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  1. It is hard to ever be sure of what will happen in the story but we can get a picture of how certain the fans are about these theories. First, the rules. Assign a percentage to each theory. A score of 100% means you are sure of this theory. It does not mean it is true, of course. It just means you, the person giving the answer, is sure of this theory. A zero means you do not believe it has a chance of being true. I want to know how strongly you believe the recent theories posted here. You may only assign the following percentages: 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Theories Exodus theory says the people of Westeros will flee to Essos when winter comes. It doesn't say all of them. The theory as I understand it says the survivors will escape to Essos. Craster is a Stark says he is descended from a Stark. Rhaegar was disinherited by King Aerys. Daenerys will go to Asshai Quaithe is a Farman Lemore is Ashara Daenerys will sail east to get to Westeros Khal Drogo's soul is in Drogon Jon's soul is in Ghost Rhaego is still alive I posted a similar pole before.
  2. It is hard to ever be sure of what will happen in the story but we can get a picture of how certain the fans are about these possible future events. First, the rules. Assign a percentage to each possible future event. A score of 100% means you are sure it will happen. It does not mean it will, of course. It just means you, the person giving the answer, is certain. A zero means you do not believe it has a chance of happening. You may only assign the following percentages: 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Possible Future Events (PFEs) Dragon Politics and the Slave Trade Captain Daario is still alive. Dragonbinder will work as described by Euron. Skahaz Mo Kandaq will prove his loyalty to Queen Daenerys. Brown Ben Plumm will be punished for his betrayal. Marwyn will make it to Slaver's Bay. Gilly and her baby will make it to Meereen. Queen Daenerys will win the Dothraki to her cause. Yronwood and Drinkwater will bind their houses to Queen Daenerys. Ser Barristan will live through the Battle of Fire. The slaves of Volantis will revolt against their masters. Daenerys will go to Asshai. Qaithe is Shiera Seastar Northern Politics and the White Walkers Roose Bolton will defeat Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of Ice. Jon Snow will come back to life in human form. Shireen will spread greyscale in the north. Bran will betray Bloodraven and leave that cave. Bran ate Jojen. Jojen is the paste. Jon will come back as an ice wight. Bowen Marsh becomes the new Lord Commander. Fat Walda births a baby boy. Theon escapes from Stannis. Barbrey Dustin will get to feed Ned's bones to her dogs. King's Landing and the Riverlands The Freys huntsmen will find and kill Nymeria. House Darry will rise again. The Freys execute Edmure Tully. The Frey soldiers find and kill The Brotherhood Without Banners. Walder Frey sent Robb's head to King's Landing. Gregor is wearing Robb's head. Cersei's champion will beat the High Sparrow's. Kevan's murder will be blamed on Tyrion. Aegon will conquer King's Landing. Sandor Clegane is really dead. Tommen will be killed by Arya. Dorne and the Reach Civil war breaks out in Dorne. Yronwoods and Drinkwaters rebel against the Martells. Leyton Hightower has greyscale, Alleras and Jaquen will cross swords (fight). Euron will burn The Citadel. Aegon will win Arianne and the Martells to his side.
  3. Texas Hold Em

    Messy story

    The story is a mess. Last week's battle plan was too damn silly. Sansa, book and show, has always been annoying. The show is really feeding off of the many years of discussion on the forums. The story doesn't make sense anymore. It stopped making sense in season six. Thousands died in the battle for Winterfell. Now they're all of a sudden concerned about the people in King's Landing. The show lacks continuity. I don't even bother to rate the episodes anymore.
  4. Texas Hold Em

    How much does Mace Tyrell know about Loras?

    Children do what they want. How many teenagers get pregnant in the back of Fords every year. Mace can't do anything about it any more than the parents of the teens. He ignored it and hoped it's a passing phase.
  5. Texas Hold Em

    ASoIaF character poll

    It's Ramsay Bolton now.
  6. Texas Hold Em

    Is death good? Why fight the Others?

    Death comes for all and so the living should make the most of their limited time. Immortality would be fine if people weren't so motivated to reproduce. Some causes are worth dying for but golly life is precious. The lords of Westeros throw lives away as if they're nothing. The ones who triggered wars got punished badly. Tywin, Balon, Renly, Robert, Jon Arryn, Robb, and Catelyn. Something bad is coming for Roose, Walder, Cersei, Arya, and Arianne for their role in the war of the 5 kings and keeping the conflict going.
  7. Texas Hold Em

    Bowen's next decision

    1) His biggest problem is convincing the Boltons. The wildlings will freeze their balls off before they get to Winterfell. Don't give those fools any supplies. 2) Who says Jon and Ramsay haven't met. Jon also has the Stark look. Very long face. Craster recognized him for what he was. One of the Boltons is smart enough to see the family resemblance. It might go unnoticed with a fool like Ramsay but Roose will see. 3) A Wall that can't stop the Others is as useless as nipples on a breastplate. The builders wouldn't go through all of that trouble to build the Wall if it can't do its job. BM's best action is to keep the wildlings from riding off with his food supply.
  8. Texas Hold Em

    ASoIaF character poll

    The 75 are irrelevant. They don't count. 1) 25 2) Man 3) Dany 4) Arya
  9. Texas Hold Em

    Messy story

    I would stop reading the books when I am convinced it has the same ending as the show.
  10. Texas Hold Em

