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  1. Warner axed as captain of SRH and replaced by Kane halfway through the tournament! Crazy stuff. I don’t know if it’s really his fault TBH but l...karma.
  2. Pollard talked to you with his bat haha. One of the better IPL innings I’ve ever seen. He was swatting the ball like a fly.
  3. This comment didn't age well. A lot of the matches are snooze-fests now, as the bottom four teams (KKR, RR, PK and SRH) are clearly inferior to the top four. I wouldn't rule out a resurgence for perhaps one of them, but I I don't see it as likely. I am, of course, enjoying seeing Warner's team struggle. Overall though...is this IPL going to make it all the way? If more of the domestic and/or overseas players drop, then it might not be tenable. I see the argument for forging ahead, but I'm still not sure it will last.
  4. I think it’s pretty hard to call these games. It’s a pretty even comp. Going to say Dad’s (MS’) Army will win this one. In other news, I noticed that Cricinfo has officially dropped the word batsman in all its coverage. FWIW, I’ll follow suit on that one and use batter going forward.
  5. A dominant performance from Marnus in the final sees QLD win yet another Shield. Glamorgan will be keen to have him over in the UK shortly for a county stint. Nice to see Pope back in form for Surrey. England will need him to have a big summer to hopefully pave the way for a decent Ashes performance. Maxwell does it again for Bangalore. And Delhi were too good for the Kings, who look to be the IPL laggards along with Warner’s hapless Sunrisers.
  6. The Sheffield Shield final of course! You’d think the Bulls will win after Neser’s performance yesterday and a top class QLD batting line up featuring Marnus and Usman. Plus the County season has started and I am a bit more enthused than normal. I was never a big fan of the Division format; I think the US-style conference structure will produce better talent. And I’m still watching a bit of IPL here and there. Looks to be a very even competition with not many lopsided contests. RCB actually look decent so far thanks largely to The Big Show.
  7. KKR looked pretty decent the other night, I wonder whether they could be a dark horse under Captain Morgan. MI and Delhi are the favourites for mine.
  8. I think QC is potentially reaping the reward of holding back second doses. Hospitalizations there are increasing at a much slower rate than Ontario despite similar case increases. That’s speculation though - I can’t back it up with any evidence.
  9. I think you’re totally fine and well outside the contagious period per CDC advice (ten days since the start of symptoms, provided symptoms have cleared). Can always social distance / mask / gather outside if it makes you more comfortable!
  10. I'll be interested to see who gets Home Affairs but that's about it. The fact that Cash and Dutton are the best that ScoMo can produce as replacements just reinforces the lack of talent on the Coalition frontbench. Their only consolation is that Labor is even more devoid of talent!
  11. Some contrasting leadership decisions being made. SA have made a good call to relieve the reluctant QdK from captaincy duties, opting for Elgar in tests and Bavuma in limited overs. Meanwhile, West Indies have dumped Holder as test captain on the basis of one good series from Brathwaite. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Brathwaite is a good quality player and a decent captain. But is it fair to drop Holder as skipper when he should rightly be credited with the team’s test resurgence in recent years? Harsh.
  12. Another example of seeing the train coming but waiting on the tracks and refusing to get out of the way. ON is opening up at precisely the wrong time.
  13. What do we know about cricket? 200 probably not a terrible first innings score in the end? ETA: Nope. It was still terrible. Pant has done it again for India...
  14. Pretty heroic performance from Stokes in this match. Keeping England in it almost single handedly with the big wickets of Virat and Rohit.
  15. Poor old Dom Bess...no wonder he hasn’t been picked lately. Root not giving him a bowl on a pitch on which India’s spinners got the majority of the wickets on Day 1.
  16. DRS? A lot of pundits were using it to explain the inability of batsmen to cope with the pitch in the last match. The theory is that previously you would play the line of the ball and then use your pad to cover the spin. Now apparently batsmen are tied into knots as they know that the pad will get them into trouble with Hawkeye. Not entirely sure I buy it. I think there has simply been a secular decline in test batting quality and a simultaneous spicing up of pitches.
  17. Some great news on the effectiveness of a single shot of the vaccine amongst the most vulnerable: Only 105 cases in ON care homes! That’s brilliant. One of the scourges of Covid in Canada has almost been tamed. Provided no curve balls from rising variants...
  18. Cool news on the FF mobile game. I have more confidence in Square to handle remakes well than new entries. Maybe we'll see some more of this with the other classic FF entries (i.e. the ones for which we have Uematsu soundtracks)?
  19. Pretty crazy that Ashwin beat Lyon to 400 wickets. I think at the start of the Australia tour Ashwin only had 365...
  20. I think that actually made the track harder to bat on - natural variation off the pitch increases the percentage chance of false shots. If every ball was turning, it would’ve been easier to play for the turn. But you couldn’t do that on this pitch because of the one skidding on. Reminds me of how Warne got a lot of wickets in the second half of his career.
  21. Reminds of the match at Pune in 2017 when India got rolled for 100 in both innings. I’ve got to say...I’m not really happy with any of these pitches. The first Chennai pitch was toss-dependent. And the second and third tests have spun from the first session and are no chance of making Day 5. It doesn’t really make for the best standard cricket IMO.
  22. Got the Pfeiffer! Could this match be over today? India have a useful 30 run lead...you never know!
  23. Root an almost farcical 4-5. Is the pitch really that bad? I'm going to say yes. The ball rags square a couple of times an over, then skids through straight from the same spot. The only way really to make runs is to hope that the seamers come on (hence why openers Rohit and Crawley got runs). I wouldn't be surprised if Ishant and Bumrah don't get a bowl in the second innings.
  24. Roooooooooooot. Who said England didn't pick two spinners!
  25. Triple post...but it's pleasing to see Leach do well so couldn't resist. Could get a big bag here in favourable conditions. India looking good still so long as Rohit is out there.
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