 22 across his career. Usman might yet get his chance!
  2. I don't think this is that bad a pitch and didn't really mind England choosing to bat first on it. Just some great bowling and predictably scratchy batting after a month without competitive cricket. As a point of contrast, Strauss' winning Ashes team played a truckload of warm-up matches on that tour. I'd expect Australia to be able to get to around 300 in the first innings but will happily be proved wrong!
  3. In a parallel universe Root chose to bowl, with Anderson and Broad leading the attack to glory. Instead we have this shambles.
  4. Wow. England might be about to bench both Broad and Anderson for this test. Didn’t see that coming. A number of commentators will be howling!
  5. Probably going to be quite a soggy first few days in Brisbane. I wouldn’t at all be disappointed if England play defensively in this match. Keep it 0-0 for Adelaide please!
  6. In the end he was omitted. Saving him for Adelaide. I think it’s a fair enough decision (and Ed Smith is smiling smugly somewhere as Silverwood emulates his old selection policy).
  7. Triple post. But I’m annoyed as looks like no Leach. I guess with the weather they might not need as many breaks for the quicks. But still.
  8. Some pleasing data out of South America recently. Taking Chile as an example, their first post-vaccine surge in cases maxed out in November at around 2,700 cases per day and fatalities in the low-ish double digits. Prior to the excellent vaccine rollout, Chile was regularly posting over 100 deaths per day. Hopefully this lasts. Unfortunately the relative Covid calm isn't translating politically, as Chileans will choose on the 19th of December between candidates from populist left and right parties. This will be the first time since Pinochet that the centre did not hold.
  9. My (unsolicited!) player predictions for the series: England Hameed - 2/10. I think he'll struggle with the faster wickets. Burns - 6/10. Solid batter and should score runs if he can get past the first 30 mins of his innings. Malan - 5/10. Has experience in Australia and plays well in these conditions. But short of recent test form. Root - 7/10. Amazing player in career form. May get found out a few times against the skill of Cummins and Haze. Stoke - 6/10. Will undoubtedly play at least one amazing innings, but I don't think he'll start the series strongly. Pope - 8/10. I think this could be his career-defining series. I will be irate if Bairstow gets to play ahead of him. Buttler - 5/10. Really depends how the top order plays. If he is coming in at 250/5, he'll be fine. Not so well at 100/5. Woakes - 6/10. Great player but unsuited to the conditions. Robinson - 7/10. Might get found out on the flatter wickets but should do well in the first two tests. Broad/Anderson - 7/10. Highly economical but unlikely to get truckloads of wickets. Leach - 5/10. I think he will take a lot of workload pressure off the quicks and I would select him. But I don't think he will get many top-order wickets. England team score: 5.8/10 Australia Warner - 6/10. Will probably score a hundred somewhere in the series but I think will also pick up some low scores. Harris - 5/10. Had a great County stint and will be keen to seal this spot. But tends to throw away his wicket. Labuschagne - 8/10. Scored plenty of runs in the last Ashes. Is very consistent at this level. Smith - 8/10. Won't repeat his form from the last Ashes but is good for at least one hundred. Head - 5/10. I think this could be the prediction I am most wrong about. He is due a breakout season but I just hate the laziness outside off stump. Green - 7/10. Will make his first test century in this series. Carey - 5/10. Not in the best form with the bat, but should do enough to nullify Buttler. Cummins - 8/10. A little less than his best but still better than all the English quicks. Starc - 5/10. Meh. Will probably get a 5-for at Adelaide under lights and that's it. Hazlewood - 9/10. Will dominate. Lyon - 6/10. Another tricky one. I think he will get more top-order wickets than Leach but England might be able to block him out. Australia team score: 7.2/10 Overall prediction: 3-0 Australia. Draw at Brisbane and the 'G, Australia to win the remaining tests. If Hobart gets the last test it might be 2-1.
  10. Haha. Worse! Being omitted for the Ashes! ETA: Kudos to Patel for his six-for (so far). I have a feeling India will win this match but NZ staying in the contest again.
  11. Fuck. Khawaja didn’t make it. I really hope he gets one more chance at test cricket but that might be it for him if Harris/Head get runs against England.
  12. The other funny part about that match was watching Patel and Ravindra bowl to…Ravindra and Patel. A memorable match! Big guns back for India in the decider though…
  13. Some big names falling for the Coalition this week: Hunt, Porter…and now perhaps Tudge?
  14. Yup tricky stuff. I find myself agreeing with both Karaddin and Anti-Targ despite the differing views.
  15. A lot to digest right now! The Windies putting in a better performance against SL this time, NZ clung on for a famous draw, Pakistan swiped aside Bangladesh. Oh and England’s Ashes prep? Qld’s weather is preventing any…
  16. I’m not sure I see Australia’s relatively open border staying this way for much longer. ScoMo got way too much pay off from closing the border last time. Israel has already closed its border for a couple of weeks.
  17. Hope all’s OK Wert. Look after yourself (mentally as much as physically, in my own experience).
  18. I think that’s a pretty significant oversimplification. The reason for turning back supply is in part because of hesitancy (“no one wants them”, in your words) but it’s also because of health system bottlenecks: funding, training and cold storage. You need more than just vaccines to vaccinate - you need a well resourced health care system. One that can effectively raise awareness of the need for vaccines and actually administer them on a mass scale. In the case of measles, lots of African countries have this infrastructure. But it’s easier said than done to adapt this to COVID-19.
  19. Drowning in test cricket now! Nice rearguard action from Rahim and Das against Pakistan. Das picked up his first test-match century, which was due. Oh and perhaps I wrote the Kiwis off a little early. Southee and Jamieson were superb and restricted India to less than 400 despite a debut ton from Iyer. Young and Latham have been in control ever since.
  20. My understanding is that Omicron shows up in PCR tests. There is no need for sequencing.
  21. Yeah, closing borders to particular countries can buy you time, but that's about it. You need a 2020 Australia or NZ-style border closure to actually have any hope of keeping variants out. Ontario...we are averaging about 50 daily cases per million inhabitants. That is the best COVID record of any region in the US or Canada, barring Atlantic Canada and Nunavut. Fingers crossed we can keep it that way, but undoubtedly there will be a build up from now until Christmas, fueled by indoor festive gatherings and waning immunity.
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