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  1. Winter's Cold

    Randyl Tarley never planned on killing Sam

    Westerosi is too brutal of a place to have a Lord as weak willed as Samwell. And he is especially unsuitable for House Tarly, the house that commands the military power in the Reach. The Tarly's House Words are First in Battle and their sigil is a Huntsman. They are one of the Marcher Lords who guard the Reach from invasions by Dorne. They have a Valyrian steel greatsword called Heartsbane that the Lord of the House is expected to wield in battle. Essentially House Tarly is the most martial house in the Reach. Their lord needs to be stronger willed than average, skilled in battle and adept at command. Samwell is also the eldest son of House Tarly. I don't think there's any precedent for firstborn sons to become Maesters. Randyll did the best he could to toughen Samwell up so that he could fulfill his role but he failed as being a stern, skilled warrior Lord was not in Sam's nature.
  2. Winter's Cold

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Joffrey tortures a peasant boy. His mother Queen Cersei demands that Lady be killed out of spite. Sansa's response? Refuses to take her sister's side, blames Mycah and Arya. Jaime Lannister injures her father and kills her father's men. Her father decides to send her and the rest of the Stark household away for their own safety. Sansa's response? Sells out her father and family because she wanted to stay in King's Landing and become Queen. This is all fine though. Sansa just wants to go to Westeros' version of "Harvard". Yeah right. There are no excuses for her betrayal. She wanted to become Queen and she was willing to abandon her family members to achieve it.
  3. Winter's Cold

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Cersei murdered her direwolf. Jaime Lannister killed Jory and injured her father. Ned told her that it wasn't safe and he was sending them away for their own safety. She ignored all of this anyway.
  4. Winter's Cold

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Yup surviving by sacrifing her child cousin. What an admirable character.
  5. Winter's Cold

    Sansa/Arya and Lyanna Parallels

    Yup and Ned confessed to treason to save Sansa's life after she made herself Cersei's hostage. Maybe she's more like Brandon instead of Lyanna.
  6. Winter's Cold


    There are many reasons why some people would rather support Arya/Jon instead of Sansa/Jon. There's more support for in the books. It was introduced as a possibility in the outline. Most if not all of the incest couples in the series look like each other. Jon and Arya love each other and think of each other a lot. No doubt incest is a big taboo and the only thing that would overcome that taboo is the irrationality of romantic love. Thus if Jon does choose to marry one of his sisters, Arya/Jon is 1000000x likelier than Sansa/Jon.
  7. Winter's Cold

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    Selfishness and disloyalty to her family are the primary reasons I dislike her. Her behavior was absolutely atrocious in AGOT. The Mycah incident and Cersei incidents particularly stand out. I also don't buy this idea that Sansa was some innocent teenage girl who was only being manipulated by others. No Sansa had a goal, a goal that she would sacrifice her own family members to achieve. Sansa's goal was to marry Joffrey and become the Queen. All of her actions were in service of that goal. She knew very well that her actions would hurt her family. She just didn't realize that she would also be hurt: Lady's execution and her imprisonment by the Lannisters. These are her thoughts concerning what would happen to her father after she hears of his arrest by Cersei Sansa knew that her father would be punished due to her actions but thought that it was a worthy sacrifice for her to be queen. She thought he would be dismissed from his position as hand and sent back to Winterfell or even exiled from Westeros. Instead he was executed. Whoops! She even throws her sister under the bus while proclaiming her loyalty to Cersei and Joffrey. Sansa is a person who cares about herself first and foremost. Everyone else including her own family members are nothing but an afterthought. When comparing her actions to her self sacrificing family members like Ned, Jon, Robb and Arya, she comes off especially bad. Ned, Jon, Robb and Arya all have their foolish moments but at least they're heroic fools who try to do the right thing. Sansa is something much worse: a selfish fool. I think if Sansa belonged to a different less heroic house for instance the Lannisters, the Greyjoys, or the Boltons, she would be much less hated. Instead she is of house Stark. She is expected to be a hero like the other members of the Stark family but she falls far short.
  8. Winter's Cold


    Arya and Jon's feelings for each other are exactly why that pairing is preferable to Jonsa. If we're going to have a romance, why not between characters who already love each other.
  9. Winter's Cold

