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  1. Pretty awesome comeback by NZ after that T20 series. First a clean sweep of the ODIs, then repeating the dose in test matches. Fantastic win from those Black Caps. They could have easily lost that second test, but managed to wrestle back at key moments. That was India's first test series in NZ for six years...no wonder they don't like touring there!
  2. Yes, that Christchurch test is on a knife edge. Fascinating contest. SA upset Australia in the first ODI. A bit surprising after the Aussie bowlers got on top early. I know Smith made a 50 in the chase, but I do think he’s looked a lot more human on quicker pitches since the Ashes. Quite a few LBWs show that he does have a weakness there, but it’s obviously much easier to exploit on faster decks.
  3. Looking forward to the second NZ v India test. It will be another stern test for the World #1s, with Wagner back for the hosts and Ishant out for India. Meanwhile Australia made light work of SA in a few T20s, with meaningless ODIs soon to follow.
  4. Imperious victory for the Black Caps against the top-ranked test team. India was at full strength while NZ was missing one of its premier fast bowlers. That’s really impressive stuff, hope they can back it up in the second test. ETA: I had to look twice when I saw that Thailand qualified for the Women’s T20 WC. Pretty cool for them!
  5. Yeah, some definitely do care. Others (especially in business schools) just do enough on the teaching front to keep the wheels spinning. Research is a different matter - a lot of time, energy and monetary is spent getting published and touring the international conference circuit.
  6. I can only comment on my experiences! Which is why I led with “in my years...”, which admittedly are restricted to just two universities and three faculties (one law, two business schools). Churn baby, churn.
  7. In six years of undergraduate study and around a decade of sessional work, I’ve never really seen Australian universities care about teaching standards and students. It’s a volume-based industry that’s all about churn.
  8. Oh dear India. Rahane doing his thing but lots of loose shots from players around him. This is a great opportunity for NZ, but India’s bowling will be a challenge.
  9. Fascinating little series about to start in NZ. Ordinarily I would put NZ as slight favourites in these conditions, but I'm worried about Wagner's absence (he has a great record against Kohli) and also the Black Caps' poor form line in tests (they got flogged by Australia). They really need Boult and Southee to fire in this series. Will also be interesting to see how Shaw goes in his first test since that incredible debut in 2018. And I'm expecting Rahane to perform very well (as he almost always does outside of India). ETA: +1 for Elgar as test skipper.
  10. @ithanos: Scott Morrison (PM): Michael Clarke. In the top job, but nobody really likes him. Anthony Albanese (Opposition Leader): Michael Klinger. Solid performer at lower levels, but never going to break into the big time. Barnaby Joyce (former Deputy PM): Steve Smith. Went from hero to villain overnight. He's now on the comeback trail. Peter Dutton (Home Affairs): David Warner. Just a villain, through and through. But always in your playing XI. Pauline Hanson (powerful cross-bench Senator): Israel Folau. Influential pariah justifiably shunned by the mainstream. Has plenty of support in Queensland. Gladys Berejiklian (NSW Premier): Boyd Cordner. Hard working; reliable. Unknown outside of the great state of New South Wales.
  11. Yes, Abbott delayed things. But the schedule I linked is the current legislated schedule. So unless ScoMo and Josh decide otherwise we will be up to 12% in 5 years' time. I agree that both parties are beholden to big business...but the Coalition also has to deal with a lot more pressure from small businesses, who feel more of the pinch when it comes to paying extra super. So yeah I wouldn't expect the centre-right to come to the party willingly. Labor of course is already on board, having sensibly legislated these increases under JG.
  12. This was already legislated by the ALP in 2012, though of course it could be repealed. Unless you're thinking it should go beyond 12%. Personally I think one way to extract more efficiencies would be to abolish the private super system. The CPP seems to work pretty well here in Canada. Oh and while they're at it...do the same for private health!
  13. To be fair to the pollies on that one, I don’t sense much voter appetite for large-scale tax reforms. Clearly there was no mandate for the Coalition’s company tax cuts, nor for Rudd’s resource supertax or Shorten’s negative gearing and super tax reforms. And I personally will never be supportive of a GST increase. So beyond middle class income tax cuts...I’m not really sure what could be done that wouldn’t sink the Government. I guess stamp duty is an obvious one, but which State would ever agree to that?
