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  1. Desert Fox

    Why is Stannis an Appealing Character?

    I think a lot of people are drinking the Stannis koolaid that Davos is selling. Davos has a huge mancrush on Stannis and idolizes him. I think there is a huge heaping of vanity and ambition mixed in with his Duty. He's starting a second civil war after losing the first just to gain the crown. That's not duty. But that is why I love the character. I also don't agree that the mannis is mostly a book thing. The show made him more audience friendly by having him fight with his men and showing him loving his daughter. Do stannis and Shireen even talk in the books? The show just turned the table in S5 and have him go down in inevitable bad path.
  2. Desert Fox

    Rank the 6 seasons

    Even Ayra's and Jon's storylines were bi-polar. Arya's plotline started total shit (randomly getting beaten while blind and the worlds least subtle "tests"), but the middle part with the theatre troop was great. Then the leaving was terrible. Jon's storyline wasn't so bad, but the actual resurrection was boring. But the lead up to it at CB was really good. The next few episodes were great for Jon. But then Ep6-8 were sorta boring for him. Snowbowl was great for him again. I think S6 is just very differently paced than all the rest. Every other season slowly builds to a climax. I'd argue S2,3, and 5 took way to long to climax. But nearly every season pretty much rocks the back half of the season. S6 had the best start to a season, but had a really bad midseason lul. Eps 6-8 were way worse than 2-5 and 9-10. I think it's nearly on par with S2 and 3. S1 and S4 are definitely better. Better than 5. I also don't get the Jamie character assassination stuff. The only difference I can tell between book and shoe Jamie is that Jamie doesn't hate Cersei for cheating on him. Either because he doesn't believe the allegations or because he doesn't care.
  3. Desert Fox

    Aegon's absence is really noticeable now

    Aegon being cut could mean anything really. It probably means he won't be the last king. But it doesn't really tell you much else. He could be important but easy to cut out. He could have a very interesting story line that doesn't really impact the ending. Even someone like Robb and Cat could have been cut out without huge structural plot changes. But you'd lose important and great pieces of the story. By pure speculation, I think the issue is that Aegon doesn't make it to the end and D&D don't have much written material to make a storyline. So it's easy to cut. They'd have to write from scratch 80% of the Aegon story no matter what. Whatever they come up with won't match GRRM's anyway. He's not a great character. Whatever big plot points he does in the outline of the ending can be transferred to other characters or skipped and smoothed over. If he takes KL and defends it against Dany, have Cersei do it instead. If he just bloodies Dany before the war of the dawn, skip it and have her lose a bunch to the WW. If he's just there to sour the people on Jon's secret Targ story, just have nobody believe it because there is no proof. Unless HBO adds another season (which D&D want to avoid cause they are burned out), I don't think Aegon would even be possible. You'd have to cut out story and time from other characters. Which characters do you want to skip instead?
  4. Desert Fox

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    I guess the show will just ignore it or have the Dothraki get pwnd by something (Euron while at sea, knights, WW and wights), but I think the Dothraki would be pissed if Dany tried to hand them some land in the westerlands to farm and herd on.
  5. Desert Fox

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    You are totally right*, but people react very differently to foreign invaders than domestic. And I'm not so sure sure the Dothraki can be controlled. Armies and wars are terrible but they usually end. Dothraki pillaging and plundering is a way of life. I guess she could just bring them back to essos. But I wonder if Dany is unleashing the Dothraki on westeros forever. Maybe I'm over thinking it. I guess Yara promises to stop in Ep 10. So the Ironborn shouldn't be a problem. *in fact one thing that shouldn't have been cut was some of the book stuff about the wolves being just as bad as the lion. There was one scene with Brienne and some Starkmen in S2 or S3 but that was all I remember.
  6. Desert Fox

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    I sorta hope that Dany turns out to be another "evil queen." She's invading with a slave army, dothraki rapers and murders, iron born rapers and murders, and Dorish out for extreme revenge. Without meaning to she's about to set westeros ablaze.
  7. I certainly wouldn't riot against the Queen the who just exploded a huge part of the city killing off the entire nobility including her own son the king (we know she didn't kill him but to a commoner it would look like she had him killed). It would be rediculous if anyone not within her range of control actually supported her claim. But it's pretty damn clear that won't happen. Two or three of the 8 kingdoms are in open rebellion seeking independence. Two of them plus remnants of another just allied with Daenarys the reConquerer. That leaves the crownlands, westerlands, and maybe Riverlands. The later two aren't even certain. Jamie may claim control the westerlands and deny cersei support. He certainly looked pissed. And the Frays seem to barely control the Riverlands. And now they lost their leader. And if the lannisters abandon cersei they will too.
  8. Desert Fox

