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  1. Aerys III of his name

    Is Jon's blood a dragon shape?

    I read some post people saying his blood on snow had the form of a dragon, i though it was just bs, but thinking it again, when Davos look at it, he looks amazed in a strange way So I took a screen let's analyze it http://s31.postimg.org/ugw8sqj0b/Screenshot_from_Game_of_thrones_6x01_mkv.png A= Tail B= Left/Right Wing C= Right/Left Wing D= Head E(optional)= Neck dismembered (as if cut by a sword) that/s why head is so laterally located Maybe another hint for r+l=j even if it's just one or two second on screen, few people could have cared about it
  2. Aerys III of his name

    [Spoilers] EP601

    what was the point of showing the true nature of Melisandre as 90+ years old woman apart of trying to make me excite sexually? maybe they just wanted to show witches looks young just for an illusion, because it takes time to learn magic, maybe just for that? or her magic power is fading? that's why in season 4 she was still young even without the necklace(if the necklace is actually magic)
  3. Aerys III of his name

    How would you rate episode 601?

    Don't kill me I give it a 7, if it was just about relation between books and tv series it would be a 1/10, but I learned to separate the two of them as different parallel universes. I was afraid to see a boring episode but the wipe out the Martells made the day.
  4. Aerys III of his name

    Quentyn: What was the point

    i can only bet the point is for: 1) the dragon cannot be easily tamable just because you have some dragon blood 2) someone important has to die 3) it needed some well excused action in order to free them to justify the word ''dance'' in the title
  5. Aerys III of his name


    Hi all!! I'm european name's Dome, I like this forum where I discovered interesting plots I never thought about before, and I came to visit just after every episode to see reactions and speculations :), and now it's all over :( so long 10 bloody month before something new will appear (unless big Martin decide finally to drop the book) I read all 5 Martin's books in february, I'm not a great reader, just read all books of all european big classics, but after few months I tend to forgot everything about a book :(, reading this forum and the wikia it helps me to keep memorizing :P