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  1. I thought this would be a great idea, but it seems I am confused. I thought it would be easy for AcroPHOBIA but I don't think it would be easy for PHILIA. Since I happened to eek out a win in our last game of AcroPHOBIA, I might be compelled to do a PHOBIA game where we do just that. I will give it some thought for a day or so then proffer the game for us all to discuss.
  2. Wow! Well done @Julia H.! I thought I had you but it never fails I ended up a dollar short. The game was really challenging @Dolorous Gabe I enjoyed the mix up of rounds. It made the ferreting out of clues and especially themes tricky! To everyone else, great job! I was impressed by everyone's ability to dig down and find explanations for the clues!
  3. Wow! Welcome back @Jez Bell! I see my competition just keeps getting stronger! Good luck to all!
  4. I see that sarcasm is not something you embrace. To be honest I only scored 4/7 in my prelims and have not felt good enough about any of my ideas to even have a theme guess yet. You should learn to laugh more, this is a game after all. In addition, although I am not used to saying this type of thing about myself- I was just considerate to you. I offered some advice, which was told to me by an oldtimer to this game when I started playing. I used it and it helped me play well, and even win a time or two. I also seem to remember welcoming you earlier, to which you did not respond or even seem to notice. Consideration works both ways. And by the way, I was attempting to help you, and the rest of ,us all by trying to get our host to give us a yes/no question, which can be the most helpful thing he can give us - in addition to holistic, healthy herbal recipes.
  5. We can not offer more than encouragement @Eternally_His. Only the Dear Leader may give hints to the nature of the world and our part in his reality. Nevertheless here is some advice, the sage part is questionable - don't overthink the ones you feel good about, then do some text searching or wiki searching to see what those characters have in common. There is a thread, somewhere here in the games forum, with old themes to give you ideas about things chosen and the kind of other things that might be chosen. Once a theme was literally "cast a shadow on a wall while walking on stairs" or some such. Don't worry you will get better every time you play!
  6. Wow! Who knew you could be so kind! I'm glad you will save it for a future game! I look forward to trying to tie you in knots with my extraordinarily well worded yes/no questions. Sadly no opportunity for that phenomenal word joust this round.
  7. An ignore list, speaking for myself no you are not being ignored, just put in the little red chair in the corner! I think your addition to our game has been entertaining. Especially watching the regulars learn to adjust themselves and stop shouting at ghosts on their lawn! Never fear @Eternally_His, you are one of us now, so be prepared to deal with oldsters like my N'onc Sniffer, a self-described asshole who only cares about being shocking and talking trash, and OCDers like me, who strive for perfection to the exclusion of all. So in case I forgot to do this - Welcome to the local insane asylum known as Acro-World! Oh yes and to the Dear Leader @Dolorous Gabe- Sunday works for me as well, even though I know all the answers and have at least 3 themes working right now!
  8. Wow, I really like several of these clues! My leftovers are usually not very good but here are a few of them that were either rejected or just did not make the cut. For Daario: Flamboyant ribald nature. - I agree, it could be anyone in this series! Quite impressive colored beard and erotic weapons. - This one was so easy I might as well have used his name. I only had one extra for Tywin, who proved difficult to describe with the letters available. Tyrannical vilified father. - This was just too ambiguous. For Arya my final clue was sort of a combination of these two: Dauntless initiate says bedtime hate tally. Dexterous, intrepid, spunky blood-letter. Heartfelt tenacity.
  9. I usually wait until the host has posted the results before I comment on the clues beyond saying that certain authors are twisted!
  10. If the bonus character would have leaped off the page and announced, "Here I am!" I might have been able to research him/her in a more timely way. Diabolical, I say, devilishly diabolical!
  11. However the author should beware as there are more of us than there is of him...or her!
  12. If I do it will be news to me! Perhaps the Bird is just having us on, Julia!
  13. We almost always play this game solo, @Eternally_His. Once in a blue moon, @Dolorous Gabe does throw us a curve ball and says pairs are the name of the game, but it is rare. I find that I would rather play alone, although I sometimes wish for a brain-storming session!
  14. Wow! Thanks in advance, @Dolorous Gabe ! I have found the clues to be really well done this round and I feel good about my mini theme choices. Now if I could see the connection I could wrap this round up! I am looking forward to you wise words whether they are rhyming or smelling of sage, notwithstanding!
  15. Wow! You are so right Belwas does fit. My bad! I am sure we all appreciate the props, N'onc, but the rest of your words are wind! I completely agree with @honeyed chickenI found these clues to be spot on for the most part and any waffling I did was from reading too much into it. Now the theme that was a totally different story! Once I had all the answers it was obvious. Every one of these characters had or was the subject of a dream, daydream, or vision. Then upon learning I was no where near the correct answer I spent several sleepless nights trying to decipher @Dolorous Gabe hints and riddles to no avail. I even changed the screen color because I remember a game some time past when you made the hints invisible. I finally collapsed under the strain and went for choices that led to war, even Dany fits because in the show she does come and wage war in Westeros but not so far in the books. How could I have been so wrong She sure does, @Fragile Bird ! In fact she does it 5 times in 2 different chapters! I weighed Cersei who was selfish and blood thirsty, and others as well. However Joffrey killed for the sick pleasure of it - not revenge or a sense of need or even righteous anger but because he was a beautiful psychotic sociopath. Pay no attention to the overthinking of others @honeyed chicken ! You refused to go down the rabbit hole of endless possibilities - I commend you for that! I personally find that my first impression of a clue is generally in the ballpark and a quick word search or two usually confirms it. The wiki is valuable in that quest but so is a search of ice and fire website which, provides the opportunity to search the text itself. And FYI, I used the question mark to show that it was a rumor that in the end proved untrue.
  16. Wow, I so totally agree with you @Julia H. Several have alternate answers as far as I am concerned an they all seem as likely as the other.
  17. I was surprised some of my choices were so wrong, but that is because I could not see the islands for the sea!
  18. Wow, oh Wow! I can't believe it! Thanks to all for such a great competition! I did not think I was going to luck out with a flippant entry against the formidable acro-master, Fragile Bird Every entry was great in its own way. Congrats to everyone! You are one of the greats! Almost everything I know about these games I learned from you!
  19. Wow, another awesome group of entries! I thought it would get easier to choose but alas it was not to be! Rd 10 vote: 1) 2 2) 6 3) 3
  20. That was well thought out and supported! I am of the opinion partial points for a good argument in support of a wrong answer should be awarded!
  21. I found this a lovely description of what, for me, is a chaotic flood of deep connections that each seem more likely than the last. Why don't I ever accept Occam's Razor as the Law of the AcroPhilia universe as it is in the actual universe!??! I also tried very hard to fit Edmure into that clue! I was sure there was an Orange Fork to the river that I had forgotten!
  22. Wow - I totally have forgotten everything I have ever known about this game! My theme seemed so obvious, but as @Julia H. indicated theme choices must be commonalities that are as specific as can be. Islands is so obvious now. Vague theme ideas open you up to thinking Arianne Martell was the most colorful "prince" wanna be in Westeros! Or worse believing Edmure was the only person in the story who literally - albeit non verbally - requested a Nocker to feather something he could not! Sadly this is life in acroPhilia world but now that my juices are flowing, I also am excited to send in a killer clue! Good Luck, fellow acromaniacs!
  23. Wow, you all continue to pull out all the stops! Rd.9 vote: 1) #2 2) #1 3) #7
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