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  1. I actually have no idea at this point what Labour will be campaigning for at this election. A second referendum? A different (and softer) negotiated exit? Putting the polls aside, I feel as if BoJo has a significant advantage just by virtue of having a clear position.
  2. Very sad. Another case of a great career cut short. It's also particularly sad for Bangladesh as he is really their first ever world-class player.
  3. Another slower episode...we are definitely in characterisation mode at the moment, with Elliot and Darlene getting further development via interactions with Wellick and a drunk Santa, respectively. There were some good moments in that ep (I enjoyed the Dom interludes and the scene with the crazy store owner), but I did at times feel as if I was watching Fargo rather than Mr Robot. And our cast of characters has narrowed even further! I'm not really sure what to make of
  4. Argentina has turned against Macri, with the Fernandez team looking to have won outright in the first round. Depressing stuff, but Macri blew his chances with a botched economy. Things might have gone better for him if he'd taken a larger economic bath from the get-go to tame inflation; instead he went for the halfway-house of moderate consolidation, which led to (another) IMF bailout. On the bright side, at least Kristina isn't Pres again. I'm a little surprised at the unrest in Chile. Not at all surprised with Ecuador - Moreno could not have made a less astute choice with the fuel subsidies.
  5. Ep 3 was a little on the slow side, but worth it for the surprisingly tender WhiteRose backstory and a heart-warming (if flawed) beginning to a new love story for Elliot. We also got some Tyrell at the end of the ep! I am missing some of the supporting cast in this season. There was more "tying of loose ends" in this ep too with the comeback of Krista.
  6. My $0.02 is that you are still better off bringing all the left-leaning parties under one roof to destroy any chance of the Conservatives forming government under any circumstances (ATM the vote splitting is the only thing keeping them relevant as far as I can tell). That would then likely lead to a wholesale reinvention of the Cons as a more centrist party, thereby reducing the chances of Canada ever being governed by righties. Of course, all this goes out the window if you guys ditch first past the post for something better *cough* AV/IRV *cough*.
  7. Never seen the movie but I'm fairly confident that Strictly Ballroom kicks Australia's butt when it comes to Luhrmann films (and great Australian films).
  8. Au contraire Jeor, I am a big admirer of Pat Cummins. The Marsh boys are also pretty cute in their own way (mainly Mitch). And of course that is without canvassing the likes of Brett Lee from yesteryear!
  9. Seven hits off Verlander and eight off Cole...I’m still reeling.
  10. Ok makes sense. My local knowledge improving with each passing day :/
  11. Everything going right for Washington. This is not going to script for Houston with both of their aces getting smashed around.
  12. I'm interested in how things have played out post-election. When we last had a minority government in Australia (2010), the PM signed a formal agreement with minor parties/cross-benchers on confidence and supply (no Cabinet positions were granted as it was not a formal coalition). It seems that Trudeau is not even going down the path of an agreement? It will just be a straight-up minority relying on other parties to pass legislation on a case-by-case basis (and tacitly guaranteeing confidence)? It seems a pretty bold move to me, but I guess he has the NDP and BQ over a barrel as neither would want another election. I guess the other factor is he wants to avoid any demands around electoral reform, but I understand that the minor parties have de-prioritized this for now.
  13. That's a fair point. They do seem to have enough talent to rebuild quite quickly. Maybe it's just the hangover from losing so many good players (Steyn, Morkel, Amla, De Villiers) in a short period of time? On Markram, I think he is just going through a bad patch. Those two hundreds last year against Australia were quality knocks against a strong bowling attack. Zubayr Hamza (apart from being really quite sexy) looks like a good find for SA. Near 50 average in first class cricket and an impressive maiden fifty against India at Ranchi. Could be a name for the future.
  14. Only Elgar can hold his head up high from that series. Maybe Kagiso. Terrible. Usman running out of time for this test summer. I think everyone will keep their spot from The Oval, except Head will be given another chance in place of Marsh.
  15. A couple of points I'd make: Totally agree that "winning" the popular vote is a lot less meaningful from a moral/democratic standpoint than in a two-party system. You could argue, for example, that left-leaning parties (rather than the Cons) actually "won" the popular vote with a majority of about 2/3 and therefore have a much better mandate to form government. CBC analysts were saying last night that the popular vote is a factor that has always been looked at to some extent in Canadian politics (e.g. no party has ever won a majority without at least 38% of the popular vote.) So when the Libs were coming up only in the mid-30s early on in the count, we knew or at least suspected it was going to be a minority. It's a useful number from that perspective.
  16. I can see now why JT scrapped electoral reform. 33% of the vote translates to a sizable 46% of seats for the Liberals, while the Cons managed 34% of the popular vote for 36% of seats. The poor old NDP get just 7% of seats despite 16% of the vote. I guess the Cons are always hamstrung by the fact that they are mopping up a lot of easy votes out west that don't translate into seats. Reminds me of how the Dems' big wins in states like CA never matter. ETA: Is it normal for the Cons to do so badly in Quebec?
  17. Ontario held firm in the end. One of the only provinces where Justin didn’t lose double digit support in percentage terms. Good that the PP didn’t win a thing. Greens winning a few seats is pretty novel!
  18. Some commentators were arguing that the Cons would have done better without hiding Ford in the basement!
  19. Triple post...but I guess the Bloc also killed off the Libs majority chances. Double whammy for both major parties.
  20. I’m going to go a little early and say no majority. Results in ON not quite strong enough.
  21. But the Bloc has all but killed off any chance for the Cons right? The latter has hardly won a seat in Quebec. Four more years for JT.
  22. I’m learning a lot about Atlantic Canada haha. Looks tight so far (as expected) but still a long way to go. The first past the post system infuriates me a bit...
  23. No need to apologise! I can see how flipping back to the Conservatives after they were in already in power for nearly ten years would hurt. A similar thing happened back in Aus when the centre-right party returned to power in 2013 after they had already been in power from 1996-2007. Now we are stuck with them until at least 2022.
  24. I think there were a lot more identity/culture politics at play in that one. It seems to me that there was also more at stake on that front in the 2015 Harper v Justin contest. This year's battle is still important on policy grounds as you say, but I don't see it as having as many ramifications from an overall social standpoint. As an example, Scheer isn't proposing the kind of immigration overhaul that we have seen under Trump. Anyway you can all discount my views by a factor of 100% as a newcomer and non-Canadian!
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