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  1. Wow! I haven't had a minute to respond. First - @Buckwheat what a great game! The idea of artworks was inspired. All of the drawings were exceptional! The art choices were as illuminating as the original descriptions.
  2. Wow! Eight hours of teaching, @Buckwheat, you are stronger than I could ever be. When I was in graduate school it was difficult to teach just 2 classes a day. I agree that you should take time to relax after a day like this. We are happy to wait for you! As a side note, I have not participated in any bonus chains so if you need me to describe I can easily do so.
  3. It is on both counts! I used to have one but back in 2010 I decided it wasn't doing anything for me but costing money and disturbing my world. I only missed it for about a week and not one day since.
  4. Wow! I am last again. This is what happens when you don't have a cell phone.
  5. I might be interested, but I agree with @Castellan and @Jez Bell it might help if you post the particulars of this game twist.
  6. Let me echo @honeyed chicken - WOW!!! Excellent clues and I agree they were all so clear - once I knew the answers! Congrats to everyone in advance on a round and game well played!
  7. @Count Balerion, I was in a mood myself, and I apologize to everyone for speaking out. I always enjoy these games so much and I let my over stressed mind loosen my tongue - well fingers. I want to thank @Dolorous Gabe for being a wonderful host, as always, and everyone of you, the players, who make this game a challenging momentary escape from the daily grind. Congratulations to @Julia H. and @Fragile Bird for the outstanding double win!
  8. <deleted because it was not in keeping with using good manners, as I was taught.> 1) 5 - it is the best one this round "E" or no "E" ! 2) 8 3) 7 <deleted for the same reason.> Thanks @Dolorous Gabe for stepping in and hosting when I think I was supposed to do it, but since I had never done it before I was hesitant to take charge because I was afraid I might not be as good at it as you.
  9. @Buckwheat, I would love to join in and share some beautiful art, or more likely, childish doodles!
  10. Wow, me too! Although I am sure I can remedy this situation - sadly not so sure about Philia this round.
  11. Wow, thanks! I had the Witch King as the answer to clue #4 and now you have saved me from the spelling police. You are officially my hero!
  12. Wow, you are confused @Eternally_His, this game, like all the others I play at least, is not just abut the game but being together exchanging ideas and thoughts about the clues, the game, the world and life. It is the reason I allowed my N'onc Sniffer to convince me to participate all those yrs ago and I still enjoy it. No one is more competitive than I am but this is what a good friend told me about the Games Forum - Lighten up and have fun! As to the topic that is not the topic - I was given a chapter to read recently by N'onc and it turned out to be a great start to a good story. I am intrigued by the parts I read and I have been encouraging the editorial helper to get on the stick, give the critique so the talented author can get on with it!
  13. Wow! Way to go @Julia H. ! I knew I was doomed this round but that was the best entry ever and deserved every vote it received!
  14. Wow, I see in the last round @honeyed chicken and I had the same idea! I guess great minds really do think alike! Rd 5 voting: 1) 5 2) 1 3) 7 Great job, everyone!
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