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  1. Not_A_Quokka

    Illyrio's motives in GoT

    Ilyrio could possibly be seen as hedging his bets on Dany and Viserys. Certainly Ilyrio knew Viserys was a hot-headed fool - they had both lived in his house for 6 months after all. But he did have some regard for Viserys - Ilyrio had urged Viserys to stay behind in his manse after all. This is not the action of somebody that would sooner see Viserys dead. But Viserys was a grown man after all, so its not like Ilyrio would find it easy to stop him on his fool's errand. Why did he give Danyraes the dragon eggs? Considering no one, not even a Targaryen, had been able to hatch a dragon egg for over a hundred years, we can probably assume that Ilyrio was just tossing the dice. Because if anybody on the planet could figure out how to hatch a dragon egg, one of the two (three?) remaining Targaryens could. That was just dumb luck on Ilyrio's part, that she did hatch them. Some have also guessed that Aegon Targaryen (the living one, the one raised by Jon Conningten per book 5) might actually be Ilyrio's son. Notice that when Tyrion is staying at Ilyrio's, he is brought children's clothes to wear. Also Ilyrio expresses concern about Aegon, described as almost sentimental, again in book 5. We know enough about Ilyrio to know, he does nothing that might not turn him a profit - now or someday later. The only reason he'd express real concern about Aegon, or the 2 remaining Targaryens - sentiment.
  2. Not_A_Quokka

    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    also in book 3, they explain why Castle black has no defenses - stakes, fences, walls, moats, or anything. This was done deliberately so that Castle Black is less indefensible from an attack from the SOUTH. The reason is so no Lord Commander can create his own fiefdom independent of the realm (not for long anyway). When/If the Nights Watch ever gets out of line (remember the ancient tales of the Lord commander that actually BEDDED a female wight, also the traitors of the watch that were buried up to their necks in ice...) then the Warden of the North, or any other Lord, can more easily attack Castle Black and restore the balance of power. No defenses from the south is meant as "encouragement" because of course,"the nights watch takes no part in wars of the realm". So in book 3 when the wildlings launch their attacks from north, AND the one by the Therns, from south of the wall, jon Snow has piled up barrels, old wagons and crates of grain etc. thrown up as a hasty defensive line in front of Castle Black, just to slow them down. Recall the wildlings make it to the stairs on the wall, but Snow sets the stairs on fire and burns a lot of them and Snow and his men halt the attack, fr the night...