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  1. Yeah I'm confused too on this point. He did seem very different from his wife, who was more of your typical KKK-style villain. I actually didn't mind the earlier episodes as much as others, but the Hooded Justice episode onwards really weakened the show for mine.
  2. I think the final eps did a good job of resolving the various plot threads...but the actual payoff was pretty low. Blake and Looking Glass (easily the best two characters in the show) did hardly anything at the end, apart from some weird whispered attempts to work out what was going on. And the villains' final gambits were all pretty lame. Angela had a good ending though.
  3. Yeah it is pretty depressing. But unfortunately, it seems you can never be as progressive in Canberra (thanks QLD).
  4. I think the NSW Cabinet (with a few notable exceptions) is generally quite centrist and sensible. The problems are in Canberra.
  5. Smith looking human this summer! The short stuff approach is working pretty well. A modern version of Bradman/Larwood.
  6. It’s bit of a shame that we are now more than halfway through the test summer and haven’t had anything close to a memorable match.
  7. Seeking clarification: is it clear now that Judd was innocent (apart from being weird enough to keep his family “heirloom”?) Seems like his death was caused by Angela in a weird time-bending error.
  8. Yeah there is a lot to get through in this final ep. Personally I've really missed Looking Glass and Spectre - the show has been nowhere near as engaging from a character perspective recently.
  9. Last time in Perth Taylor made 294 and they still didn’t win the match... Personally I’m not convinced Boult will make a huge difference. He’s definitely a class act but he’s no Shane Bond. The other thing to consider is that Australia is in very good form atm. They blasted through Pakistan and played well in unfavourable conditions in England. Hard for even this Black Caps side to match up to a strong Australia at home.
  10. All going as predicted. Still think NZ have a chance in this series Jeor? :p
  11. Day/night test cricket is a no-brainer. Even India is finally catching on. Plain sailing for Australia by and large, though NZ bowled tighter than many visiting teams are able to. This is a very unexciting test summer I have to say. Will be watching SA v England with a lot more interest. ETA: You have to hand it to Neil Wagner. He's another one of those "unfashionable" Black Caps who just gets the job done and has an impressive record. ETA#2: Labuschagne reminds me of a right-handed M Hussey.
  12. Very optimistic. NZ have just the one test win in Australia in the past 34 years and that was in relatively favourable conditions for the Kiwis in Hobart. Vale Bob Willis. Amazing career in both his playing days and in commentary. I will miss him on the Sky podcasts.
  13. Nice little series for Warner - averaging a lazy 489. On the bright side, Pakistan had no problems with Steven Smith. Statistically, that was Smith's worst series since his debut :P. Kudos to Joe Root. England have saved a bit of face. But they will still likely be on the receiving end of another series loss in New Zealand.
  14. Amir retired from test cricket a little while ago. Pakistan were destined for failure in this series I’m afraid. Not much you can do with Warner in this kind of form and on these pitches - we’ve seen it all before.
  15. This latest revelation is more a product of AUSTRAC being a strong regulator than anything else. The RC is over and was a watered-down affair due to Turnbull/Morrison's pro-business inclinations. As for the strength of the system, you'd naturally expect any banks with 10%+ ROEs to be in a decent capital position. The main problems with the system are around conduct and competition rather than balance-sheet strength.
  16. And the Rajapaksas are back in power in Sri Lanka. Fairly predictable after the Easter attacks and the fallout between Sirisena and Wickremesinghe. Bibi is going to hard to get rid of. But the indictment was certainly an important step.
  17. Plenty of shenanigans going on in the banking sector (again) with Westpac's CEO resigning yesterday. You'd think they would've learned something after what happened with CBA...but no. Separately, I do think it's a shame that the banking Royal Commission and associated scandals have received so much more media coverage than the equivalent exercise in the aged care sector.
  18. I just love this NZ test side. It’s a shame this series isn’t counting towards the test championship (minor point but annoying).
  19. Oh dear. What a win for NZ. Not a great start to the Silverwood era. England have no excuses really.
  20. A couple of crucial wickets late in the day, but really it should still be a draw. Pakistan may just avoid an innings defeat. At least Babar and Rizwan restored some pride.
  21. Mostly agree on Tyrell and Angela. But I like Dom. And I think Wong's performance as Whiterose has been remarkable, in addition to Malek, Slater and Cristofer. Overall, I think that the show has struggled to re-discover the excellence of S1, but S3 and S4 have provided enough great moments to see the show through to the end. S2 nearly lost me.
  22. Haha you won that one. BJ Watling you beauty!
  23. I thought we might get an answer on the possible "third persona" within Elliott, but instead we got a heart-wrenching truth on his second entity. Masterful episode. And go Krysta! ETA: My previous post about Mr Robot seems a little silly now...
  24. Maybe hanging around Philips and Crookshanks too much has subtly changed his accent? :p I think Irons is going for Frasier but it’s not always working.
  25. @Jeor, I think you always knew that this would be the outcome. His record in Aus is ridiculously good and one poor series against Broad wasn’t going to change that. He was also Australia’s best batsman in the World Cup, so it really hasn’t been a poor return from him after the long lay-off. Pakistan’s bowling looks as insipid as I expected. It may not have changed things much, but how pathetic to play a teenager ahead of Abbas. Anyway I’m going to have to focus on the NZ series now!
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