  14. Fair call. I agree with the rhetoric then, if not the execution. That is rare for me where conservative politics are concerned!
  15. Haha. That's par for the course in Australia. Sky has probably insulated you from the worst of cricket advertising. Back on Mo, my understanding is that he's gone for Sri Lanka. It's a shame as he would have been a clear starter on that tour. English conditions are trickier as you either have to: (1) trust Mo as the lone spinner; or (2) play two spinners but sacrifice a pace bowler in swing/seam-friendly conditions.
  16. And Faf quits as SA captain. I do worry about the stress on QdK if he's appointed captain across all three formats. Someone like Graeme Smith was given the captaincy at a young age but he had a very unique character and was surrounded by talent. This is almost the reverse scenario: QdK is the main talent in a somewhat talent-bereft side. Also...Moeen has looked in great touch since being back in the limited overs side.
  17. Nice to see love for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. More people need to read that (and embrace the footnotes...they are fun!) Speaking of Williams, I am taking a break from Stone of Farewell. I am considering dumping the series per Triskele but will probably persist out of blind loyalty to a childhood fave. Now reading Madame Bovary and loving it. Think I stumbled across a great translation.
  18. Three posts in a row! But had to say...RIP Holden. And if there's one thing on which I will always side with right-leaning politicians: Governments should not be picking industrial winners.
  19. Pretty interesting (if largely symbolic) decision by the High Court this week in Love v C'th. A 4-3 majority found that Aboriginal people cannot be "aliens" under the Constitution and therefore cannot be the subject of deportation laws. It's no Mabo, but another stepping stone on the path. There are a couple of interesting sub-plots to here too: This potentially impedes the push for Con reform in respect of Aboriginal recognition, because conservatives will argue that the Constitution and High Court are already protecting/giving enhanced rights to Aboriginal people. Bell and Nettle JJ (both in the majority) are close to retirement...will the Morrison Government be tempted to take a leaf from Trump's book and look to replace them with ideologically friendly candidates?
  20. Clean sweep for the Black Caps. That was impressive. England look to have made the right moves with their squad for Sri Lanka (dumping Jonny, bringing back Foakes). But the continuing unavailability of Mo is a shame. I'd love to see him make a big comeback this summer.
  21. Kind of funny watching the Nats in turmoil after so many years of drudgery under the likes of Fischer and Truss. To the Sydney-siders: what's the story with the Eastern Burbs light rail? Cost overruns and delays aside, it looks like an absolute disaster with long commute times and poor service. But it's hard to judge from afar. I have higher hopes for Sydney Metro.
  22. That argument didn't work too well for Labor when they came to power in the late 2000s. Abbott's "debt crisis" was a factor in his strong performance in 2010 and the big win in 2013 (alongside "stop the boats"). But maybe the Coalition is immune from attacks re: budget management because they are naturally trusted on that issue. Where do people see things heading on the ALP leadership front? Personally I see Shorten 2.0 or a centrist/QLDer dark horse as more likely challengers than Albo in 2022.
  23. This is an interesting moment for the Australian economy. Obviously we have households and businesses (particularly in regional Australia) dealing with the fallout of the fires, but at the same time there are the direct (education, tourism) and indirect (falling commodity prices) effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Say goodbye to your surplus Josh!
  24. Pakistan enjoyed a good period recently-ish in tests under Misbah. They had Khan firing on all cylinders and lost only 11 of 56 tests, despite zero matches on home soil. Unfortunately without Younus and Misbah’s on-field leadership they are back to a rabble. Sarfraz was a laughably bad captain and didn’t even merit selection.
  25. Yeah that’s three grand final losses for the much-hyped Stars. It’s quite funny that some of the less-fancied teams (Renegades, Thunder, Heat) have managed to win the tournament at least once, but victory has so far eluded the Stars. On the international side of things, a Williamson-less NZ has easily defeated India in a short ODI series. That is a nice comeback for them after the terrible Australia tour. And Pakistan has purred into a strong position against the ebbing, Shakib-deprived Bangladesh. Babar Azam is a class act.
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