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  1. I was sad this did not go off this year as well. Sniffer asked me but as a delivery driver this time of year is deadly busy, but if we get a earlier start next time we can share the effort. And I must add, as a card hoarder I would like to see us create a Holiday card list. There is always a space for something new on my card wall.
  2. Speaking for my Uncle Sniff who can't seem to figure out how to log on to this board from his Florida locale - "...i am still in this if everyone above me goes bust and i win out...i feel like pittsburgh... ...and just for shits and giggles i'm thinking of taking the fucking pats just to jinx them and ensure a KC victory... ...and the shots if they win are on me! "
  3. Uncle Sniffer sends his warmest regards and hopes everyone has a Happy New year! "...oh and was that my 6th weekly win...4th in a row now the leaders need to fear a Dawg on the prowl "
  4. I am posting for my Uncle Rocksniffer - but i must say as a grateful Niece thank you to all of his friends here on the board, especially his Secret Santa! one two three four five He wants me to say "I love the cookies and divinity! I am also loving the cookbook and the new monopoly game from Baltimore...love you Lany! "
  5. Greetings - I got a message this morning from Uncle Sniffer, and it went like this:
  6. Wow 2 packages arrived today for my Uncle Sniffer! I will be going down closer to the bi day so I will hand deliver them to him! Thanks Secret Santa for giving him something to smile about!
  7. A family emergency has my Uncle out of sate and tied up at the moment, however he told me to post that he also is partial to local/regional gifts. I happen to know that local maps, rocks and artisan gifts, even homemade gifts are more important to him than anything else. Things like local spices are prized by Sniffer who does most of the cooking in our world. He also loves local candies & savory foods and other such items that can be safely shipped. @HelenaExMachina I will PM you his address. ETA: I see he had me repeat his original post I should have just copied it. Oh well, twice done is well done!
  8. Thank You. Of course I remember Unk telling me many of his friends were in Europe and points east and west. So good afternoon! :)
  9. good morning. I am happy to wake up this morning in Westeros. For those of you familiar with forum games, I am Rocksniffer's oldest Niece. I had joined some time ago as In Lieu of Grayce, iirc ( but can't log on anymore so went with new identity). Thanks to Fragile Bird for the name idea. I will endeaver to make well thought out posts and not to start too many flame wars. Unlike my illustrious Uncle I rarely make drunken posts or get involved in feeding trolls. I look forward to meeting many of you on the board and perhaps at a con ot two. Here is hoping everyone herein has a wonderful day.
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