    Strangest Possible Ending

    GM's short stories have bizarre endings. I mean the Stone City. Greywater Station. Honestly, this one can end up on the same level of weird. Conventional is not GM's style. The possible endings are limitless. An eastern migration is a sure bet in my opinion. The Others taking most of Westeros is also sure. I don't expect a democracy but the nobles will lose their power when the population migrates to the east. That opens the chance for some form of guaranteed rights to the people. The book will end while it's still winter. That means we won't know what the new westeros will be like.
  11. Texas Hold Em

    Messy story

    The show writers have been working really hard from season 7 on to promote Jon. Some will say it's fan service. It's bad story telling. I accept that the books and the show are not the same but good god they changed the characters. These are not the same characters dreamed up by Martin.
  12. Texas Hold Em

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    Jon broke the watch. The wildlings who where brought in to help defend the wall is now on the warpath against the Boltons. The watch is no longer whole. The wall has a crack.
  13. Texas Hold Em

    Is x character a psychopath?

    Big Walder is not. He's just very smart kid. What he does to get ahead is what the nobles do. Big Walder had empathy for the old goat farmer. He also seemed to show his distaste for his cousin is becoming. BW is that guy who takes no pleasure in killing but he will do it to keep himself safe. It was only a matter of time before Little Walder became murderous ala Ramsay. Big Walder can see this as a threat to his own safety. And offed LW.
  14. Texas Hold Em

    House of the Undying. The Three Mounts

    Excellent call on Hizdahr. He is husband #2 already. The mounts do not refer to husbands. I love the mounts being the horse, the Iron Fleet, and the direwolf. The direwolf in this case is more likely to be Nymeria. Arya will die, the cause of the blue flower's treason and death, and Nymeria will become Dany's.
  15. Texas Hold Em

    The Mance Plan and how the Pink Letter killed it.

    They might get their independence but it will be short lived. The white walkers are coming and those northern folk will be ice thralls before long. Then Dany and Drogon will burn them at the trident to put them out of their collective misery.
  16. Texas Hold Em

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Who says those Kingsguard were not on their way to Dragonstone when they got ambushed by Ned and his goons. They were on their way to a friendly port in Dorne in order to take a ship to Dragonstone. The reasons for why those men were there are endless.
  17. Texas Hold Em

    What to ask GRRM?

    Asking questions about the plot is not a good idea. You will just waste your chance. Think of something different. Everybody else will be asking about the plot. Be sure to listen to avoid repeating the same question,
  18. Texas Hold Em

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    That could very well be one of the reasons behind the Daenerys-Drogo wedding. It won't be long before a Targaryen is ruling the khalasars and a Targaryen is ruling the seven kingdoms. A Targaryen-ruled world in effect. The masterminds behind the curtains want more than the restoration of the Targaryens on the iron throne.
  19. Texas Hold Em

    Did Roose actually think Ramsay was dead

    You ought to know better than to take his words seriously. Many assumed he was willing to let Ramsay inherit the north because of what he said to Theon. He was planting ideas in Theon's head. Roose is too smart to let Ramsay kill his future sons from Walda. A lord of the north with Frey connections can heal the wounds caused by Robb and Walder because the Starks are not universally loved. The north will be a peaceful and quite a quiet land after the fools who keep spouting the north remembers are dead.
  20. Texas Hold Em

    Poker Face

    It's the ability to hide one's true feelings and intentions. Any player of the game of thrones should have this ability. Below are what I think are the most effective use of the ability in our story: Lord Walder and the Frey clan. The family played its part beautifully in the planning and the execution of the Red Wedding. Walder gave Robb a little rebuke with his body language and tone of voice just to add to the play acting. Great stuff. Varys undermining Robert Baratheon for many years. It's not any one thing that he did but the fact that he did it consistently and for so long. Daenerys rescued The Unsullied from their masters. My own pick as the best use of deception. Her ability to hide her knowledge of the language, maintaining a straight face under the barrage of insults thrown at her by the masters. I mean, the girl is a wonderful actress. Even the great language abilities and keen observation of Missandei was fooled. Jon Snow pretending to defect. I don't care for Jon's chapters but I will give credit where credit is due. He fooled the wildlings and made them think he defected to their side. Littlefinger pretending to be a friend of the Starks. Daenerys tricked the Second Sons. Wonderful acting skills at play again. She wins the mental chess game with the sellswords.
  21. Texas Hold Em

    The election of the Lord Commander

    Perhaps Janos Slynt.
  22. I believe you already know the answer. The Baratheons and the Starks were the ringleaders of a conspiracy to oust the Targaryens from the throne. This, at its heart, is the Southron Ambitions.
  23. Texas Hold Em

    Why do people love Dany?

    Why do people love Dany? Because we do. Courage - she has plenty. Intelligence - she's very smart. Beauty Charm Leadership - she's an awesome leader. Coolness - she's the coolest character. Mother of Dragons, dragon rider, the Khaleesi, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Morality - she wants to free the slaves. She can be ruthless when necessary. She will punish the baddies. I love her for all of the listed reasons.
  24. Texas Hold Em

    Forgive one of the following?

    I would give Theon Greyjoy my forgiveness. I don't care about the Starks or Winterfell. I would have been fine if he had been able to keep that drafty castle. The Starks would have taken his life if Balon rebelled again. He owed them nothing.