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  1. Fair point. I guess I was proceeding on the basis that, even if China's figures are severely under-counted in aggregate, there may be some truth to the downward trend we saw in fatalities/day. I'm also not really bothering to look at Brazil or Russia's stats so far. (Or Iran's, obviously).
  2. The effect of some of the Euro lockdown is interesting. They seem to have done a great job at moving from rapid growth to stabilization, but nothing is really happening beyond stabilization. Italy's 7-day rolling average of daily fatalities is pretty much flat for the past two weeks. I'd still call that (qualified) success, but it's obviously not what we saw in China, with fatalities falling sharply around 30-40 days after the general outbreak.
  3. Split 1-1 so far! One interesting factoid about these two greats: both sucked against their most formidable foes. Murali averaged 36 with a strike rate every 70 balls against Australia, compared to a career average and SR of 22 and 55, respectively. Warne's average against India was a stonking 47.18, striking every 90 balls (!) *Pax daydreams about VVS* One other (often-cited stat): Murali took 176 wickets against Zim and Bangladesh. Warne took 17 against the same opposition. That does muddy the statistical waters... ETA: OK one last thing. Is it bad that I actually like Warne the commentator?
  4. Agree on the Reykjavik food scene being nothing special (eye-watering prices aside). Many restaurants also serve whale and puffin which is kinda...questionable at the very least for a country that likes it market itself as eco-friendly. It is a breathtaking country though from a scenic standpoint.
  5. Haha it was hard enough comparing Brian, Sachin and Ricky. Did we have to bring Bradman in? It's almost like the Godwin's Law of online cricket discussions . Shall we move to the inevitable Warne v Murali argument?
  6. I am well aware of the above (hence why I wrote "this wave" in my post). But none of that precludes Canada from looking at gradual steps (per Germany and other countries) towards restoring some further services (elective surgery, dental, radiography etc).
  7. Haha I'm not being partisan. I'm not Canadian so I'm only just learning about your political system! Per my earlier post - I actually took a dim view of Trudeau's action. I just don't think it's worth being polemical about compared to other policy matters.
  8. I know it’s easy to say at a distance...but these are all great problems to have TBH. We just had a new peak for daily fatalities and will be in lockdown well into the summer. Australia is doing ridiculously well.
  9. I don't think anyone is blaming the workers (I certainly am not!) The issue is governance. And it's not unique to Ontario, or even Canada. Many countries will have to seriously reform the funding and regulation of aged care in the wake of this crisis. The Trudeau thing is not really worth arguing over. It's just an optics thing.
  10. I'm probably with you on Trudeau @LynnS. He has some real brain fades at times. The longer this goes on, the clearer it becomes that the failure to take enough precautionary measures in aged care facilities has been a major problem and the primary driver of fatalities in Canada. Perhaps we have been so caught up in the "macro" (e.g. closing borders, social distancing) that we have forgotten about the "micro" (e.g. does each and every aged care facility have strict controls in place given their vulnerability?)
  11. When (if?) normality resumes...come hit me up in Toronto! (Though I can't recall anyone in this thread putting Ontario on their bucket list haha). I do think it's interesting that some people's idea of "too touristy" is cities with too much sensory overload (NYC/London/Vegas), whereas for me it's cities with too many people (especially cruise passengers) for the given size of the place (Venice/Dubrovnik/Prague come to mind).
  12. Haha I’m too much of a party boy to not enjoy Vegas. My boyfriend raves about it and I like the idea of crazy big hotel rooms (without breaking the budget), night clubbing and shows/musicals. Don’t get me wrong though...there are places I want to go before Vegas. It’s just a relatively easy one to knock off while I’m living in North America.
  13. Dubrovnik is on my anti-bucket list for now. Looks to have gone the way of Venice in terms of over-tourism. But I'm keen on Vegas! My biggest gaps are Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Japan, Vietnam, Kenya and South Africa are all high on the list. Watching test match cricket in Cape Town has been a near lifelong dream. I also need to see way more of the American South (only done New Orleans so far). And I've never been to Central America at all. I was weirdly let down by the Pyramids. The Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel and Temple of Hatshepsut are all cooler in person - just way more interactive I guess.
  14. That inside-out cover drive off Villani was something else. I'd rather watch him bat at 50 years of age than Steve Smith at any time :P. The Sachin v Ponting v Lara debate is a tricky one. For me it's Lara as a test batsman, but there is so much bias in there because of his entertainment value and my ability to recall specific innings. Sachin was the best all-format player though - I don't think Ricky or Lara were as dominant as him in coloured clothing. ETA: One other favourite test moment I forgot: McGrath's catch to dismiss Vaughan in Adelaide (I think?). Insanely unlikely to the point of being almost bizarre.
  15. On that basis, we are likely to see 100ish fatalities/day for quite a while now, but without any further spikes so long as new cases remain stable. Feels like we are on a similar trajectory to Germany, which is certainly no bad thing on a relative analysis.
  16. I find it hard to interpret this crisis sometimes. On the one hand I'm extremely heartened that daily new cases in Canada have basically been flat in since the start of the month. On the other hand, we just had a new peak of fatalities/day yesterday - into three figures for the first time.
