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  1. Barbrey Dustin

    Sam in basic training

    The message boards is a small place. I doubt anybody interested enough to read our exchange will have too much trouble finding your entire post. I chose to reply to a specific point to that specific idea.
  2. Barbrey Dustin

    Sam in basic training

    That's Tyrion being the small, petty man that he is and blows Alliser off because he doesn't like him. Alliser and Samwell didn't choose to come to that wall. It should come as no surprise that neither are the best fit for what they do. Yes. Free pass. Basic training is that which every member of the armed services is required before they move on to their specialized duties. There is OTC for people coming in with college degrees and other experience. But they are still expected to have familiarity with weapons. Bloodraven, Thorne, and Mormont have fighting experience and they are not expected to start off as a raw recruit. They have proven to meet the requirements. Maester Aemon was already a grad of the citadel when he came in. He came in highly skilled and ready for his job. Maester didn't come with only basic, general skills. Samwell may be literate but he is not highly skilled at anything. To claim that Samwell had good value right from the start is false. Anybody on that wall can taught to read. Jon basically screwed over a guy who had an easy job to make a place for his friend. Samwell got a break and I can't recall that the watch is better served for it.
  3. Barbrey Dustin

    Sam in basic training

  4. Barbrey Dustin

    Illyrio dragon eggs. a plot hole?

    Magister Illyrio is a man with many mistresses. He was playing a lot of hands hoping one of them would play out. That's what an investor does when they speculate. He took a chance when he gave Princess Daenerys the eggs and it paid off. Just not the way he hoped because she didn't follow his script and instead chose to use her powers to help the slaves.
  5. Barbrey Dustin

    What are the ASOIAF characters' boggarts?

    Sansa - having to work to earn a living Dany - slavery Tyrion - not being loved Jon - losing Arya Robb - marrying a Frey Jorah - losing Dany Samwell - running out of Doritos Mance - rules Theon - Ramsay
  6. Barbrey Dustin

    Would it matter if Daenerys and Jon Snow were infertile?

    I am not a fan of Val but why would she marry a wight? Are you saying Jon is the Nk come again and Val is his ice queen? I can see it the other way around. Val is the human of the pair and Jon is the ice king. The pair can sacrifice their children and Arya to the others in exchange for peace.
  7. Barbrey Dustin

    The cursed libido of House Frey

    The author is against overpopulation. I suppose it can be argued this practice of having a lot of children is one source of the problem. It isn't just House Frey though. The children of Rickard Stark (Lyanna and Brandon), King Aerys (Rhaegar), Steffon (Robert, Stannis, Renly) and Tywin (Jaime, Cersei) caused more problems than all of Walder's children put together.
  8. Barbrey Dustin

    The future Lord of the Crossing

    Time will tell. Walda's dad didn't get a fair trial. He was lured and tricked then hanged anyway. Was that Catelyn justifying this because the Frey family lured hers to the wedding? I don't know. Merret slept through most of the fighting. He had intent but it was not supported by action. He paid the ransom and pimple was killed anyway. My opinion, she should have let him walk.
  9. Barbrey Dustin

    Yohn Royce was a fool

    Jon Arryn's concept of honor won't allow him to sit his sons out during war. This is the man who called for the rebellion that killed thousands of innocents just so he can save the lives of two boys whose families offended their king. A man like him might put more stock on honor than he values human lives. The royal family had good reason to keep their numbers few. Less contention for the throne. Too many children with feelings of entitlement only cause trouble. They don't want too many daughters because marrying them out is a risk of giving another clan the ability to ride dragons. The ideal is enough daughters to keep the ability alive within the family but not so many daughters that they will have to be married out. The ruling family had to maintain the appearance of impartiality and it's hard to do that if you have many sons and daughters married off to the daughters and sons of your retainers. But that doesn't explain the reason for the Arryns, Starks, and Tullys to keep themselves few. Low fecundity is one probable reason.
  10. Barbrey Dustin

    Why would the alchemists be as suicidal as Aerys?

    Yeah. They were going down anyway. Their ship was sinking with their patron. Many captains and crew go down with their ship. And there is just good, old fashioned loyalty for good or bad. Manderly expects to die in Winterfell to get back at the Boltons. He's sacrificing honor and family to restore Rickon. The thinking is not too different.
  11. Barbrey Dustin

    Theory: Barbrey Dustin is a very tough fighter

  12. Barbrey Dustin

    Fat Walda's Future

    Roose Bolton already made Ramsay his heir to the north. Walda birthing a boy is not going to change that. A superior claim is not going to retroactively change a will.
  13. Barbrey Dustin

    What will happen to Gilly Craster and Aemon Rayder-Steelsong

    George was asked in an interview, "who would you have dinner with, if you could pick from any character?" George answered, "Dany, because she's so hot" and "Maybe Maester Aemon because he knows so much." George intended for Aemon to be a repository of knowledge. I would love a team with Maester Aemon, Archmaester Marwyn, Barristan, Jorah, Greyworm, Skahaz, Daario, Moqorro, and Qaithe all helping Dany to reach her goals.
  14. Barbrey Dustin

    What will happen to Gilly Craster and Aemon Rayder-Steelsong

    Her jaws will hit the floor. Drogon is magnificent and the wildling girl will be overcome with awe.