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  1. Clicking on my profile hey? Only a matter of time before you finally post...

  2. Oi Mark, get into chat. Me and Ski are having a yarn. Go to this website, sign up for an account and click "Chat":


  3. Much better av. At least the nationality is right. Forza Italia!

  4. No excuses mate. This thread awaits:

  5. Oi, start posting more you lazy cad.

  6. is adamantly refusing to accept Prearts as a nickname on this board

    1. hazza87


      why not PJ.. or just capitol J

  7. Paxter


    Luce, you should post this in the Aussiecon or Aussies thread (or just start a new thread in the BwB subforum), because not many of us check this Introductions thread regularly. You should be able to get Cam, Jebus and Chris to come along as well as Inquisitor.
  8. Paxter


    :lol: @Inquisitor: you're going to have to change your board username mate - the new nickname appears to be sticking...
  9. Paxter


    Hey Inquisitor. I was at the con as well, but never got the chance to meet you that night at La Camera. Welcome to the Board nonetheless :cheers:.
  10. is eating churros and basking in World Cup glory

  11. I have been trying to find some info on this as well ambryi, but at this stage there has been no word on a sale to an Australian network (AFAIK anyway). In all likelihood though, it will end up on Showcase (i.e. Foxtel) probably 6-12 months after it is shown in the States.
  12. is eating churros and anticipating World Cup glory

  13. For what it's worth, I just wanted to extend my congratulations to Dave and Dan. I really don't think the casting process could have proceeded any better, and it was great to see that notice was taken of the many casting suggestions that were floated on the board. Best of luck for the months ahead :cheers:
  14. Bring it on Holland!

    Ignore the first goal, that was an aberration ;). It's the second two goals that mattered.

    Looking forward to a repeat tomorrow. Be there or be square Exa...

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