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  1. Many wonderful leftovers, y'all! Especially I enjoyed Mr. HC's "Let all suckers die!" That one just made me laugh! These are my Jon Con's and Olenna's I usually focus on one acronym and go with it! Jon: "A Soldier's Golden Devotion Confirmed" A Soldier's Grift: Disguising Connington - Grift is a word for con job which I really like, the rest, so-so "Ascendancy Served" - Griff's Dedicated Concealment "Ascendancy Served" - Gallant Defender's Choic´╗┐e Anticipating Salvation: Gallant Defender's Choice Olenna: Inventive Gifts Influence Weddings Interesting Gifts Influence Worldviews Insidious Gifts, Influential Widow I Gave Idle Warnings I also had a couple from the other 2 acros before I focused on IGIW Flowery Musings on Foolish Lords Planning Noble Nuptials - This is a How-To book "Old. And Dangerous" reminds me of Nonc Sniffer
  2. These are some I came up with for Cersei. Lannisters Always Survive Disaster Lasting Ambition Saves Dynasty Cersei: Dauntingly Fierce
  3. Suddenly, the color drained out of me and I realized that I AM made of star stuff!
  4. Don't judge me - I wear my hair this way because I only have one eyebrow left after what could be described as a momentary lapse in judgement!
  5. I use my hands to make us fly - Fly, fly through the red sky!
  6. You know how to whistle don't you - you put your lips together and blow!
  7. I had a few Sword of the Morning lefties. Perhaps I should have gone with one of these vs Artie's seafood shoppe! Tropical BOGO, Today Only! Artie's Swanky yogurts. I liked this one but I did not know if everyone understood BOGO (buy one get one) Tropical Brandywine Today Only! Artie's Spirits - Yronwood. I imagined this one as an advert for Arthur's liquor store chain he established in Dorne. This one is in Yronwood. Targaryen Breakdown: Treacherous Obligations. Arthur's safeguarding yesteryear! I imagine him writing a book about the Targaryens and how the Kingsguard had to make choices to support rulers who were basically crazy.
  8. I have elevated this flag to the next level with my fresh-faced beauty!
  9. Thanks Lady Blizzardborn! Yours are always wicked good!
  10. If I can't sniff it - it ain't controlled, my furry friend!
  11. Chett leftovers - Mired in crow's justice - taking charge! "Mysterious invaders coldly justified tergiveersation" ~ Chett Men - I can justify taking command.............. "Miscalculation is conspiracy's justified tribulation" ~ Chett Make informed climatic judgements! Take charge! Making inspired conspiracies justified - Tanked climatically! Made idiotic climatic judgements - tanked conspiracy!
  12. Notice how close a shave my new flower-razor gave me - smooth as a baby's ass!
  13. A freckle here - a freckle there - several freckles everywhere!
  14. Climbing with you is a whole new experience - one I hope to avoid in the future!
  15. I had a couple of leftovers that on reflection I should have went with: Victarion - Gutsy Kracken Grabs Bride Vitiating Euron! Arya - Merrily justifies ruthlessness through understanding assassins. OR Basically makes faces and interesting introductions. Jaime - Brazenly left lover dead. Banished initiates. (I really liked this one that pointed to him killing Cersei and running the sparrows out of town!) Ghost - Gladly grants mental space, certainly justified, knowing boy's dying......Victory!
  16. I actually enjoy garlic and holy water - it makes a great sauce!
  17. I can still beat you with one eye covered seductively with my stunning flip-do!
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