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  1. LIKE - I didn't like the hound but by the battle on the backwater i loved him because the way he is with Sansa shows that he may be a brute but has a soft side and i like that... Love him more when he teams up with Arya. DISLIKE - Sansa.... I CANT STAND HER!!! In none of the books and the show... HATE her... LIKE - Im on the Jaime bandwagon as well for the same reasons as has been pointed out in previous comments... DISLIKE - Daeny.... Really started losing interest in her by the end of this book... her story started to get extra boring my final one is DISLIKE - Jorah.... I just can't stand him what so ever... he's weird and creepy and just down right dodgy
  2. Lady Snow88

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    In my opinion Stannis is the rightful heir to the Throne as he is the next Baratheon after Robert. 1.Daenerys Targaryen technically has no right to the Throne. This is because the Targaryens were defeated by Robert and his army and therefor lost the Throne and a woman would not be allowed or accepted on the throne 2. Joffrey is a bastard born if incest and has no Baratheon blood therefor has no right to the Iron Throne at all. 3. If it were by blood then Gendry would be the rightful heir but again he's a bastard and would never be accepted because bastards are looked down upon