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  1. Fewer than 1,000 new cases Canada-wide today! For the first time since March. Hopefully that's not driven by poor testing numbers in ON... On the positive note, I'm loving the weather at the moment. Working from the balcony a lot of the day.
  2. I think you're right @Fragile Bird. There is quite a bit of negativity about the ON new cases numbers at the moment...but daily deaths in the Province are significantly lower than a month ago (from a peak of 86 on April 30 to 20-40 this week). Unless something odd has happened in terms of the virus' effects, that must mean that we have successfully reduced the number of active cases. The discrepancy is created by testing. I would be much more worried if that daily deaths rolling average wasn't decreasing. But it is, both here and across Canada.
  3. From what I understand the tournament is nearly dead because the IPL wants to steal the October window.
  4. One interesting question: how will swing bowling work in England without the ol' spit and polish? Broady might need to reach for the sandpaper...
  5. Thanks for the update @williamjm. It’s going to be odd watching test cricket in England and Australia with no crowds. But even stranger will be the T20 World Cup being played behind closed doors. I would definitely look to postpone that one if I were an administrator.
  6. Urgh that was an annoying spike for ON. I was hoping new cases would be closer to 200 this week. But yeah it’s probably due to Victoria Day. Overall, Canada is seeing a plateau in active cases, while Europe has seen more of a sharp fall (the UK excepted). I wonder if the cold spring has played a part in increased transmission? Grasping for answers really. On politics, it does seem to me (an outsider admittedly!) that the process for choosing a new Conservative leader is way too laboured.
  7. Yeah you’re probably right that it turns on his ability to maintain that average. Guys like Ponting, Gilchrist and Hussey couldn’t do it. I’ll be interested to see how he fares against India this summer. Marnus and Warner did all the run-making against Pakistan and NZ in 2019.
  8. I was idly thinking about the effects of the last two years on the legacy of one Steven Peter Devereux Smith. Obviously he has an incredible, almost unparalleled batting record after 73 tests (averaging 63). But, his one-year ban and now a pandemic mean that he has played just 13 tests since the end of 2017. And he isn't likely to play another test until the Australian summer, by which time he will be well past 31 years of age. I'm not suggesting that any of this diminishes his greatness (Bradman's legacy was no less for the inter-war period), but you do wonder how his legacy will stack up against, say, a Ricky Ponting who had played 100 tests by the age of 31 and went on to amass around double Smith's current aggregate runs.
  9. Haha. Three steps forward, two backward. It's slow progress, but we have gone from about 4,600 active cases to 3,500 in the last couple of weeks. Hopefully we can get that right down by the end of the month.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Canada isn’t alone in this, but at the end of the day the “we’re all in this together” stuff rings hollow when only one demographic is really, truly suffering. And with hardly any targeted help coming their way, from either the Feds or Provinces. The stats around deaths in aged care facilities should be revolving front page news in Canada. But they’re not. RE: Ontario, I’d also like to see more testing, but I am impressed at the recent stats.
  11. Another good week for Canada. We should go below 1,000 new cases / day next week for the first time since March! Lockdown easing is starting to ramp up though...which of course carries risks.
  12. I've wondered this too. At the end of the day I just can't get my head around the differing public health outcomes across geographic locations. QC and ON just seem too similar in too many ways for the QC experience to have been this idiosyncratic.
  13. So long as Australia is a nation at least partially made up of racists, drongos and boofheads...there will always be room on our airwaves for an Alan Jones.
  14. Ontario starting to kick some ass. Active cases are now at 3,746, down from the mid-5000s at the end of April. With luck, we will be at or below 1,000 cases by June. Quebec. Nearly 26,000 cases and rising. One province is accounting for over 80% of Canada's active cases.
  15. I haven't noticed any changes in behaviour re: social distancing in Canada. But spring starts late up here...perhaps people won't be able to help themselves when the weather does eventually warm.
  16. The story about superannuation fraud this week jogged my memory about something I'd wanted to say about the ScoMo/Frydenberg economic response: granting early access to super due to CV-19 is some seriously dumb policy. Reasons why this is stupid: Superannuation is there to provide for a steady retirement income (likely supplemented by the aged pension or similar). Raiding it now simply defers today's financial pain to the future (but magnified because of the lost tax-advantaged investment income). We have a federal social safety net for a reason. If people need greater assistance, then the right policy choice is to strengthen that system. We should not be getting people used to the idea that superannuation is part of one's accessible wealth. It gives an over-inflated view of the personal balance sheet and potentially skews financial decision making (Australians already save too little of their income). We do not want to set a precedent for making it OK to tinker with core superannuation policy. Future populist governments could have a field day with this. Increased opportunities for fraud.
  17. Some more "glass-half-full" comments to echo @Fragile Bird above: Alberta has gone four days in a row of reporting less than 100 new cases per day. Ontario was at 500-600 cases per day two weeks ago, 400-500 last week and 400 this week. Let's go for under 300 next week! BC hasn't had more than 40 cases per day this month. But: No real sign of a slowdown in QC - just plateauing. Saskatchewan is having its worst stretch of the pandemic so far, with three days in a row of over 20 new cases.
  18. While we are throwing studies/theories around, I thought this one was pretty interesting. If you can't be bothered reading, the nutshell is: older people are more susceptible to SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 because their bodies learned an "incorrect" response to the virus at an earlier stage of life.
  19. It's sad hey. It would be interesting to know how many are closing down by choice (due to zero revenues) versus being evicted for not paying rent. I don't know that commercial landlords really have much to gain from eviction at this point. Who wants to start or expand a business in this environment? Perhaps it is skewed to situations where the landlord-tenant relationship was already strained. Restaurants are going to be pretty hard hit even when restrictions are lifted. I am a pretty avid restaurant-goer usually, but with the financial situation, potential health risks and being accustomed now to cook at home...I don't think my habits of eating out are going to return quickly. I am kinda keen to go out dancing though haha. But it will be a while before clubs re-open. ETA: Nice to see you LooN.
  20. The Swedes would answer - no point at all. I think more governments are realising that, having failed to stop the virus in its early stages (like Taiwan, S Korea, Aus, NZ), they are just going to have to live with the consequences. But I personally I agree with you. Having sacrificed the economy and locked down, you might as well keep the fiscal tap flowing and wait until a much more significant decrease in active cases.
  21. RE: Canada, I wouldn’t put it in the same category as the US and UK. Daily fatalities are growing very slowly now and daily new cases have been stable for a while despite a large increase in testing. Moreover, most of the outbreak is concentrated in a single province (Quebec), meaning that other provinces on the west and east coast can relax restrictions sooner. For comparison with the US: Michigan state (population = 10m) has more fatalities than Canada (population = 37m). ETA: The bump in new case numbers yesterday was due to a “computer error” in Quebec.
  22. Funny, this was one of the few “gateway” fantasy authors that I never touched. Very pleased that I didn’t.
  23. Just saw the Dean Laidley story. FFS Vic Police.
  24. Personally I would have downloaded the app, but I certainly understand the reticence of many. As a public servant I'm biased towards thinking of government as a force for good!
  25. Even without the error, they’ve recorded over 1,000 new cases / day in recent days. It’s an interesting time to be relaxing restrictions...let’s hope for the best. I definitely would’ve liked to see the number of active cases in Quebec falling before they proceed with any substantial re-opening. We are starting to see some local businesses close permanently in downtown TO. Sad. It looks as if Morneau dropped the ball on commercial rental assistance.
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