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  1. @Jeor, I think you always knew that this would be the outcome. His record in Aus is ridiculously good and one poor series against Broad wasn’t going to change that. He was also Australia’s best batsman in the World Cup, so it really hasn’t been a poor return from him after the long lay-off. Pakistan’s bowling looks as insipid as I expected. It may not have changed things much, but how pathetic to play a teenager ahead of Abbas. Anyway I’m going to have to focus on the NZ series now!
  2. 100 partnership up again between Warner and Burns - their fifth in 20 opening stands. It really is odd that Australia haven’t given Burns a consistent shot at tests. Latham given out incorrectly...no luck for NZ.
  3. Already 30-odd runs on the board. Warner and Burns have a good record together. ETA: Predicting a Warner hundred. Pakistan leaking runs.
  4. Oh ye of little faith! 300 and then some. Will be interesting to see how NZ go with the bat.
  5. Yes he's certainly not much of an offside player, but that has worked for many successful test openers over the years (Graeme Smith barely had an offside shot, neither did Matt Hayden). To me, he looks more promising than either Jennings or Roy. Denly was impressive yesterday! As was Stokes, who always seems to bat well against his country of birth. Joe Root's form line is interesting and a bit concerning. 2019 is easily his worst-ever test year, averaging less than 30 and with just the one hundred against the Windies. ETA: A word on poor old Pakistan. They weren't absolutely terrible, but they weren't great either. Yasir really bailed them out by hanging around with Shafiq at the end. Babar's dismissal was horrible. The problem for them is that Australia got most of their wickets from short stuff and yorkers. I'm not sure the Australian batsmen will be as troubled by those types of deliveries.
  6. A good performance so far from England. This is the benefit of having solid openers - guys like Stokes can actually come in and play naturally rather than resurrecting failures.
  7. Good ol’ Pakistan. That’s the team we know and love, collapsing in a heap after a decent start.
  8. Angela already knew Will (he used to hang around the bakery); I assume she didn't want to turn him in because she thought it implausible that he was the killer. That was a pretty awesome episode. My highlight though was still Spectre:
  9. Lol Niloy. Are they even going to get Smith out this series?
  10. Lol at Pakistan. Dropping Abbas. Are they fucking serious?
  11. None-for after 18 overs is a good result in early season conditions in NZ. Good early signs.
  12. That's a much better England side. They have rectified most of the obvious selection missteps from the Ashes (Roy as opener/playing an out-of-form Bairstow/playing Woakes when Root doesn't even want to bowl him). And S Curran should be more effective in NZ then he was in the West Indies last winter. Denly...it's a band-aid approach to have him in the side. I'd still rather keep Root at 3 and get Stokes up the order. The Root thing is getting a bit beyond a joke though. What's the odds they push him back to 3 again in the next 12 months. Go Pakistan!
  13. Ok sorry I misread that. Let’s hope it never gets to that point.
  14. Corbyn's mere existence seems to be a win for Johnson. He made Boris look mildly competent by bungling his lines on Brexit (e.g. falsely stating that the DUP voted for the WAB).
  15. No I do not have solid proof (nor does my post imply otherwise). There are significant questions around fairness, as correctly raised by the OAS Electoral Observation Mission. On the back of these questions, Evo himself went on TV to invite an audit of the votes and promised to hold a run-off election if any fraud was discovered.
  16. Finally done with The Night Circus. That was a slog. This book is so busy trying to convince you how amazing and wondrous the circus is that it forgets to actually be amazing and wondrous. And the plot and characterisation are mediocre at best.
  17. Bolivians are fleeing in their millions? It's a smallish country so I wouldn't mind a source on that. Let's hope that the next round of elections truly are fair, though I understand the heavy skepticism. Obviously there's questions around how fair they were last time when Evo managed to avoid a run-off by a conveniently small margin. To be fair to Evo, he did agree to an audit and a recount if warranted.
  18. Folau has made his already dim employment prospects even less promising after linking the recent NSW fires with same-sex marriage and abortion reforms. Even the PM and Jonesey have abandoned him this time!
  19. A few other developments ahead of the 'Gabba test: Pucovski, Maddinson and Maxwell have ruled themselves out of consideration for international duties, all citing mental health and a need for time out of the game. It's good to see the Australian cricket media is eating humble pie on this topic after the way they treated Trott in 2013. James Pattinson copped a one-test ban after making homophobic slurs in a domestic match. Glad to see CA taking a hard line on this, hot on the heels of the Gabriel/Root incident. Pakistan actually played pretty well in the tour matches *waits for the inevitable implosion and innings defeat*
  20. Legally incorrect, sure. But you'd think that Bolivians knew what they were doing when they voted (albeit marginally) not to let him stand again. It's hardly a Brexit scenario.
  21. I dunno. I feel we would be better at combating a giant psychic squid than the coal lobbyists. ETA: Props for the 80s politico knowledge @Ran
  22. Yeah agreed. I think what bothers people is: did the outside source really need to be a giant psychic squid that explodes on teleported arrival to NYC?
  23. Usman culled from the test squad, with Head reclaiming his place instead of the injured M Marsh. This could be the end of the road for Khawaja if he can’t rediscover his Shield form. Unless of course Marnus’ Ashes brilliance was a fluke.
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