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  1. I slogged through the sci-fi classic Dune for the first time. I can certainly see why it is viewed as such a classic, with a great cast of memorable heroes and villains, a cool exploration of ecology, religion and civilization, and many warring political interests. But the pacing of this novel frustrated me immensely. At times things would move very quickly, with cool action sequences and tense dialogue punctuated by time jumps and rapid plot shifts. At other times the novel dragged...thinking especially of the early scenes in Arrakeen Palace and Paul and Jessica in the desert.

    I don't think I'll bother with any of the sequels but I'm glad I checked it out. I'll be interested to see how the (latest) movie adaptation goes. 

    Now on to Calvino's If On A Winter's Night, A Traveller. And I'm still trudging through Stone of Farewell as a side project...

  2. 42 minutes ago, Fragile Bird said:

    eta: Ouch, Australia had it's highest number of new cases in ages, 81.

    The Australia "spike" is largely confined to a few suburbs in Melbourne. I'd be surprised if we see this number getting in to the hundreds per day, though it is always a possibility, particularly when restrictions have been mostly lifted.

    Bear in mind that, unlike Canada, Australia is now approaching its peak cold/'flu season. 

  3. I went out for a walk last night...Torontonians are definitely not socially distancing on King West patios. *sigh*

    I hope the testing infrastructure continues to expand. I think Canada's main hope is that local outbreaks can be rapidly tested and controlled. Personally I wouldn't even bother with "Stage 3" this summer. Ottawa will have to keep the printing presses on. 

  4. I wonder whether we've hit a bit of a stalemate now. The stock of active cases will continue to gradually decrease in Quebec, but everywhere else I'm just expecting to see a flat line for a while. Fatalities is really quite low now which is great and probably shows that the aged care sector has stabilized across the country. 

    SK has had a mini-outbreak in the past week. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

    Did anyone watch the English language Conservative leadership debate? I gather the Quebec debate was pretty funny because none of them can really speak French. I only heard some highlights on the radio, stuff like Trudeau failed Canada by not being New Zealand and immediately shutting down borders (I guess 300,000 Canadians were supposed to be left stranded in the US, Europe and elsewhere, think of the lawsuits against the government if we had done that), Trudeau has spent too much money, and, something that I'm not sure I heard correctly, Trudeau has failed the environment.

    Yeah, it's pretty hard for the opposition to come up with any coherent criticism of the government right now. Comparisons with NZ are laughable. I think they would be wiser to run a more positive campaign on how the Conservatives (might) better repair national finances and promote business activity in the medium-term recovery period, rather than focusing on the immediate pandemic, which has largely been well-handled by the Feds and Provinces (notable exceptions: support for aged care facilities; financial/rent assistance to SMEs).


  6. 23 minutes ago, Hereward said:

    Excellent, an Englishman in charge of Australian cricket. The plan is really coming together. Now, if the infiltration of a rabid hamster into the Smith household bears fruit, we’re in the game.

    Haha. Not sure if Hockley will get the permanent position, though he has a good CV.

    The last non-Aussie to get a senior position in Australian cricket didn't work out so well ("Homeworkgate").

  7. 46 minutes ago, Jeor said:

    Yes, he's got the sack.

    Interestingly there have been different takes on how badly Cricket Australia's finances are looking - from "not that good" to "disastrous". Still, the home series against India looks like it's going ahead so that will be a big plus for the TV revenue etc even if the grounds aren't full.

    In the short term, they will be fine. There will be money in cricket this summer, regardless of whether the T20 WC gets cancelled. The bigger problems could surface in the medium term, as large job losses in Jolimont and across the state associations translate in to poorer results across community cricket and high performance (both women's and men's). 

    On the flip side, I'm sure all cricket governing bodies across the world are at a low ebb ATM. 

  8. Looks like Roberts is about to get sacked as CEO by Cricket Australia. This was always on the cards as he was a rotten appointment in the first place, slotted in as the clean-up man after Sutherland's departure. He had previously mishandled the player/board pay dispute. 

    It will be interesting to see whether they bring an outsider in now to clean up what is clearly a flawed organisation. 

  9. Yeah it certainly puts Ontario's performance into context - double the population of QC but only a fraction of total cases and fatalities.

    I would take us all back to March though: the timing of Spring Break could have been the key driver (Quebec early, then Ontario, then BC [which basically cancelled Spring Break]). If the timing had been the other way around, QC might have avoided this disaster. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Fragile Bird said:

    Now we know the real reason for Ontario’s spike up in cases: a hospital network in Etobicoke failed to pass on information about 700 positive cases to public health for contact tracing. They have a reputation for incompetence so why am I not surprised, but Mt. Sinai also failed to pass on cases, and that did take me by surprise. I expect better from the downtown hospitals.


    Contrasting trajectories between ON and AB recently. On May 1, AB had 3,100 active cases, not far off ON on 4,662. Fast forward a month and AB has just 400 active cases, while ON is stuck on 3,834 after hitting a plateau. 

    It will be interesting to see if the re-opening in AB changes the story at all. I presume Ontario is going to stay shut for most of June. 

  11. 21 hours ago, Hereward said:

    Think of the waste involved in merchandising. I suggest they move T20 20 to 2120 as a money saving venture and then continue as normal.

    Haha. And to think I had you pegged as an ardent T20 fan @Hereward, the kind of guy who’d wake up in the middle of the night to watch the Jamaica Tallawahs play the St Lucia Zouks.

    I am dying for some cricket at this point. Hoping the WI series starts as planned on July 8.

  12. Triple post! :-P

    But just popping in to note that it's virtually certain the T20 WC won't go ahead in October. They are now looking at alternative scenarios, but the situation is muddied by the fact that there was already another T20 WC scheduled for 2021 (lol) in India. And, of course, you can't just postpone the 2021 WC to 2022, because then it would be too close to the 2023 ODI WC (also hosted by India). 

    A small aside: the WA Cricket Association is livid at being denied a test in this summer's India tour. Instead they are stuck with a one-off against Afghanistan, perhaps to be played at a resurrected WACA instead of the new stadium. Poor Perth...for some reason Brisbane keeps getting preferred even though no Queenslanders bother showing up to test matches anymore. Perhaps because Australia win in Brisbane much more often than Perth?

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