  17. Sounds good FB. I guess if we are past peak hospitalization for this wave, then all the attention now turns to governments across the country on (gradual) transition from lockdown in May.
  18. Yeah reducing imported cases needs to be the priority now. Places like WA could be nearly COVID free before too long.
  19. Hopefully Quebec has turned a corner and those recent data are not due to reduced testing over Easter. 900s per day down to 500 is a big deal. I think we will see a lot of cases in ON this week with the increased testing - ON had previously the lowest tests/capita of any province. Overall I think Canada has a lot more cause for optimism in the last week or so.
  20. Some great moments above. The memories of Lara in particular make me smile. A pure talent and one of our great test match treasures. Another couple honourable mentions: - Justin Langer and Gilchrist pulling off an amazing run chase in Hobart (2000/01) - Graeme Smith coming out to bat with a broken hand against Mitch Johnson
  21. Seems like we are very much in a "stabilization" phase of this wave, with no large jumps recently. Hopefully we can start seeing the numbers actually fall in the next two weeks (at least for fatalaties/day).
  22. Ok here we go. It won't surprise anyone that Australia is on the receiving end of the majority! Plus they are more skewed to batting than perhaps I'd like. But these are the moments that have stood the test of time in my memory. India v Australia 2001, Chennai, The winning runs: In what is probably the greatest three-test series of all-time (and my personal favourite series ever), it all came down to Day Five in Chennai. India needed just 155 runs for victory, but some superb catching from Mark Waugh reduced India to a dicey 7-135. Zaheer Khan batted manfully for around half an hour to get India within a few runs of victory, but when he was dismissed India still needed five runs. In walked the man-of-the-hour: Harbhajan Singh. He and Dighe got India within two runs of an unlikely series win. McGrath was steaming in against Singh. Everyone in India was on the edge of their seat. I was on the edge of my couch yelling at the screen. And somehow Singh squeezed out the most awkward offside shot in history (at 54:40) to score the winning runs . I'll always cherish that moment. Australia v England 2001, Headingley, Mark Butcher's 173: This is my favourite test innings of all time. Butch's innings truly defied the odds: he was up against the nearly invincible attack of McGrath, Gillespie, Lee and Warne, with English test cricket at a (very) low ebb after drubbings in the first three tests. Many would say that the recent Stokes innings was better, but in my view Stokes was dealing with a far inferior opposition. A good illustration of how good Butch's innings was comes in one particular Gillespie over (at 13:40), when England was within striking distance of an unlikely win. Butch climbed into a glorious square cut and held the pose, right leg coming off the pitch like a dancer. Smashing shot that. Australia v England 2005, Trent Bridge, Giles' winning runs: Of course this series had to be in the mix, but I'm going for Giles' winning runs at Trent Bridge as my favourite moment (at 5:42). I know a lot of people remember Edgbaston as the best test of that series, but I preferred Trent Bridge. It was at the pointy end of the series and Australia had bounced back so well to save the Old Trafford test (another epic test match), that I thought Australia would hold on to the Ashes (again) in the later tests. The climax at Trent Bridge match was incredibly tense, with Warne and Lee blasting through England's top order. But the plucky Giles held his nerve and made a crucial 7* to see England home. New Zealand v England 2002, Christchurch, Astle's bonkers 222: This is the only knock on the list that I didn't watch live, but I've watched the highlights reel so many times over the years and I never get tired of it. Nathan Astle: you little beauty. Just watch this clip! The expression on Nasser's face throughout is worth it. And so is the sound of leather on willow as Astle flays Caddick and co. all over the park. Pakistan v Australia 2002, Colombo, Akhtar ripping through the Aussies. I remember being so excited about this series. Australia was of course very strong in the early 2000s, but I was really (foolishly) bullish on this particular Pakistan side. I thought the attack of Akhtar, Younis and Saqlain might cause trouble on tracks that spin and reverse. As it turned out, it was an extremely forgettable series with Pakistan's batting falling into a heap against Warne in every test match. But. There were a couple of spells from Akhtar late in the first match that redeemed everything. Against some of the best batsman of the modern era, on a relatively dead track, Akthar bagged Ponting, both Waughs and Gilchrist. Oh and Gilchrist was clean bowled off a searing shoe-crushing yorker (at 5:13) (one of the only times I ever saw Gilchrist completely beaten for pace in his career). It was an amazing, exhilirating couple of spells from the man that personified Pakistani cricket.
  23. So I’ve swung back the other way on the Government’s response to this crisis. Looking at Canada’s numbers...we would be extremely happy with around 50 new cases per day! We are getting 400+ just in Ontario. Obviously Australia is headed for a recession along with the rest of the rich world, but it is as primed for a bounce back as any country.
  24. How do you rate Ford's performance in this crisis so far? I haven't really paid much attention, but my instinct says probably slightly better than expected?
  25. At least Canada's overall numbers are stabilizing this week rather than rapidly increasing (like last week). Obviously it would have been nice to see even better numbers (like Western Canada seems to be getting), but I think the sheer number of Ontario/Quebec residents returning from international trips (in hot spots like France, New York, cruises) makes it very difficult. Community transmission seems low across Canada outside of aged care facilities.
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