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    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    WTF are you talking about?! your right that ned never called jon his son and only of his blood but that's about it. But just because R+E=J is true, and let's pretend that it is for a second even though it isn't, doesn't necessarily mean that he has to look like a targaryean, It all depends on the genes remember there were plenty of targaryean bastards, namely the blackfyres that didn't always have trademark standard silver hair and purple eyes but instead had black hair and Aegon V's eldest son duncan actually had black hair and he was trueborn so looks may play a part but they're not the end all be all of indicating targ lineage. Also what kind of convoluted theory have you created to suggest that Jon's looks have been altered by blood magic using lyanna's blood. Who performed said blood ritual, and why was this false aegon chosen to be a part of it aswell because if your theory is true than this aegon is just some random kid who was chosen, than how did jon con manage to get a hold of him if he was a random boy who was supposedly chosen at random and what made jon con beleive he was aegon, I believe jon con states that he was given the child to bring across the narrow sea, so your saying that jon con was given the child that, just so happened, to be the 2nd part this blood magic ritual that changed jon's appearence using lyanna's blood and furthermore how the hell did they get lyanna's blood in the first place and how did they manage to hide the child and not hide the rest of elia and rhaegar's and how did he get into Ned's hands and let's say they coerced him into thinking it was lyanna's son why would he believe them at all when he saw his sister die at the tower of joy without a child your theory just has too many holes and is frankly batshit crazy.