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  1. I don't think he was overly late in being recognized - it's just the way things are for some migrant players. He only became eligible to play for NZ in August 2020. And let's not forget that Wagner, Watling and de Grandhomme were all born in SA or Zim, but I think they all migrated to NZ much earlier than Conway.
  2. Back to the Denly days for England...two down for not many. Root will need to fill his boots to dig England out of this. ETA: Enjoyed watching Southee operate in that mini-session. He is good enough to cancel out Anderson in this series if he is at his best.
  3. Great little cameo from Wagner. NZ will be licking their chops here.
  4. Not great timing for his old tweets to resurface though...you know you've got a problem when your press statement reads: "I want to make it clear that I’m not racist and I’m not sexist." Agree with Conway. Very uncomplicated technique. Good temperament. I am not sure when he qualified to play for NZ, but his First Class record is pretty damn good too and could have perhaps justified an earlier selection.
  5. Yes, interesting selection. I think NZ being loaded with left handed batsmen might have played a role in Leach’s omission. Also worth noting that Ed Smith was dumped as selector and he was not a fan of playing Broad and Anderson in the same XI...now they are back in action together but it does make for a samey attack without Archer or a spin option. ETA: What a day for Conway. Batted all day on debut at Lord's for an unbeaten ton! Not sure you could script that much better.
  6. His last series! Hopefully we see some vintage BJ innings in this series. The Lord's pitch is looking flat AF, as it often does. Won't be easy to take 20 wickets here.
  7. Nice start for NZ. With four of their top five averaging over 40 in test cricket (a rarity these days), the early stages of an NZ innings are always going to be tough for England. The main hope for the hosts is that NZ are batting Watling at 6, so CdeG is a little high at 7. I dread to know what England's over rate will be in this match with no spinner...
  8. Anderson closing on an 1,000 FC wickets and should break Cook’s test appearances record this summer. Incredible stuff. Can’t wait for the Lord’s test! Will be glued to my screen.
  9. Foakes has suffered a freak dressing room injury (don’t wear sock on slippery floors!) So England will hand a debut to the promising Bracey at Lord’s. Haseeb Hameed also gets a late inclusion after years in the wilderness...some pressure on Sibley and Burns this summer.
  10. Boult is out of the first test (he is joining the tour late due to a post-IPL break). But NZ will still ask plenty of questions through Southee, Henry, Jamieson and the indefatigable Wagner. Even de Grandhomme could be very useful if there is some movement. Doug Bracewell is the name that surprised me in the NZ touring party. Not a name I thought would get re-selected, though that Hobart test will never be forgotten (at least not by me).
  11. Got to celebrate the small wins! The recent NSW by election seems to be causing rumblings in both State and Federal Labor. Watch this space I guess. Clearly they are non-competitive atm outside of a few State strongholds. The question is: how much is due to the pandemic versus their own waning popularity and primary vote.
  12. Sanity prevails on AZ. For a second I thought Canada had gone crazy.
  13. I dunno. Stokes, Buttler and Archer are pretty big outs IMO. They are also missing Curran and Woakes, one of whom might’ve been a shot. Moeen and Jonny would not have played anyway, so no great loss there. I am fairly sure that one of Overton or Robinson will play ahead of Wood.
  14. Scheduling drama! The BCCI has requested that the ECB change the timing of the upcoming five-test series in a bid to create a window for completion of the IPL (probably to now take place in the UAE). My thoughts: This will suck for fans who have already booked tickets/days off work The IPL Part #2 is probably going to be an odd/sub-par affair anyway, as many overseas players won't be available Oh and England is not going to be playing anything like a full-strength test side against NZ. That is another potentially odd bit of cricket as England will be playing a second XI and NZ will have 1.5 eyes on the WTC Final.
  15. Ford aiming to relax restrictions two weeks after we hit 60% of eligibles. Fair enough.
  16. I was looking at some vaccine stats...how is it that only 68.8% of females over 80 are vaccinated (at least one dose)? That seems incredibly low to me. The equivalent stat for males was closer to 75%. I can only guess that the average age of females over 80 is different and must be leading to different decisions? Source was the Globe and Mail vaccine tracker. ETA: BTW, my 2/3 estimate was for all citizens, not just adults. I agree that 70% of adults is looking quite feasible soon.
  17. Totally. I just wonder whether Hayden is trying to quell anti-Indian racism/sentiment rather than any criticism of Modi and his government. Some have accused the Aussie government of prejudice, given that they did not ban flights from the UK even when that country was on its knees not long ago. But with India, a ban is in place.
  18. Interesting one. I don't think he intended for it to be a Modi-defence, but it can certainly be read that way.
  19. Ontario is now opening up vaccine eligibility for all 18+s starting tomorrow. Presumably we will start seeing a decline in demand for first shots soon, as around 2/3 of Ontarians will have had their first shots by the end of the month. We will also be passing the US very soon in terms of % of population to have at least one shot...demand there has tapered off quickly. In less positive news, we are about to tick over 25,000 (officially recorded) fatalities due to COVID.
  20. I think 80% is as much as we will get from adults Canada-wide. Plenty of vaccine hesitations amongst my friendship group...a personal decision I guess. I got my vacc today, courtesy of the weird hotspot rules. Not complaining though!
  21. Umm hi. Stuart MacGill kidnapped? Now I’ve heard everything.
  22. Haha you’re not the only one. I have recently got into surfing as a spectator sport...the Pro Tour is currently on in Australia so you know that won’t be cancelled! Plus, like cricket, the tournament goes for many days and there is a lot of waiting in between the action :P.
  23. UAE already being talked about for the T20 World Cup. It is very possible that by October India would be viable again but it’s probably not a bad idea.
  24. Aussies off to the Maldives, everyone else should be able to get home. Correct call to postpone, but hardly a difficult decision in the end with the bubble burst and uncertainty over how long it would take to re-establish. ETA: Agree @Jeor. In hindsight, the UAE model (like last year’s postponed tournament) was the way to go once again. With no crowds allowed, playing in India was more symbolic than anything else and made logistics extremely difficult.
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