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    Dontos Hollard. Lancel Lannister. Robert Arryn. All of them are nobles. How does that disprove my point that Sansa looks down on common folk? It's a negative trait that she acquired from Catelyn. Childish squabbling sure. Joffrey tried to murder her sister and she betrays both her sister and mother for him. Later in Storm of Swords, where Sansa is supposed to be in her post brat phase she compares Arya to Margaery and thinks of how unsatisfactory of a sister Arya was. Sana is kind and compassionate? Doesn't seem to be the case for her own family.
  10. Winter's Cold

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    She wanted Arya to bow to her as a superior. Being the top lady in the realm was her primary reason for marrying Joffrey. She saw the power and influence Cersei wielded and she wanted to be in her position someday. She also doesn't seem to care much about common folk as shown by her victim blaming of Mycah.
  11. Winter's Cold

    Who is the dumbest POV character?

    Catelyn isn't dumb. She's just too impulsive and as a result she makes some terrible decisions instead of thinking it through. Sansa isn't dumb. She's just extremely selfish and power hungry. She wants to be Queen, so she betrays her family repeatedly to stay in good graces with Cersei and Joffrey.
  12. Winter's Cold

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    What was the point of this season? Jon and Dany get together and the Wall falls?
  13. Winter's Cold

    Arya Stark - An Unprovoked attack?

    Sansa fed Ramsay to his own dogs. That's the most brutal execution by a Stark in the show. Is Sansa now a psychopath who deserves to die a miserable death and be forgotten about?
  14. Winter's Cold

    Where is the love?

    Is Arya supposed to get justice from Cersei, Joffrey, Roose or Ramsay? Kinslayers, backstabbers, adulterers, infant killers, and rapers. Those are the people who have power in Westeros. Arya is justice in comparison.
  15. Arya is most definitely an extrovert. Here's a great post explaining why: Is Arya introverted or extroverted? Extroverted. She’s 100% extroverted. I think anyone who believes otherwise mistakes being reserved in trusting people with her life and being separated from everyone she loves and cares for as introversion. The difference between introverts and extroverts is that introverts feel drained by social interactions and energized by being alone while extroverts have the opposite feelings. Arya has always sought out people to be with and hates being alone. She always does this. Right from the first book, we are introduced to an Arya who thrives off social interaction. “Sometimes it’s fun just to ride along with the wagons and talk to people.” Arya enjoys being with people, she really likes people actually. She’s obsessed with this idea of “pack” because she always wants to have people around her. And they’re not always people she’s known for that long (Syrio, Yoren) nor are they necessarily people who treat her well (Lommy, Jaqen.) But Arya likes being with people. She likes to name and play with her father’s men’s children, likes to listen to people (knights or smallfolk alike) tell stories, she’s interested in that kind of stuff. And it doesn’t stop in recent books. The reason why she enjoys being Cat so much is it’s the first identity that’s really allowed her to meet people and make friends. One of Arya’s issues is that she feels abandoned by everyone she ever cared about- some left her, some became separated from her, and some just died, but she feels abandoned by all of them and all alone. Jaqen was gone, though. He’d left her. Hot Pie left me too, and now Gendry is leaving. Lommy had died, Yoren had died, Syrio Forel had died, even her father had died, and Jaqen had given her a stupid iron penny and vanished. Arya, ASoS Even when she’s in the HoBaW, she can’t get over these feelings of abandonment and betrayal: And one of the reasons why it bothers her so much is that Arya values friends very highly. She’s staunchly protective when it comes to them, thinks of them as equals and valuable, and is hurt when they don’t (in her mind) respond in turn. Loneliness and abandonment are two of the biggest themes in Arya’s narrative because she’s an extrovert. She needs friends, companions, and social contact to feel energized. Having friends as Cat provides her with some of the first bit of comfort she’s had in a while. She goes out of her way to interact with the women of the Happy Port, random sailors, mummers, braavos, everyone. Arya likes people. She really likes them. She attempts to make people who are upset feel better (Elmar Frey, Ned Dayne, Lady Smallwood,) she defends people (Gendry, Mycah, Weasel, Samwell Tarly, Jon,) she shares with them (Sam, Gendry,) she strikes up conversations with everyone (Yoren, the sailors in Braavos,) she risks her life for them (Jaqen, Gendry, Hot Pie,) ect. Arya thrives on interactions with people. She’s an extrovert.