    Aegon's absence is really noticeable now

    Clearly the intention of the show was originally to just do a pretty close adaptation of the books. They were pretty much entirely relying on ASIOAF for plot points in the beginning. I'm not sure they ever really considered they'd have to write three seasons basically on their own. I'm surprised they waited until the airing of S3 to actually ask GRRM how the series ended. That's pretty shocking to me. I wonder Martin's preference was that he kept his outline to himself and HBO basically had to force him when it became apparent that the show would beat the books the conclusion. Most shows don't really plan seasons ahead. But most shows also don't just straight adapt a book series plot point by plot point. So they probably should have thought about what they were doing. Though I still don't understand Vary's actions in the books/show in AGOT even if he was always backing fAegon. Him and Illyrio kept Dany alive for years just to murder her? Even if she were a backup or a stalking horse for Aegon, why murder her? I guess it's slightly less stupid than murdering the person you want to crown. But then it's most stupid to set her up with a massive army to invade. What if she wins? Varys only makes sense if he's mostly out for his own gain and is trying to play all sides at once. Though I think the show is fucking up by making Varys an unambiguous good guy. That's bs.
  9. 1. There is no indication anyone is actually going to follow this. She dragged in some servants and commoners kept in check by guards for the coronation. She had already killed the entire court. There is no one in the city to challenge her. But likely no one will actually believe she is queen either. 5 of the 8 kingdoms are in revolt. Stormlands are MIA. She may have the support of Casterly Rock, maybe. Riverlands who knows. The Frey's don't really control the riverlands and they are now under new leadership. I expect a short, bloodly, and crazy reign for Queen Cersei. 2. Claims on thrones or inheritances are often legally dubious. Renly didn't have a good one. Henry Tudor relied on a tenuous connection though his mother to a bastard. Robert also used a tenuous claim to justify his claim. 3. There is no better claim to the Baratheon line. In the books, a legitimized bastard would have a far stronger claim. But in the show there isn't even that. Literally nobody alive can claim Baratheon blood. The claim of her son's titles when there are literally no other claimants is weak, but better than anyone else. 4. This is more a coup d'├ętat than a succession. She's just taking the thrown. The claim is a rationalization. It doesn't matter that a Great Council wouldn't name her Queen, because she wasn't going to wait for that. She could even write up some bullshit will and pretend Tommen named her his heir. A big plot hole is the fact that nobody planned for what would happen if Tommen dies. He was a king without any, even a remote, heir. They should have figured something out before this happened.
  10. Desert Fox

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    Doesn't gain her anything she doesn't already have. Plus the Lannisters might not accept him as rightful heir anymore. Cersei is definitely going to claim the Rock for herself. And Jamie arguably has the better claim to Tyrion even before he was a convicted kingslayer. Jamie is no longer king's guard. Jon Snow, Jamie Lannister, and Robin Arryn are the best bets right now. But Jamie's got a whole lot of Cersei baggage. Jon is probably best bet. Nephewcest +1, Jon may actually be king of the North and Vale? Is that what happened last episode? If so marrying Robin Arryn is a waste. Jon is a two for one deal. The King in the North might also be able to gain the loyalty of the Riverlands if he has the blessing of the Reach, Dorne, Vale, and Dany. Jon would be the King Who Didn't Kneel. Showing his Freefolkishness in the face of another Targarian conqueror. That would be mean it's everyone against Cersei and Eureon, who aren't really allied but have shared enemies. Jamie is the second best choice, but there is FAR too much baggage. Killed her dad -1000000. Would make the Starks hate Dany -1. Would make Dorne and Reach unhappy too -2. Jamie's got some weird incest breakup shit going down with the crazy Mad Queen in KL - 10. Robin -- loser -- might die. Stuck with LF, which Tyrion should know is a disaster. Might be a liege lord to King Snow. Plus side he's manipulable. Has a good army, but it's stuck up North. Zero chance they get below the neck before summer. Longshot - Red Wedding 2.0 where Dany weds Robin and takes Winterfel with the Vale forces already there.
  11. Desert Fox

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I think it's entirely too late for LSH to appear, but I get the spculation. The sudden return to the Riverlands and the reappearance of the Bw/B do sort of lead to LSH.