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  1. Mance was Jon's. Mance Rayder is still a man of the night's watch. There is nothing Stannis or anyone can do that will change that. Jon should have executed Mance for his extensive crimes.
  2. Indeed he was. Some people seem to forget the undeniable fact that Mance Rayder is a man of the night's watch. Jon wanted him to get Arya and so Mance went.
  3. A few of the Arya chapters made my skin crawl. Arya makes my skin crawl.
  4. Robb never had to play diplomat. He was stuck in the north all of his life. The people there naturally deferred to him because of his position in society. He asked and he got. He thought he could get away with humiliating the Freys because he probably could have in the north.
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