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  1. Wow! Eight hours of teaching, @Buckwheat, you are stronger than I could ever be. When I was in graduate school it was difficult to teach just 2 classes a day. I agree that you should take time to relax after a day like this. We are happy to wait for you! :grouphug:

    As a side note, I have not participated in any bonus chains so if you need me to describe I can easily do so. B)

  2. On 6/9/2020 at 11:33 AM, Jez Bell said:

    What a strange universe you must live in. 

    It sounds peaceful.


    It is on both counts! I used to have one but back in 2010 I decided it wasn't doing anything for me but costing money and disturbing my world. I only missed it for about a week and not one day since. ;)

  3. 11 minutes ago, Count Balerion said:

    Was there contention? Maybe the health hoohah put people in a mood?

    @Count Balerion,  I was in a mood myself, and I apologize to everyone for speaking out. :(

    I always enjoy these games so much and I let my over stressed mind loosen my tongue - well fingers. I want to thank @Dolorous Gabe for being a wonderful host, as always, and everyone of you, the players, who make this game a challenging momentary escape from the daily grind. :grouphug:

    Congratulations to @Julia H. and @Fragile Bird for the outstanding double win! :)

  4. <deleted because it was not in keeping with using good manners, as I was taught.>

    1) 5 -  it is the best one this round "E" or no "E" ! :cheers:

    2) 8

    3) 7

    <deleted for the same reason.>

    Thanks @Dolorous Gabe for stepping in and hosting when I think I was supposed to do it, but since I had never done it before I was hesitant to take charge because I was afraid I might not be as good at it as you. B)

  5. 10 hours ago, honeyed chicken said:

    Ooops! Sorry. So busy making no progress with acrophilia (several hours in I have literally not come up with a single answer - good job clue writers!) I let this game slide. I'll get on it.

    Wow, me too! :o

    Although I am sure I can remedy this situation - sadly not so sure about Philia this round. :uhoh:

  6. 5 hours ago, Eternally_His said:

    But isn't solving the clues the purpose of this game? :wideeyed:

    Wow, you are confused @Eternally_His, this game, like all the others I play at least, is not just abut the game but being together exchanging ideas and thoughts about the clues, the game, the world and life. It is the reason I allowed my N'onc Sniffer to convince me to participate all those yrs ago and I still enjoy it. No one is more competitive than I am but this is what a good friend told me about the Games Forum - Lighten up and have fun! B)


    As to the topic that is not the topic - I was given a chapter to read recently by N'onc and it turned out to be a great start to a good story. I am intrigued by the parts I read and I have been encouraging the editorial helper :rolleyes: to get on the stick, give the critique so the talented author can get on with it!


    @Ser Not Appearing, I think it is going well and I agree with @Castellan that your wit rings true here and in the chapter I read. I am happy to tell you that I will keep his feet to the fire! :P


  7. Wow! Or should I say - Whew! It could have been so much worse. ^_^

    I was convinced the theme was obvious since I had 7/9 on prelims and improved to 8/9 when @Jez Bell's wonderful clue became clear to me (I had Jaime to start remembering his conversation with Tywin about becoming Lord of the Rock and Jaime refusing, choosing to remain in the Kingsguard). But the hints had me focusing on words, just not the right words. I had even noted all the house words when I discovered the coyly hidden links to sigils! :leaving:

    Congratulations to @a free shadow, @Castellan, @Eternally_His for seeing what was in my face! :cheers:

    As for Ser Rodrik, and the clue of death - cost me third place @Dolorous Gabe because he refused to fit in my theory of theme switching houses, so Willem Darry got the call. :P

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