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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    I give it 6 :/ Aya in Braavos was nice as usual as was the stuff with Tryion in Mereen. It was also nice seeing a little bit of Theon emerge from Reek but his jump with Sansa was idiotic lol However, the way D&D continue to wank Brienne, and sh*t on Stannis infuriates me to no end. We didn't even get to see the battle, Brienne SOMEHOW finds Stannis, proceeds to belittle him, and then.....nothing....we're left on a cliffhanger....and the rumor is she actually killed him. I swear, if this is true, i'm dropping HBO and stealing my episodes (jk). I wouldn't even care if Stannis died (he's my favorite but he's gonna go eventually), it's just the writing sucked..... Oh, and i'm still fuming over FTW. I actually shouted at my television lol there was absolutely no buildup, it seemed random af, and Jon's last word were "Olly".....f*ck that kid! haha And wtf was up with that walk? That sh*t went on way too long. Some of those minutes could have easily been spent building up FTW more. D&D need to step their game up :/