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  1. I think the former can be explained by the ascendency of climate politics in those seats. But I don’t really get the latter! I can only assume that Shorten and his progressive economic agenda was the problem.
  2. Yeah fair enough. I guess I’m wondering more at the possible narratives there and why Shorten’s progressive platform fell so flat. And the same question re: Victoria. ETA: On the question about external influences on this election - look closer to home than Russia or China. The Murdoch press was a major factor. I don’t necessarily “blame” the media for this result though - this is on Australians who gobble that stuff up like no tomorrow. And another stray observation: in a weird way this was a great night for Tony Abbott. He lost his seat, but he showed that a Liberal party cast more in his image than Turnbull’s would have electoral success.
  3. Just a few stray observations: - Labor has won majority government at just a single federal election since 1993. That’s one victory in 26 years. - Palmer didn’t win a single seat, but he surely had a major impact on the result with his voters directing preferences to the LNP. One Nation also got a big primary vote in Queensland. - The decision to turf Turnbull paid a massive dividend in Queensland. The Longman by-election win actually hurt Labor in the long term because it showed that MT couldn’t hold on to marginal Qld seats. - Labor’s “united team” made no difference. And that same unity will actually be a problem if/when Labor try to tilt rightwards in the next three years. How can the new leader be credible when they stood behind Shorten’s progressivism? - The Senate could be very tricky for Morrison, with the Greens picking up seats in most states. A lot depends on how these last few seats in doubt fall. - And we always knew this but: “it’s the economy, stupid”. Labor can’t hope to win government unless and until they get the electorate to trust them on the economy. One thing I can’t quite work out: what on earth happened in Tas and Vic? I can understand Qld but I’m surprised at seats actually flipping to the Libs in Tas.
  4. Losing Shorten is a massive plus. Also looks like Lambie might be back! Entertainment +++
  5. Haha. Did I mention I’m moving to Canada in two weeks?
  6. Terrible policy on the run from the Coalition re: first home buyers. Not only is it mainly great news for current owners/sellers, it’s also imprudent to encourage lower-income earners to enter a still-inflated market with small savings. And equally poor stuff from Labor to match it without thinking.
  7. Yeah I agree it was confusing. And not a great article either!
  8. Might be worth clarifying that the above quote is not attributable to Grant. Grant is Aboriginal, the author of the article that contains the above quote (Anson Cameron) is not.
  9. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Only a subset of the Senators voted in last time will be up for election now - so the likes of Hanson and Bernardi will all be in again. And I think the demise of Xenophon’s party is easily replaced by Palmer. I understand his party is polling well in SA. Plus I’d expect the records to keep tumbling in terms of historically low Senate votes for the majors.
  10. I'm reading The Stars My Destination. So far it's been a pretty fun read, particularly in the opening stanzas. But Gully Foyle is a bit of a dud of a protagonist. I also read Talking To My Country, by high-profile Australian journalist Stan Grant. This is a fairly grim and dispiriting autobiographical piece, but worth reading if you are interested in the modern-day plight of Aboriginal Australians. Meanwhile I have put The Dragonbone Chair on hold. It isn't a bad read by any stretch of the imagination, but it's so slooooooow. Will be interested to read your verdict on this one.
  11. The Murdoch press coverage notwithstanding, I think this has been a very uninteresting campaign. Both parties' platforms are reasonably well understood and there haven't been many flashy announcements or developments. We've really been scraping the barrel with stories about FB posts that unimportant candidates made ten years ago. I wonder what the turnout would be if we didn't have compulsory voting...
  12. You have a few banana-bending compatriots on here, but they tend to be lurkers (I'm looking at you neal). In terms of election predictions...I'm hesitant to commit. On the one hand I'm expecting a Liberal bloodbath in Victoria and Queensland, with lots of marginal seats turning red. On the other hand I think Morrison's leadership might have sandbagged the Liberals in Qld, plus I'm always worried about the ALP in NSW....
  13. People can be such morons. How about we just vote people like Anning and Morrison out rather than egging them?
  14. They could've given it to Price! Previously those portfolios were combined under MT...
  15. Bahaha. That guy is an embarrassment. For that portfolio to go from Frydenberg (a possible future PM) to him is just a joke.
  16. So the Libs have decided to place Palmer second on its how-to-vote cards (or third where there is a Nats candidate). Any Liberal voters out there actually going to follow this insane direction?
  17. One Nation managed to scrape a second seat in the NSW upper house...but the Lib Dems narrowly missed out! Good riddance to Leyonhjelm.
  18. My understanding is that Folau re-contracted with the ARU earlier this year and agreed not to make hateful comments about LGBTIQ people. So this is contract law 101 - good riddance.
  19. Yes we finally have a date. Shorten couldn't lose it from here...could he?
  20. Just another thread. And to christen it, a song in honour of the soon-to-be-retired Manly ferries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIrUqsB-0vw
  21. Yeah, I'm not convinced that the show is that great without the Chuck-Jimmy conflict to drive it along. I don't care enough about Nacho for the Cartel storyline to be that interesting, particularly when we know what happens to Gus, Mike and the Salamancas.
  22. Joined :-). Are we doing a head-to-head as well this season?
  23. is furious at the lack of posting in the Aussies thread!

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      Don't be - people have a real life, too.

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    Welcome to the board HaaH :cheers:. Good to see another West Aussie around here!
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