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  1. Exciting second match between Aus and NZ. The hosts were cruising until Stoinis and Sams nearly pulled off an incredible win. Guptill is just a pleasure to watch when he gets going.
  2. Yup I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I got it wrong with the selection too. I thought three quality seamers under lights might be more threatening than more full tosses from Dom Bess...but actually England needed at least two spinners on this deck. It’s not a raging turner like the last test, but there is enough natural variation off the wicket to cause a lot of problems for batsmen against finger spin. At the end of the day though: it’s England’s batting that is the problem. Root’s recent success was masking what is still their big issue, particularly away from home when you’re not getting much from Stokes.
  3. Not sure where to from here for England. They’ve played one spinner on a wicket where five wickets have fallen to spin in less than 30 overs (I was supportive of their selection...whoops). Stokes maybe a tad unlucky but the rest of the top order was blown away.
  4. Crawley’s dismissal almost a carbon copy of Jonny’s. Hard to really deal with the variation Axar is sending down. Maybe Stokes should just swing from the hips here? Not sure how else England can get any sort of score.
  5. Definitely in a tricky position, with Stokes and Pope lacking runs and previous success in these conditions. But it could be a low scoring test. Axar has gone for a few runs but also bowled some pearlers. Lovely to watch.
  6. Modi is even more popular in Gujarat than the rest of India, so I guess no surprises there... I really, really don’t want to curse him...but this has been a very pretty 40 from Crawley.
  7. This could be an exciting match. Fast outfield, seam and swing, and possibly spin.
  8. Jonny in early against a pink ball that is nipping around a bit in the air. Bowled or caught second slip? Nice from Ishant in his hundredth.
  9. I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb and say that England should play three specialist seamers tonight. A lot of people are saying that we will see another turning track, but with Mo gone home and Bess not offering enough control, I’d back in Leach plus some overs from Root to provide enough spin.
  10. Kelly finally cuts himself loose. I guess the writing was on the wall after Andrews was defenestrated and Kelly’s views became more marginal. It’s pleasing to see some of these voices getting sidelined or sidelining themselves. Bernardi, Abbott, Andrews, Kelly...who’s next? While ScoMo’s government wears many shades, I prefer the centre-right version to the batty right-wing pandering version.
  11. Nothing wrong with delaying the second shot in my books. The protection and reduced transmission you get from a large number of single shots probably outweighs the benefits of a little more protection for half the number of people. Good improvisation given our supply woes. ETA: Oh and I don’t expect ON to improve much more now in terms of hospitalizations. Any benefit from the vaccine will be wiped out by additional mobility and changes in behaviour outside of Toronto and Peel. Nice one Ford!
  12. True. I don’t know why I look at the rankings anyway. It’s one thing (among many) that the ICC has never really cracked. Personally I think the WTC hasn’t been that bad though. I know everyone rightly criticized the weird points system (which failed anyway due to the pandemic). But it has actually given some extra meaning to certain contests.
  13. Easy win for the Black Caps. I can't quite remember how Aus got to second on the T20I rankings. Their team composition and strategy always looks a bit hodge-podge to me, and they are overly reliant on Maxwell.
  14. I enjoyed that knock from Devon Conway - first time watching him bat. And it's nice to actually watch Australia tour (albeit not for tests!) I know that COVID is a big factor...but it's kind of crazy to think that Australia will have played just one away test series between early 2019 and mid-2022 (the 2019 Ashes). In that same period England will have toured several nations.
  15. Haha no way am I turning to CSK just because of Mo! Will have to look at the squad lists in detail to choose my least hated team. Was a bit of a strange auction I thought with a number of very speculative picks.
  16. Just bobbing up to criticize Ford (now becoming a regular hobby). Why would you send the wrong signal and start lifting restrictions at precisely the time when you were close to crushing the curve completely? Lessons not learned.
  17. @TheLastWolf: I think we try to be balanced but in the end a lot of us favour our home nations and/or the powerhouse test teams. As much as I love Sri Lankan and South African cricket, it is a hard to get too excited about their test teams when they are at a low ebb in terms of quality. In years gone by, this was a very different situation. I think Pakistan and Bangladesh could come good in the near future, and the Windies have had a mini resurgence since the Jason Holder era, but none of them play consistent enough cricket for me to watch them in every test match.
  18. On Mo - he was scheduled to leave the India tour after two tests. This was pre-agreed. But Smith and Root changed their minds yesterday and asked him to stay (due to Bess’ dropping), putting him in an unfair position I think from a family perspective.
  19. Where to now for England? India looked a completely different side in this test (esp in the spin department), and at the same time a number of fragilities emerged for the tourists that I think could plague them for the rest series. The spinners took wickets but were unable to keep the runs down, the two paceman tried hard but were far short of Archer and Anderson and the top order just looks rubbish. Bring back Keaton Jennings and/or Jonny! An aside: that win snapped a four match losing streak for Virat as captain. But his century-less run continues...
  20. Is this series going to be simple as "bat first - win"? Ashwin has put in one of the great all-round performances in this match. Perhaps he can even snatch MoM from Rohit.
  21. This is some series that Ashwin is having...
  22. Also: Kevin Andrews lost preselection for the next election. Lol. Worth a double post!
  23. Should be some light at the end of the tunnel with quarantine workers soon to have access to the Pfizer vacc, which has a very high efficacy. And it looks as if the TGA will go ahead and approve the AstraZeneca vacc (which is being manufactured in Melbs by CSL) soon. Personal note: I finally made it back. Will be my first time seeing family in a long while when I'm done with my quar. Nice feeling, but I do feel sorry for the many thousands who I know are still stuck trying to get back, whether permanently or to see loved ones.
  24. On Virat - his last century for India in any format was in November 2019. He is due you'd think.
  25. India are in all sorts at 80-odd for five (including a run out and two stumpings)....but it's already game over you'd think. Most sides would probably struggle to make more than 150 in the fourth innings on a wicket like this.
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